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How to ranking youtube video in Chicago 2015

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 29-05-2015

Do you want to ranking your youtube video right now and get tons traffic…

I bet you say yes!

I bought this Desktop software called Social Robot the man behind this software name’s Joshua Zamora.

This man is expert an video ranking I bought several software from him all about videos ranking.
Social Robot is designed to to do all the back linking for you. I always say that software is a tool and a good tool is one that makes something you would normally do yourself (or should be doing) more easy.

The very first thing that Social Robot is designed to do is create accounts for you on the book mark sites. Normally in order to post a link to them you will need to create an account with an email address and confirm a link in an email that you get sent after you sign up. Social Robot can do this automatically for you.
Following the instructions I created my link and my post in the software. You can manually enter your own post content for the back link it makes to the book marking sites or you can just enter some keywords and Social Robot will pull in some relevant text content for the link. I decided to go the easy way and just click the button to have it pull in content automatically.

For more info click the link bellow.

How to ranking youtube video in Chicago  2015

    JVZoo Product Feed

  • Tuberank Jeet Still spending hours struggling to optimize your Youtube videos? Get the tool developed and used by a winner. Tuberank Jeet makes Youtube optimization a piece of cake.
  • FB Ads Formula FB Ads Formula is a membership course designed to train businesses and marketers on the proper methods and tactics to using Facebook to get a 200% - 1000% return on their investment.
  • * LPM- Inbox Samurai Gold Level Advanced Training * Advanced Gold Level Email Marketing course for Inbox Samurai [Special Discount Launch Pricing]
  • FB Infiltrator Landing pages, product sales pages right inside Facebook newsfeed.
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How To Ranking Local Video: Video Marketing Software

Filed Under (Social Bookmarking, Videos) by claude on 30-01-2015

Video Marketing WORKS – Plain and Simple. People have shown that they can make hundreds (and thousands!) of dollars.

Just using video marketing alone.  This  Very Hot new software product, takes those results and Skyrockets them.

*Uploading a video to Youtube is simple.
*Marketers use that strategy to gain traffic, backlinks and ultimately sales.

But… for most people – that is where they stop and it simply isn’t enough.

*Not enough ‘eyeballs’ on your videos
*not enough traffic to the sites
*and when it is all said and done…
*not enough sales of any kind.

That is where Hydravid takes over.

Click here to See it in action: Hydravid 2.0 software is help to promote produts and businesses through the video marketing.

The product is a tool used to come up with easy methods of making and ranking quality videos.

Features of Hydravid 2.0 software

*The Hydravid 2.0 software has the capacity to come up with a full comprehensive report
about all the videos which have been upload.

*Unlimited Accounts On All Sites – and choose to upload to one or tons

*· Proxy Support – All accounts are safe with the ability to assign specific proxy ID’s to any and all accounts

*· Create Unique Versions of Each Video – Using our unique system, the software can add a custom slide at the end of the video and adjust the time of the slide (and recompile the video) so that each video lenght is unique.

*· Provide a full report of the URL’s of all the videos uploaded – Great for adding additional bookmarks and client reports

*· Allow Spintax in the descriptions and titles – The customer can add in their own spintax – and the software will create a unique post for every submission. Allowing the targetting of multiple keywords and phrases from one video. (more on this in the PRO version)

The software is very simple and easy to use.


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FB Ads Formula:Best way to grow your business and get quality leads in facebook

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 29-12-2014

Do you want To Become a VIP MEMBER for Just $1!

If you are anything like me, I’m always looking for the cheapest and easiest ways to grow my business and get quality leads.

Enter Facebook.

Until now, Facebook has been pretty much worthless when it came to making money and getting leads.

Recently, this has all changed.

Ryan Shaw, who’s been using FB for over 5 years to grow his businesses and for a multitude of clients has figured out the EXACT formula to making money & getting leads with Facebook and shows you the new changes that have changed the game!

Click the link below to find out what exactly the lead formula is:
I’ve seen all the courses and training out there, very few actually practice what they teach and are relatively worthless for this reason alone.

Ryan shares his latest case studies.

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Few things to know before to try to Rank your Local Site Page

Filed Under (wordpress ppc theme) by claude on 05-12-2014

I like my web developer… but sometimes I like something done quickly  because I do believe money  like “speed”… And I just bought  a product called Wp Profit Builder…  I can click the link bellow  to see this baby in action… Last time I show a site with this plugin  to my clients all of them want to have it for the  home page – landing page or seo page… This tool does everything!

Create a nice  marketing and Lead Pages that actually Rank… dominate the Search Engines with laser focused content…
Build massive Authority with marketing pages Google Loves… First Page Rankings FAST with Irresistible marketing pages…

What if you could instantly dominate page rankings regardless of what your competitors are doing?

Well, now you can catapult your sales and marketing efforts right to the top of the front page with irresistible SEO text.

It’s as simple as drag and drop…Click here to see this amazing “Profit Builder” system in action:

Capture massive amounts of high-converting traffic with little known  GURU tactics that pro marketers don’t want to reveal because they collect

the best and most profitable traffic out there and direct it straight to your sales pages or lead pages…

Please take a look at some of the things it can do:

– Create magnetic marketing pages that suck up traffic like a sponge
– Works seamlessly on ANY WordPress site and with ANY theme
– Drag and Drop LIVE editor for quick updates
– 50+ pre-done, proven marketing layouts for every need
– 50+ instant elements to enhance any page on your site
– Build any type of marketing page you can imagine
– Fully SEO and Mobile Optimized
– Transforms Your Site into a Profit Center FAST
– All this and a ton more…

Online marketers and affiliates are literally raving about this powerful new marketing tool.…

Grab all this incredible SEO power and sales potential in one user friendly package and see why even the top guru’s are
loving its powerful capabilities …Don’t just try to reinforce your marketing strategy. Take it to the top level right now and watch profits soar.

Lead Pages that actually Rank SEO

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How to find Teespring campaigns for Teespring T- Shirts -Bonuses

Filed Under (search, Very cheap PPC) by claude on 13-06-2014

This is the BEST  Software  I find to  help me to succeed with my Teespring Marketing Campaings. And  Watch the Video Demo  Here to learn how is work. By the way the software is called Tee Inspector.

What is Tee Inspector ?

Tee Inspector : Powerful T-Shirt Research Software Responsible for Generating Over $231,000 Selling Shirts with Teespring! Plus 7 modules of Info-packed Teespring Training!
*Tee Inspector Software Bullet Points
*Tee Marketing System Video Course Bullets
*Tee Profit Spy Bullets

Feature Of Tee Inspector

Tee Inspector Software Bullet Points – Powerful Teespring Research Software. Instantly uncover the hidden golden nuggets and save time with your Teespring business!

*Extract teespring campaigns from Teeview, Google, and Source code
*Sort by the top number of sales to quickly spot the winners
*Find marketing ads sending traffic to given Teespring campaigns
*Quickly uncover hundreds of profitable t-shirt design ideas!
*Export data to interactive reports you can sell on Fiverr!
*Spy on other Teespring campaigns DAILY sales data!
*Search the massively popular product social network called Wanelo for top trending designs!

Tee Marketing System Video Course Bullets – Training Video Course by a Top Teespring Seller

Watch over my shoulder as I take you through the entire process of creating several successful Teespring campaigns .. step-by-step!
Watch how I made over $231,000 selling t-shirts on Facebook using Teespring and newsfeed ads in just 3 months!
In this course, you get to watch over my shoulder as I list live campaigns on Teespring, and show you how to setup everything from start to finish.
In Module 5, you get to watch me list 10 live campaigns and after 7 days make $721.70 in PURE PROFITS after all ad costs! Everything is shown and NOTHING is held back!

*Module 1 – Research ( 11 videos )
*Module 2 – Tee Designs ( 10 videos )
*Module 3 – Teespring Campaigns ( 4 videos )
*Module 4 – Facebook Ads ( 6 videos )
*Module 5 – Bulk Tee Case Study ( $721.70 Profit )
*Module 6 – Case Studies ( 8 videos )
*Module 7 – Tips & Tricks ( 6 videos )

Tee Profit Spy Bullets – Private Access to my Personal Spy Tool

Get private bonus access to my personal spy tool used to see the latest dailly sales for recent top-selling Teespring campaigns!
This is a private web app for researching the latest top-selling Teespring campaigns including daily sale volumes!
This app automatically gathers the latest Teespring campaigns from Google and Twitter and extracts daily sales for all the campaigns within our system! This is the only web app available on the planet that provides daily sales volume for Teespring campaigns!
Find out what is selling now and quickly pump out related designs for ultimate success!
There is no other product like this on the planet!
See the top-selling Teespring campaigns in the past 24 hours, 72 hours, or 7 days based on daily sales volume!

*Over 20,780 Teespring campaigns stored in our database!
*Over 620,480 sales records stored in our database!
*Find out the best-selling campaign in the past 24 hours!
*Over 1,000 new campaigns added daily!
*Over 3,500 new sales records added each and every day!

More info about the software click here

My Bonuses:

Bonus 01 : Tee Cash Kit – Making Money With Teespring

Bonus 02 : FB Cash Engine

Bonus 03 : Dark Posts Profit

Bonus 04 : Penny Clicks Profit

Bonus 05 : Tee Profit Punch

Bonus 06 : Penny Traffic Case Study

3 simple steps to claim this bonuses

Get Tee Inspector by Clicking here to download it now
After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at : nichedepotbiz[at]
Chose which bonus you want in your email and you will receive the bonus within 24 hours


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Amazing Video Creation Software For Online Marketers

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 07-05-2014

I always  want to make a very good video without  be in front of the camera….  Because I don’t want to spend any more money to fiverr or any other outsourcing people… I know make good video is just damn complicated.  In the past  I bought a lot of tools to help me to make nice videos but  nothing  match what I find.  I just bought this amazing software called VideoMakerFX.  This New  Video Creation Software out now that will absolutely change the way you think about creating Videos.

-> Click here to watch the VIDEO on it and see some of the sample Videos created with it

You know those awesome Whiteboard, Character and promo Videos  all the top marketers and companies are using?

That’s just minutes away now from being in your power to create. I am already using this software to create awesome videos and I have to tell ya this is brain dead simple to use and a total game changer!

It’s been over a year in development, and you will see that when you get access to over 250+ fully customizable video scenes!

Take a look at the some of these totally killer features…

video creation software

– EXPRESS VIDEO Sales Letters let you create quick and easy video sales letters like never before!
– Awesome character, explainer, photo slideshow, whiteboard styles and tons more!
– Fully customize the text and brand the VIDEO how you want it to look!
– Add images, change around colors, apply beautiful backgrounds all with ease

Really this software is going to change video creation as we know it.



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LeadPages Alternative – Epic Squeeze PRO Best Landing Page For Squeeze Page today

Filed Under (landing page, plugins) by claude on 25-03-2014

LeadPages does a lot of things great and I have been using them for over six months few success on 2 different sites. And to be honestly I don’t want to billing every month to using a pluging.

So What I find last week there a better tool for my business. Epic Squeeze PRO is the best plugin I find in the market right now to help me to make a perfect Lead Generation Pages… Without all kind thing I don’t really NEED… Is working like a champ more important is cheap compare to other big name like LeadPages. With Epic Squeeze Pro you pay only one time.

So what will Epic Squeeze bring to you?

With Epic Squeeze Pro, every page on your WordPress can be a different landing page, and could have its own tracking variables and data. And with Epic Squeeze, you could track all sorts of metrics on all incoming traffic for unlimited Squeeze Pages, raw hits, unique clicks, opt-ins, sales, Premium Traffic Percentage and much more. If you want to explode your opt-in rate, this is useful product for you. You will need more information to decide whether it’s good or not by clicking here. Check it out your self and make your own decision.

Oerview the plugin

1- Click Stunning Image Background Search
2- Vertical or Horizontal Squeeze page layout
3- 20+ eyeball smacking Headline Fonts and Reverse type format option
4- Name and email or Email only form option for your subscriber
5- Total Opt-in Box Opacity control
6- Redirect International non-Premium Traffic to a separate Squeeze pages (Pro Version)
7- 10 Sizzling Call to action visual Effects to instantly grab visitors attention
8- Geo Targetting 1 call Outs (Pro Version)
9- Numeric Decay meter (Pro Version)
10- Youtube Video Squeeze page Background with custom video start time
11- Built-in Live traffic tracker
12- 1 Click exit spals style Exit Pop!
13- A Sizzling Array of eyeball grabbing submit buttons to choose form
14- Unlimited Site license (Pro Version)

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