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AdWords Pro

Filed Under (Ads Secrets) by claude on 27-11-2008

Adtext Generator

When I first started managing campaigns six years ago, profiting was a piece of cake. Just input some keywords, any ads, and you were likely to see at least some profits. You could often get away with having a single ad group, not testing ads, and other mistakes that would kill you today. With the simplest of adjustments, clients could skyrocket their profits. Over time, this quickly changed.

New advertisers got on-board.  Old advertisers got smarter. It can often feel like an endless treadmill where you can never keep up! No longer can you get away with logging into your account only once a month or even once a week. If you do, you’re certain to have a few surprises waiting for you. Instead, you need to log-in everyday if you want a chance at crushing the competition. But, who has time… or the patience for that?  AdWords can be frustrating. Of course, there are a number of keyword tools out there to help you.

You can instantly brainstorm hundreds of ads with a few clicks of a buttons. But, this only goes so far. The real time-suck you deal with on a daily basis are writing your ads! It sucks your time dry in 3 key ways:

1.Uploading, navigating, and checking results inside Google can easily add 30 minutes every time you log-in.  A small amount of time, you don’t always have.

2. The actual writing on the ad.  Crafting a winner can easily take 15 minutes a piece. Just a a couple dozen may take you all day… and crafting hundreds (which pros often have) takes you
an entire week!

3.Testing and tracking your ads.   This can take weeks and months of endless waiting.

AdText Generator solves these problems by instantly generating unlimited ads tested for sky-high response… and putting them into a money-making campaign structure all with the click of a few buttons.

Each of your keywords has an ad specifically designed for it to score you competition-beating click-thru-rates right out of the gate.

Get your copy now at: AdText Generator

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WordPress 2.6.5 Released. Emergency Upgrade.

Filed Under (Blog Tool) by claude on 26-11-2008

WordPress 2.6.5 has just released this contains security fixed and you must upgrade now.

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New House’ SOFTWARE.

Filed Under (Winner Product) by claude on 25-11-2008

Do you believe that someone without any internet marketing experience can make money online in less than a week? You see, I’m a strong believer that it’s ALWAYS important to build an internet business that can generate income– not just about making money online. And as a matter of fact, I get annoyed when anyone asks me a question like… “Can you teach me how to make money online in a week?

In my mindset, its ‘hard’ to make money online for a newbie and it’ll take at least 6 weeks to get on the right track. I even think that it’s already ‘wrong’ in the first place to have that kind of silly hope.

**BUT**… I realized how I’m shutting myself and my client’s possibilities because I’m being a Smart Alec. I’m being ignorant. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make money online without spending the time to learn and putting effort, AND wanting to see income in your Paypal within a couple of days. It is possible and I can prove it to you. No list, no product, no JVs, no nothing. The only concern is this– you just got to know how to differentiate a real business and the process of making money online.An internet business is a platform to make money online. But making money online does not mean you have an internet business. When you want to make money on the internet, there are two ways to go about it.

The first one is to build a real internet business as mentioned earlier. In this method, normally, you’ll select the niche market based on your current expertise, what you like or if it’s your hobby. The strategy for this is to dominate the sub-niche of the pursued niche market and grow it ‘deep’. Or build an internet business based on your million-dollar idea like the next or something. The other one is to break the ‘rule’ of building a real business by setting up as many ‘income generators’ as you can on the internet. For instance, putting up ads to promote affiliate programs. As you can see, this is really quick because it doesn’t require any product creation or even a website.

The game for this is simple too– the more you can put up on the internet, the higher the chance of success and the richer you’ll be. The internet marketing game is very simple to play- the more ‘presence’ you can have on the internet, the more money you’ll start to see. The good thing about this method compared to the first one is you have minimal risk and you’ll start seeing income as you go along.

BUT THERE’S A PROBLEM– you desperately need speed. If you don’t use software or hire people to do the mechanical work for you, you just can’t put up enough ‘income generators’ on the internet. My point is, forget about this option if you’re going to do manually – it’s just too much work. But the ultimate business strategy is to combine both options.

Here’s how it works – send traffic to the affiliate program by using Google Adwords and see how many clicks you can get. In some profitable niches, you can get thousands of clicks at dirt cheap.

If this is happening, then you should start diverting these visitors to your own landing page (instead of sending the traffic directly to the affiliate program) and get them to subscribe into your list. Bam. Now you get to promote the same affiliate program to your list as many times as you want and keep on promoting other products for maximum profit.

If you’re getting good commission for a particular affiliate program and you kind of like that niche market, you can consider creating your own product to sell then.

After marketing online for the past 5 years and spoken in 11 countries as an authority of internet marketing, Patric Chan has uncovered a proven system how you can make money online as fast as in a week or less. You can do the same by using his software to automate the process and follow his 5 simple stepsfrom my new house software

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PPC Builder Profits

Filed Under (Ads Secrets) by claude on 24-11-2008


You wouldn’t drive a car, buy stocks, or open a restaurant without having some idea of what you’re doing, right? Yet marketers plunk down good money on Adwords like they’re betting at the racetrack.

Any idea why they LOSE so often?

But if you’re taught
HOW to drive a car,
HOW to pick stocks, or
HOW to run a restaurant…

…you’re much more likely to succeed.

Adwords is no different. In fact, with the right teacher, you can earn your entire living and more simply by running profitable Adword campaigns as an affiliate for other people’s products. Matt Levenhagen is teaching smart marketers exactly how to do that.

Learn how to find the right Affiliate programs that generate immediate profits.
Then take those profits and expand them to build your business.

Matt has been in advertising, both online and offline, for 15 years.
He uses the exact same methods he’s going to teach you to earn BIG with Adwords and affiliate marketing. And it just gets better from there. Think of Adwords as the doorway to a much LARGER world of profits.

You’ll be able to build a highly diversified and solid business like Matt’s, that can support you for years to come. And isn’t that what we all want… a SOLID income we can COUNT ON for the long haul? I know that’s what I want.Grab your copy today.

P.S. Think you know all there is to know about Adwords, affiliate marketing, and making money? I think you’re going to be SHOCKED at what you’ve been missing…

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New Ad Builder

Filed Under (Ads Secrets) by claude on 24-11-2008

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Instant profitable campaign generator

Filed Under (Dirty PPC) by claude on 23-11-2008

Adtext Generator

Do you remember when you first heard about AdWords? Chances are, you immediately got excited.You were likely told, “With only $5, you can have your ads running in 5 minutes! Just pop-in your keywords, type-in an ad, and you’re good to go. Your ads quickly show on Google and on all of their partner’s sites soon after.” All of this is true.
But, your ads soon begin to run.  Your credit card gets dinged for your first bill.  And you soon realize it’s not as easy as it first seems. Generating a profitable campaign can be tough!  And creating a campaign that smashes the competition seems out of reach for most.

After all, many of your top competitors have full teams of management experts working on their behalf. While you have a lot on your plate.  You can’t spend all day on AdWords.
However, generating profitable campaigns doesn’t have to be hard. Just imagine being able to instantly generate your campaigns with a few clicks of your mouse.  Each campaign is designed just like a pro and has up to 8 custom ads for EACH of your keywords. What’s more, each ad has been tested to generate results.No more writer’s block.  No testing or hard research.  You get a ready-to-go campaign instantly.
All of this is possible using AdText Generator, a point-and-click instant profitable campaign generator.  It comes with a 100% 60-day risk-free guarantee.  This ensure you can only gain with your copy.

Go-ahead and pick-up your copy now at: AdText Generator

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Legitimate Search Engine “Loophole”…

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 21-11-2008

Legitimate Search Engine “Loophole”…

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