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Need Buyers

Filed Under (List Building) by claude on 29-10-2008

Need Buyers today you’re going to learn one of the most well-kept secrets of the Internet marketing gurus, and how it directly impacts your business. This one piece of information is so critical to your Internet marketing success that I’m amazed it’s been kept hidden for so long. If you’re interested in working from home and becoming an Internet entrepreneur, then you need to read every word of this this article.

If you’r.e in a hurry, just go ahead and take a look at this web page to see what I’m talking about in this POST. Here’s what this is all about: Everywhere you look, you see marketing gurus talking about how “the money is in the list”. Sure, this is true, but it’s only HALF true. And it’s the SECOND half of this statement that is responsible for the huge incomes you see people making online.

What is the second half? It’s simply this. The money is not just “in the list”. The money is in the list of BUYERS. Yes, that’s right… the people who read your free email newsletter for years and never buy anything are not doing anything for you at all. The only people who are worth anything to you financially are the ones who spend money.

WHY THIS MATTERS TO YOU As you know, the people who are the most successful online are the ones with the big lists. The reason for that is because those big lists are full of BUYERS, not freebie seekers.

If you’ve got a list of buyers, you can:

– Produce money on demand every time you send out an email.

– Create an instant flood of sales for any product that’s related to your subject.

Get free copies of expensive Internet marketing products, because the developers want YOU to promote it for them. You’ll get treated like a VIP. Does this sound good to you? If so, then check out my friend Michael Rasmussen’s brand new video course called ‘Get More Buyers’. It’s the only course out there that will teach you IN DETAIL how to build a huge list of buyers who are hungry to purchase whatever you’re selling.

If you’re in a hurry, just click this link to visit the site right now. Don’t put this off… it’s too important to your success. Go ahead and check out the ‘Get More Buyers’ video course right now, and see what all the fuss is about if you need buyers.

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Need a Store-PepperJam Store Builder

Filed Under (PepperJam Store Builder) by claude on 28-10-2008

PJN Promo

Innovation is only way to lead in this business I guess so PepperJam Network understand that game. Their latest release is a new store builder for affiliates to create quick and efficient affiliate stores websites. Need store without mess up with a datafeed or store database; Get your smart script from PepperJam and make the store page you like.

Easy way to create a store, log in to your PepperJam Network account, then click tab called” PJ Store Builder». After check off the merchants you want, then your categories, then your content and code is show below. Of course you can customize the format and content to match with any site design.

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Tons of Money in Hot Dogs and Ebay

Filed Under (BANS) by claude on 28-10-2008

Do you know how much money a hot dog vendor makes? Well not too much you can say that. This is the number a hot dog vendor in the street makes a few cents every time he sells a hot dog. But look at what he’s had to do to make that few cents…
-buy a cart
-secure a location
-stock the cart
-stand out there day after day, working 6 to 12 hours a day.
Now, somebody somewhere set up the deal that sold the hot dogs to the wholesaler who then sold them to the vendor. Even though the broker did very little actual work, he made as much money as the hot dog vendor. (Actually, he probably made a lot more money, since he has no overhead.) Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Yet in almost any business, there are those who do most of the work and make a little of the money, and those who do very little work, and make most of the money.

Ebay is no different. If you sell stuff on Ebay, you’ve got to get the stuff to sell, photograph it, list it, deal with customers, HOPE that you make a profit when the auction closes, pack the stuff, ship the stuff, and pay Ebay exorbitant fees for the privilege of doing all this work. But did you know there are people out there who are making money on YOUR auctions? You’ve never met these people. You don’t know who they are or even where in the world they are… but they’re there. And they’re not doing ANY of the work you’re doing.
They’re simply sending people to Ebay to buy your stuff. And they get paid very well for doing this. Now, do you want to be the one doing all the work and getting a little bit of money? Or the one doing a little bit of work and making far more money? Build a Niche Stores allows you to set up as many sites as you want, in as many Ebay categories as you want, that earn you money for simply referring people to Ebay. (If you’ve missed my last two emails on this, you’ve missed some juicy details on how this works, and works really well!) You choose an Ebay category and Build a Niche Stores (BANS) creates a site for you completely stocked with items currently listed on Ebay. The site is optimized for search engine traffic in several ways, and you can customize your site to suit you.
Go here to see examples…these sites are professional looking, to say the least. And they’re highly effective at making you, the owner, money. Still, just in case you’re not up to speed on this (and I know many of my readers are, judging by the response I’ve received) Iwant to give you this list of reasons to seriously consider making money with BANS

#1. It’s A Proven Money Making Concept

BANS has been selling for over a year now, and their sites are WORKING. You can check out the many testimonials by clicking here…and choosing the “Customer Reviews” tab.

#2. It’s Incredibly Under-Priced

For a one time fee of LESS than a hundred bucks, you get the BANS website builder software, an unlimited domain license, 9 professional and easily customizable template layouts, the BANS user manual, access to the BANS member area and free updates for LIFE.

#3. The eBay Affiliate Opportunity Is Huge

No other affiliate opportunity combines this vast of a product inventory with such an established brand name, coupled with Ebay’s outstanding affiliate commissions. The credibility is unparalleled and the potential is limitless…

#4. BANS Builds Real Search Engine Friendly Websites

With BANS you can build websites that are as professional looking, as content rich and as search engine friendly as any other website building platform on the Internet, only your sites will have a built in means of making money from Day 1.

#5. You Can Build As Large A Website Portfolio As You Like

You pay a small one time fee and then you can build as large a portfolio as you like. Want just one store? 10 stores? A hundred stores? It’s completely up to you, and you will never have to pay another software fee, no matter how many stores you end up building!

#6. The Support Structure Is Second To None

Not only do you receive a complete manual with step-by-step instructions, you also get access to the exclusive members forum. Many of BANS’ customers have stated that the forum access alone is worth the one time fee. It contains over 25,000 posts and covers everything from troubleshooting to choosing a niche, feedback on your store to traffic generation techniques.

Check out BANS for yourself here…

P.S. Want one more reason? Okay, here’s my favorite…

#7. It’s like getting paid to play! 🙂

BANS not only works exactly as advertised, but it is also addictive and fun to use. BANS is created to be as user friendly as possible. Plus the software features, combined with the nearly limitless Ebay inventory, literally gives you millions of options in terms of which niches to target and how to develop your stores. It’s almost like a game in which you’re making real money. And as you know, the more you enjoy your work, the more you’ll want to work, and the more you can make.


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Fix that business now

Filed Under (List Building) by claude on 26-10-2008

If you  don’t have list fellow marketers, you don’t have business, you just have a  blog or something else. So! You need to fix that business right now with List Quik!
You’ve undoubtedly seen all the list builders showing up everywhere on the internet like. You may even have joined one or more of them.
So, what makes ListQUIK different than all the others?
How about this: Benefits for free members!
1. You can join for free.
2. You have an instant* list to mail to even when you join for free.
3. You can earn very lucrative referral commissions as a free member.
4. You will get all the tools and live training as a free member.
As in all list building programs there is also an upgrade option. Here too but it is entirely different. What is the difference?
How about this: Benefits for upgraded members!
1. Upgraded members can send tons more mails than free members.
2. Upgraded members can earn very lucrative referral commissions.
3. Upgraded members are entered into a 2 X 20 forced matrix.
4. Upgraded members pay only once for life and NO monthly fees.
5. Upgraded members can earn back their costs extremely fast.
How about this: Benefits for all online marketers!
Join now for free and check us out, all the industries largest marketers have and are already in. This has just launched and that is the best time to get in. This is the heavy growth stage.
Don’t delay, get in at the top of something huge right now.
And get your business on is feet now with list quick.

If you sign up here you get free killer bonus

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Filed Under (Converstion Rate Tool) by claude on 25-10-2008

Hexa Track is for you…If you don’t tracking your keyword, or landing page and subscriber… you leave tons of money on the table…

With HexaTrack, you will: Uncover the “honeypots” – the profitable niches and affiliate offers SuperAffiliates are using to rake in tons of cash. Legally spy on your competition. Know precisely which ads got top placement over a period of time… and which affiliate offers are making money for your competitors.

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Tweet Pro Soxialize like a Pro

Filed Under (Social Bookmarking) by claude on 24-10-2008

To be a Tweeter Pro is not simple until you get your hand on new social media software called Sozialize. They released two products: Tweet Pro and WpeBayAds. Tweet Pro is amazing also unique with its advanced features and the Serna-certified stamp of perfection.The real power of Tweet Pro is in the mass following feature where Twitter users that match your criteria can be added to a queue and over time be added to your Twitter  accounts following list. Tweet Pro allows you to randomize the following intervals as well as schedule a certain time of the day when you would like following Twitter users to happen.

WpeBayAds is an eBay affiliate plugin for wordpress. Basically you better customize you products. Soxiaalize has its own affiliate program which pays per sale and has an initial $20 sign up bonus for new users.

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Behind $10,000 per month Business

Filed Under (More Dollars) by claude on 24-10-2008

Let’s face it I don’t want to show you how to make $10,000 in one month, but how to make it per month. That is a big difference right. I never reach $500,000 in one month like other super affiliate. My first year saw a 35,000 month after that 150,000 per month. I am reach this king big numbers after testing all strategies and bough over $10,000 e-books or software’s.

Listen up, the trick isn’t learning how to make big fat check all at once, the good strategy how to make consistent, residual incomes. The idea behind 10,000 per month is extremely well, no matter what the economic situation is.  One more thing do you pay every month your cell phone just like me. You have good service right who make money…?

Okay look!

Imagine for one second you start a membership site that provides some sort of information on an ongoing basis, and it only cost $19.95per month, and offers a $ 1 trial to get started or sometimes zero dollar for the first month.  FREE HERE.

Anyone can afford $19.95 per month, and the system can work for any niche market even for cell phone. You working very hard and only get 100 new members in your first month but you can do it with good JV partner’s faster and easy way.

Look the numbers now how much money did you make?

$19.95X 100 = $ 1995 for your first month almost $2000 not too bad!

You have little test about the money game and make 100 members the next month.

Do the math

$19.95X 100 = $1995 okay plus the 100 members from the first month are charges again, making you another $1995 for a total of $3990!

And the next month you get another 100 members, totalling 300 members.

Do the math how much money did you make?

$19.95 X 300 = $5985!

After 6 months you would love have 600 members, which would be making you $11,970 per month and to quit your 9-5 day job.

Good question what about people who cancel? Well, it is part of the game, but the trick is to make a membership site where you get more new members than you lose them, thus always increasing your monthly income. It really isn’t more complicate than that.

For more information on how you can set up your own membership site, visit  Membership Academy. At Membership Academy there are comparisons, reviews, forums and videos on membership software and payment systems. You can also discover how to start-up and run your own profitable membership site.

This is the secret behind $10,000 per month business.

PS: Check this out

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