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Twitter to drive massive amounts

Filed Under (Tweeter) by claude on 31-08-2008

Ever wondered how you could harness the power of Twitter to drive massive amounts of traffic to your sites – and how to convert that traffic into cash? John Merrick and Soren Jordansen have just come up with the perfect solution for you, with their new product called Tweet My Blog.
It’s a WordPress plugin that makes it super easy to combine the powers of WordPress and Twitter – driving massive amounts of traffic to your blog.
And the best part… It’s 100% free!
Click here TweetMyBlog

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Want To Know Some CPanel Secrets?

Filed Under (Blog Tool) by claude on 31-08-2008

Press Play To Take

Control Of Your Websites

Click Here To

Claim Your Free Video

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Store Stacker- Setup A Storefront In Minutes

Filed Under (Store stacker) by claude on 30-08-2008

I was checking out some of these” instant” storefronts and thought to build up a niche store… I find one called Store Stacker with some cool further. Well, Build up a nice Storefront becoming very easy now with Store Stacker. Store Stacker, is one of the web’s most powerful affiliate marketing tool, is re-opening. You never see that before Store Stacker is evolution at work. StoreStocker allows our users to build a complete affiliate store on any website or blog, pulling products from ebay, amazon, clickbank, overstock, regnow, ect, literally stacking them into one website. And Fives minutes you can build up your store with: products; images; descriptions; price; and affiliate ID automatically. You can have 12 free store templates, 60 pages pdf, and videos tutorials, forums, and email support. I love to make store about any niche market and this tool is brilliant. Check this out

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Killer mini site exposed

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 28-08-2008

Most Internet marketers understand that having mini sites is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. They don’t require a lot of time, energy, or money to set up, and once you’ve got one up and running, you can sit back and just collect money from all the sales you’re making. At least… that’s how it’s supposed to be, right? The truth is that mini sites really ARE easy to set up. They really DON’T require much time, energy, and money to set up. So why is it that so few people actually make money with their mini sites? The answer is that they never learned how to actually turn their mini site into a profitable money maker that runs completely on autopilot. The good news is…

Here’s what this is all about: My colleague Michael Rasmussen has just released a brand new video course that will walk you through the process of creating a killer mini site from the ground up, and then he’ll also teach you how to actually start making money with it right away and into the future. If you’ve been looking for help with monetizing your mini sites, then this is exactly what you need. The best part? The videos are FREE! I’ll tell you more about that later. First, let’s talk about the videos themselves. If you’re in a hurry, you can just check the videos out right now for free. CLICK HERE
It’s important to note that these are online videos that you access from your web browser. Michael uses Camtasia Studio to create these videos, which is the premier software program for creating screen capture tutorials such as these. The first thing I noticed when I hit the play button on the first video was the incredible production quality. These are NOT your ordinary screen capture videos. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone make videos that are this high quality before. He uses beautifully created graphics to pass his wisdom along to you, and the sound quality is the highest you will ever hear in an Internet marketing product. They sound like they were recorded in a professional studio. Michael explained to me that he was sick and tired of seeing all the low quality videos out there, and so he set out to create something different in order to raise the bar in our industry. I think that, when you see Mini Site Profits Exposed for yourself, you’ll agree that he has succeeded. Now let’s move onto… Read the rest of this entry »

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Jing Project Visual communication FREE

Filed Under (Blog Tool, Traffic Tips) by claude on 26-08-2008

Jing is very cool free software to visual your communication, I am big fan with that tool I used for everything specialy in my work. Try it because is totaly FREE. I wishes to give you People something free too. Oh yeah what about my Resellrighpack

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Super affiliate cracked the code

Filed Under (ppc) by claude on 26-08-2008

This is a little piece of how you can crack the code by yourself too.

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Make a site and flip it

Filed Under (site flipping) by claude on 25-08-2008

Make a site and flip it is the hot business in Internet right now but how to take advantage of this business opportunity? How much money you can really make with site flipping and avoided some common mistakes? So! What it is site flipping?
Site flipping is a derivative of the term “house flipping” which has become very common in real estate. This mean you build up a site and you sell for the maximum profit. Site flipping can be a big deal if done right.
Back 1998 when I was learning html code (£600.00 a module) to make a site and sell it for someone but I never find a buyer to accepted the price I was offering too higher. Probably I was making some big mistake and I drop everything in start learning ppc campaign.
Since, last week my best friend keep shooting me email after email because he wants to sell a site he just makes for $1000. Who is going to buy a site for that price and how to make a site to sell it that price?
The thing is in this business most site sell about $40 up to $80. He could be very nice to make $80 per day for few hours’ job right. The reality the thing doesn’t working like that anymore now it is very high competitive business you need more than good-looking site TO FLIP IT. Before you have to considering some key points to make your site flipping quickly.
This is few key points:
You need to choose a good nice market- Make sure you have a good domain name- Prof of income- traffic generation- good presentation- and some stats.

Okay before you putting your feet in this business and try to do right and make serious money I strongly recommend my good friend Justin to help you to flipping your site for more than $5000.

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