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Fast fixer upper profits review

Filed Under (More Dollars) by claude on 30-05-2008

Fast fixer upper profits review is amazing book if you want to join the real estate profession and make fortune like Sal Vannutini.
When I started reading this book I was remember my own experience how it was difficult to build up a real state business in London in 1997. Even I bought a lot of books to learn about real estate nothing was talking about what I was looking for, something like step-by-step guides… In this time the few seminar available was cost up $15,000 for three days and I just can’t afford it.
Today If I know the basic rule: buy low, fix up, sell high like everybody else but is not enough to be success because, the property renovation business has been changed for succeed you need a game plan.
Finally I find a good book really impressed me the way all thing been set up called “Fast fixer upper profits” from Sal Vannutini a real estate businessman MILLIONAIRE.
The strategies has been used all over the world, UK, Australia…
This is sneak peak what he say”Making money through real estate will be a cake walk for you from this day forward… Read the rest of this entry »

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Dmoz Links are Gold in Google Eyes

Filed Under (seo) by claude on 28-05-2008

Dmoz Links are Gold in Google Eyes it is the title of this article I make after I find a strange post from Dmoz blog the original title was “DMOZ Is Like Gold“.
Why I need to talk about Dmoz title because one thing is catching my eyes was the word Gold. I think this word is little being naïve when they say “Dmoz IS like Gold” why not: oil, or diamond. In the office last week were was talking about this post and today I decide to shoot a quick post, uh… No I change my mind this is what they said find geekseo your own opinion about that.

“I think we can all agree that the most exciting take away is that search engines love place a different value on free, human edited directories. The point is easily debatable. Perhaps a link in DMOZ is as valuable as any other link on the web or maybe it is worth more.
Do you remember what ‘s the Google aka Gorilla say about Search engines…eh.
I guess so nothing is new here but it is the googlecraty so folks beware next time…

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Start a wealthy affiliate business

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing) by claude on 27-05-2008

Start a wealthy affiliate business this is what people looking for when is turning to online business, because is cheaper and simple …
The problem is with online business is that there are so many models for you to choose from, if you don’t know about it you can get confuse because overload information’s online today about these topics: make money online, business online, blogging business you name it…
This is where the problem start choosing the right kind business is not easy task.
For instance, online business could be anything, drop shipping, eBay seller, online store, web designer, wordpress, blog and so one…
Another thinks a lot of Guru’s say, “online business is free what you have to do is turn your computer on and the money will drop in your bank account without any effort,” this is rubbish…
Well, when you thinking of establishing an Internet business, one of thing you may consider is the cost.
To start an Internet business, you need:
-$10 for a domain name
-$10 for website hosting
-$600 outsourcing
-$300 tech tools
-$400 for software’s, and basic training
-$700 for advertising/ marketing
About 5 hours every day
-10% chance of making some money the first year
-Other headaches or pains

Grand Total of your risks= Less than $3,000

This is the classic Internet business but if you go online they have much more for example wealthy formula $997 package, or $10,000 seminars courses…
I don’ t want you go out there because you will get hurt badly also you can find free stuff …
So! Start a wealthy affiliate business is possible and don’t cost too much if you know the system and where you can find it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Super Affiliate I want to Be

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing) by claude on 25-05-2008

Super Affiliate I want to be and make thousands dollars every day just like Kyle and Carson or Russell Brunson you are right! By the way have been training by the both, there are the best…
And may asked you how you going to achieve this… Or having you been training yet to be a Super Affiliate, if your answer is not don’t worry my friend, I know how you can fix that problem. I was just like you four years ago I want to be a Super Affiliate but without any proper training I will never make it. You know to be a Super Affiliate it is just like a footballer you need a coach to help you to training and get better to win the cup only after that your dream come truth. This was my process to be training and after that to be a super affiliate. What I did that? Because it was the smart way to be a super affiliate, the hard way you can spending all your money buy scams products from guru’s without make any money even learn nothing about how this business working. Maybe promote any kind products without make any money after months or years and get depress. You don’t want that don’t you STOP NOW.
I recommended you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate University or Affiliate Training Center (the both is good) and have all big pictures of this business. Because what’s you been doing it is just like a puzzle with piece by piece try to build up your dream and every time you buy a scam products the dream run away from you, I have been there I know how this thing hurt but is nothing wrong when you failed, you can make it if you take the right direction.
If you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate University it will cost only $29,99 per month.
Or you sign up with Affiliate Training Center Russell will personally train you to become a super affiliate 100% FREE.
After that you can have a coach and all tools you need to build up your business, nobody left behind. All tools you going to have chance to use are not available outside Wealthy Affiliate University, you don’t have worry about that plus there are free. I want to be a Super Affiliate for leaves my day job and open my business makes money too. Many people think it not too many do it. Starting your own business is hard enough and then adds risk and financial hardships and it ‘s almost impossible.
With Wealthy Affiliate University or Affiliate Training Center you are in better way to be a super affiliate. I don’t saying you will become a millionaire quickly but hopefully you will be wealthy in more ways than one. Give yourself a favour learns to be a super affiliate now.
Affiliate marketing is a simple proven business model for making easy money online. It is the mindset, which generally causes people to fail.
People do not fail because of the lack of the right information and I sure at Wealthy Affiliate University or Affiliate Training Center you will success because there are teaching you how to be a super Affiliate.

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My leading Page

Filed Under (Affiliate Program) by claude on 24-05-2008

My leading Page, what is wrong with my leading Page? It was the first question I am asked myself when I see my click trough rate was decrease and my traffic come death. Other word something was wrong and my leading page didn’t converting very well.
I am not the best copywriter in the earth even I try to be for each product I promote. So! What is wrong with my leading page? Where I can finding resources to get better leading page?
Let’s start by common sense if your customer searches for “tintin in America” you going to have the keyword” tintin in America” on the leading page right and not tintin or America keyword…
You always need to squeeze your keyword to make sure to converting well. Maybe you recognised that searchers use some keywords at different buying stages of the buying cycle. For that reason is not good to send someone looking for general information to the same landing page as someone ready to buy.
To be a better copywriter I need to master the basic: for example keyword research…
Only one place gives me all training and resources I need to back in the track is Wealthy Affiliate.
Think about that one second you pay $29,00 in month for tons resources only available at Wealthy Affiliate. What they have to offer:

-The Rapid Writer  get your article done quickly.

– smart keyword research tool to help you finding keyword is good for your leading page.

-keyword spy tools to scanner any competition in your niche market.

-Site Rubix the best easy tool to make a quickly website drag of drop with different temple you been chosen and integrated automatically FTP to upload your file into your server.( scaring about ftp…)

-cloak your affiliate link and the best part Wealthy Affiliate provide:

-Free hosting account for you this mean you don’t need to pay anything.
Look Wealthy Affiliate make sure you have all the right tool to get success for all ppc campaign, or affiliate camping and your leading page to start converting very well.
If you want to get your business to the next level give a try to Wealthy Affiliate I am sure you need a coach to show you how to make a better leading page, just like my leading page…

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How to choose the right ad networks?

Filed Under (blog make money) by claude on 23-05-2008

How to choose the right ad networks? This is the first question you should asked yourself when you decide to monetize your blog. I know by experience the amount of money that you can make with AdSense will depend on different factors, for example your quality of your content, but which kind people, where there are come from and so on… Also, for an advertising campaign to be effective it needs a lot of planning and hard work. So! How to make this job easy for you and manage your Internet advertising space?
For that you need a smart matching technology to make you tons money.
This is Rubicon Project is free it is the new online advertising standard that makes it effortless for blogs or websites to generate the mad cash you always dreamed of it. I really want you understand Rubicon Project is the best free tool that job. Imagine it takes ads from hundreds of different advertising programs( Adsense, Adbrite… and automatically optimizes them to do well on your blog. Rubicon Project detects which ads do well and gives them more impressions. Another word Rubicon Project knows how to choose the right ad networks.

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UstreamTV new way to make money online

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 22-05-2008

Ustream.TV new way to make money online , think about that   all big dogs from different categories industry been using this  amazing technology to broadcasting their work  like Larry Page from Google, Digg, also people  from own industry like Michael  Cheney, Chris Pirillo  or even  Russell Brunson created business called Zoobie’s to lead this niche market(is free). You have to get that because UstreamTV is a  new way to make money online…
Before that let’ me explain to you what it is Ustream.TV is the live interaction video broadcast platform that enables anyone with a camera and an Internet connection to quickly and easily broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size.
This is thing nobody done it before so well, this a new world of possibilities and experiences to broadcasters and viewers alike, which the -recorded static video that’s predominated the Internet to date just can’t provide.
So, take a look  how big dog  affiliate marker used UstreamTV to make money online.

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