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How is traffic made him $ 2.5 million in one month

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 31-03-2009

trafficjamcartoonI happen to know that Tellman Knudson  (the internet multi-millionaire) used these

same 20 traffic secrets to make  2.5 million last year.

How this lazy bastard can make so much money in one year?

That is insane how is easy he done that?

If you grab this before 5:00 today,  you can be going thru the steps and watching the first video to improve your traffic by tonight…

Also  I was lucky “Tellman’s coaching…enabled me to  generate a list of over 9,000 names, selling more than $100,000 in  products in just a few months…”

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How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How To ”

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 27-03-2009

Call me skeptical.  I’ve seen it all online – you know what I’m talking about… The latest and greatest marketing “secret” to make you wealthy. I’ve forked over money for more “sure fire shots” and “you can’t misses” than I actually care to reveal. Do you know what I mean?

I’ve heard all about how “this one’s different” and all that nonsense. And, I’ve been disappointed time and time again.

That’s why I was VERY PLEASANTLY surprised when I saw the new course from AJ.

Yes, I know – AJ has an impeccable reputation for delivering (even over-delivering) quality information products. That’s not something I would even question.


When he released a new course on creating successful affiliate campaigns, I thought, “What in the world could he possibly have to say about affiliate marketing that hasn’t already been said?”

I thought that was a fair question. And I must say that I’m impressed with the answer.

AJ has put together a detailed manual that actually teaches you how to create money making affiliate campaigns …

The free materials he provides at his site are attention grabbers for sure:

* Over thirty-thousand dollars in monthly residuals.

* Over two-thousand dollars in one day profit.

And that’s just for starters! All from affiliate marketing.

But, as impressive as all that is, what really got my attention – and my endorsement – was the fact that he shows anyone (even beginners!) how to start from scratch and actually make a profit with affiliate marketing, in just a few hours.

That means, if right now you have no list, no web site, no ideas, nothing – you can still actually make money from this system in just a few hours.

(Of course, if you have some of those things, you can see  results even quicker!)

Assignments appear in an organised order, and completely cover the entire process of creating a successful affiliate campaign from start to finish. He even refers to specific pages of the main manual to provide complete, detailed instructions for setting up your own profitable affiliate campaign as quickly as possible.

I mean, it’s all broken down into easy-to-do steps!

And, best of all, he shows his exclusive never-before-revealed “Affiliate Product Ring” tactic. This specific tactic reveals how to make more commissions per each affiliate campaign that you set up. Basically, you do the same amount of work, but get paid more money!

In order words, there’s a lot of money to be made with the Affiliate Justice manual.

And seriously, it’s almost silly how thorough he is in this one product. It’s truly a comprehensive, step-by-step affiliate marketing course.

The only thing that AJ doesn’t do is actually sit down and create the affiliate campaigns for you (but I do think that’s understandable since the price is so reasonable 🙂

In fact, a great way to decide whether a product is fairly priced or not is to ask yourself one question: will you make more money from the product, then you paid for it? And when it comes to Affiliate Justice, my sincere answer is ABSOLUTELY. It’s a great investment, to secure your future affiliate success.

If you order today, you can *LITERALLY* start receiving affiliate commissions in less than 2 hours from NOW.

Check it out for yourself  Here.

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How To Quickly And Easily – 100 Percent Guaranteed!

Filed Under (Affiliate Theme) by claude on 27-03-2009

Affiliate Theme

WordPress is one of the best open source content management systems on the market. There are thousands of WordPress blog themes that you can find on the internet for free…

But to make money in affiliate web marketing, it is important for you to create a theme-based landing page that will give valuable information and presell the affiliate program you are participating in. Don’t worry the job been done by Nate the man behind Unique Blog Designs.

With a new smart product called Affiliate Theme

What makes this theme unique is the fact that it allows affiliate marketers who have limited design and coding skills to design high quality landing pages.

Affiliate Theme is a customizable WordPress them designed especially for affiliate sites.

Unique Blog Designs is renowned for their clean design and really great visuals and the features most bloggers need to quickly launch affiliate sites.

You can control your basic blog settings such as the background images, background color and page layout as well as some typography settings for your headlines and body fonts.

Also you don’t need any technical knowledge whatsoever to use it. I repeat it no coding necessary!

The only limitation to your design is your level of creativity. If you want to go into this Internet Business where the competion is very high you must have your Affiliate Theme in your toolbox.

Affiliate Theme comes in several versions

Unique Blog Design Affiliate Theme Pricing

The Affiliate theme comes in three pricing packages. I think Unique Blog Design did an excellent job offering a variety in their pricing plans.

Affiliate Theme – Single-Use Package – $97.00

  1. Use Affiliate Theme on a single domain/website
  2. Six unique page templates
  3. Video Tutorials, Knowledge Base, and Support Forum and Affiliate Interviews

Affiliate Theme – Multi-Use Package – $147.00

  1. Use Affiliate Theme on a Unlimited domains/websites
  2. Six unique page templates
  3. Video Tutorials, Knowledge Base, and Support Forum and Affiliate Interviews
  4. Free Lifetime upgrades
  5. BONUS Ten pre-made UBD Niche Header Graphics for various niches

Super Affiliate Package – $197.00

  1. Use Affiliate Theme on a Unlimited domains/websites
  2. Six unique page templates
  3. Access to Video Tutorials, Knowledge Base, and Support Forum and Affiliate Interviews
  4. Free Lifetime upgrades
  5. BONUS Thirty-one pre-made UBD Niche Header Graphics for various affiliate marketing niches
  6. SUPER AFFILIATE PAYOUTS! Super affiliate payouts! Earn 50% (compared to the normal 30%) of all Affiliate Theme sales you refer to us.

BONUS Get access to new UBD headers graphics, every month.

Now if you want to have a killer landing page for your ppc campaigns like John Chow Zac Johnson and Shoemoney or a smart blog get you Affiliate Theme (how to make a killer landing page)

Because they all used Unique Blog Designs to pump tons money and you too can do that now…

Affiliate THEME is the ultimate Super affiliate tool.

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You CAN With These Best Social Search Aardvark …Guaranteed!

Filed Under (Aardvark) by claude on 26-03-2009

aardvark3picutreLast  time  I was in Las Vegas  for another  PPC Seminar underground  and I was  looking  for a good deal  in this town. And I don’t really like to asked people ( Super Affiliate) where to find best hotel or bar.  So I decided to twitter 10 famous one been in this city  no one reply after I try the  100 famous one none of them answers  my question.  I not surprise about that. I was Shocking maybe because I not a famous man in this inner circle to get an answer. Also I was disappointed about twitter thing. I NEED find a new option to get out there…

Guess what I find: Aardvark the best tool to answer any question you have, not only Internet Marketing but much more… like find a good shoes in your city.

Aardvark is the new emerging social search engine is real work fonded by ex-Googlers like

Vark, Max Ventilla.

If you sign up with Aardvark, only thing you need to do add some basic information about your location, the topics you want to answer questions about.

You can get Aardvark with Google Talk, AIM and Microsoft’s Live Messenger after that you have an IM client and start asked question.

Aardvark analyzes your questions, determines what they are about, and then passes them on to the people in your Aardvark network.

I think Aardvark is better than Twitter.  This good point Aardvark automatically routed our questions to people with the right expertise. And you don’t like the answers you can flag it.

The service works best when you already have friends using it, which is why the company is focused on user invitations rather than just opening it up to the public.

One way for users to grab a quick friend list is to sign in via Facebook Connect, which imports all your Facebook friends who are already using it, and prompts you to invite those that aren’t. I can’t wait to use it into my Iphone…

Finally one question how are they going to make money with it?


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The Complete Guide Of How to set up facebook Comments Box To

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 26-03-2009

commentsboxI just find out Facebook is allowing bloggers and publishers to implement some of Facebook’s core features outside of Facebook’s own site.
How just by comments: Facebook lanched ist first social widget for use outside of Facebook : the Comment Box. Okay what is Comment Box? Comment Box is a comments widget that was built on top of Facebook Connect, and that will allow bloggers and publishers make comment a Facebook Connect. Check this video.

How To: Create a Comments Box with Facebook Connect in 5 Minutes from Pete Bratach on Vimeo.

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Xoopit for Gmail now supports Facebook

Filed Under (Xoopit) by claude on 26-03-2009

xoopitXoopit , the Gmail plugin has a new feature for your Facebook now.
However, the best part of this plugin is that when you email with people who are also on Facebook, those messages will now also include their Facebook profile photos and status messages whach de video.

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Don’t Wait Another Moment! Now is Free

Filed Under (Winner Product) by claude on 25-03-2009


I have something really special to share with you. This is INCREDIBLY time-sensitive, so make sure you read this whole post  right away.
You’re about to gain access to the big giant secret that has propelled me from a regular marketer making a few bucks online… to being a super affiliate that earns a high six figure income working from home.

This free package will probably be gone by this afternoon. Do NOT miss this. If you’re in a hurry, go to this website immediately and snatch up this free offer immediately.

If you were to ask me, “What is the ONE thing you did that made the biggest difference in your success?”, I could immediately give you the answer.

This was a full-featured video course that I gave away for free, and then made money on the one-time offers.This is one example of what is known as “Butterfly Marketing”.

The thing is… that site was built on the old version of the Butterfly Marketing software that was released by Mike Filsaime years ago (and it still runs on it now).
Have you grabbed your copy yet? Hurry over and grab yours before they’re all gone:

Mike released his Butterfly Marketing 2.0 software a while back, and sold a TON of it for $1,997. This software changed peoples’ lives and helped them go from not making any money at all to earning six figures VERY quickly. The magic is in the software and the training course that comes with it.

Well believe it or not, Mike has decided to GIVE away 5,000 copies of Butterfly Marketing 2.0 today. This is a hard copy version that he will actually ship to your house. All you do is pay shipping and handling.

Is that insane or what? This is definitely going to be gone by the end of the day. Do NOT miss out on this, I’m serious. You’re getting a complete program worth 2 grand for nothing. This is the same program I used to build ‘Email Promos Exposed’ and several other sites
just like it (which have all made me some serious money).

Go ahead and pick up your copy of this immediately before someone else gets your copy. Mike only printed up 5,000 of these, and there are over 40,000 people on the early bird list to get a copy. Go here NOW:

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