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How you can make money with Ebay auctions

Filed Under (Ebay Auctions) by claude on 27-04-2008

After, craigslist it is the time to try Ebay and learn how to make money with that tool.

With Jeff Mulligan I learn a new techniques called eBay auctions.
Ebay auctions is very fun, all you need to do is find your niche market and go to Ebay Partner Networks and copy snippet code in your template and every time some one click on it you make money. Also Ebay Partner Network gives you $25 dollars for every time someone signs up for the affiliate program.
So what new in Ebay world well, eBay is more powerful with Ebay Partner Network and, easy to make money in eBay without to spend time with packaging. For instance Auctions Selling is the best way to learn everything in this business.

A brand new website called Auction Selling 101 has just gone LIVE and is now accepting new members. If you have ever wanted to own your very own business, this is a golden opportunity. Two eBay Power Sellers have teamed up to bring together a bunch of resources that can easily take anyone from an inexperienced auction newbie to a professional auction seller in no time flat. If you join Auction Selling 101 today you will have a guy who earns over $10,000 every month on eBay become your personal trainer! When you sign up you get access to a Huge video library that includes step by step training videos, audio interviews with industry experts and that’s not all…

There are also private member’s-only discussion forums, access to a special software that will allow you to have *LIVE* interaction with the instructors, and much much more… I see new ‘products’, ebooks, make money guides, and all kinds of other junk coming out one after another. Finally, two guys who really walk the walk have gotten together and created resource that anyone can tap into in order to get the best available information when it comes to earning online with eBay.

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Mobile Ads

Filed Under (Google Ads) by claude on 26-04-2008

The mobile phone may be small, but I sure is going to be the next big thing for advertising company. Mobile phone has become the most ubiquitous device that stays with us all the time, it is the best tool to reach consumer.
Do you know how many people have a mobile phone imagine you start to put your ads in this mobile phone? The three major internet based providers – Microsoft, Google and Yahoo – consider the mobile advertising service as a lucrative investment that can possibly increase their revenue even more than the online advertising.
The search engine gorilla is starving again now is launches Google ads for to mobile devices.
Google’s new Mobile Ads system delivers two short lines of text and a third line containing a destination URL to mobile phones and wireless PDAs.
For the advertisers the Mobile Ads appears only for local business or services like phone number in front of mobile users this way can impulse purchases.

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Cars tribute

Filed Under (More Dollars) by claude on 24-04-2008

Flash Mc Queen Pixar cars every kids know this movies and they been washing it for thousands times just like the first time they saw it.

My son Thomas is a big fun of flash mc queen, he has all collection of flash mc cars, books, bed, pictures, games anything from flash mc queen he want to have it. After school only thing he wants his  flash mc queen in the computer.

Last month is coming at home and he told me what ‘s about a flash mc queen web site or blog. I say yes this is a good idea let’s do it ”

Now with have flashmc queen in you tube, my space, blogspot, wordpress even squiddoo.

This project takes time but it was in holiday and we spend time in office to build up flash mc queen blog. Now every time Thomas goes to a birthday party he gives some flyers to the friends to check out flash mc queen blog.

I didn’t realise how important it was this niche market since   we start that project.

Sometimes your niche market is just at home find it there. This my cars tribute.

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