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16 year old marketing prodigy

Filed Under (ebook) by claude on 17-12-2008

book3d200I get this book from my friend Jon called” E millions” before Xmas, writing by a 16 year old marketer prodigy  Stanley Tang. And this book talking about all big fishes, they try to give some picks about what they done to make millions with ads. But do you know how Super Hero Marketer make so much money and quickly.

I mean, do you know how they did it, what their secrets were and exactly  what they did to get there! Just like Anthony Robbins says, one of the very best ways to get to where you want to be is to find someone already there and MODEL THEIR EVERY MOVE!

Rip The Insights Right Out Of The Brains Of:

* Mark Joyner

* Yanik Silver

* Willie Crawford

* Michel Fortin

* Jermaine Griggs

* Andrew Fox

* Jason James

* Tom Beal

* Stu Mclaren

* Joel Christopher

* Rosalind Gardner

* Jeremy Schoemaker

* Gary Ambrose

* Rob Cowie

One of my favorites picks come from Jeremy Schoemaker
Founder of ShoeMoney Media Group!

How an “Average Joe” From Nebraska Went From Zero to $12 Million Dollars in Five Short Years!

  • The breakthrough from corporate life
  • How to make $132,994.97 in one month from AdSense
  • How to crack the top 100 on Technorati
  • The best way to make money from your blogs (no, it’s not AdSense!)
  • How to generate $2.7 million per year on complete autopilot through _____
  • The story behind the launch of the most successful advertising company ever
  • Why quitting your job is actually a huge mistake
  • The key to having a successful community site

So! Get copy here and enjoyed you xmas time  and be the next super affiliate 2009.


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