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one twitter account 2 twitter accounts

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 31-05-2009

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What is Quick Income Blueprint?

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing) by claude on 29-05-2009

Today I’d like to introduce you a true story about someone who went from flat broke to making six-figure income…

His name is Paul Walker and he is making buzzes in the industry by revealing his complete system Quick Income Blueprint. If You Are In A Hurry, Click Here to See The $95,725.43 Clickbank Video

Paul’s truly the guy under the radar. But he secretly siphons $646,327 last year alone…working a few hours per week using his system.

Trust me, Paul’s the guy to listen to. And now he is going to reveal his secret system to a select few. So…


Quick Income Blueprint is one of the most complete and advanced making-money online courses out there.

With this simple yet powerful effective system, it’s like you have someone looking over your shoulder, leading your

steps, and hand-holding you down the quickest path to making your way to success.

The best part is… The system WORKS for everyone, because …

* You don’t need a website to start…

* You don’t need any capital … No advertising fee, no investment required.

* You don’t need any lists, any subscribers …

* You don’t need to be an “expert” on anything …

The system shows you the exact techniques that Paul uses to siphon cash everyday. It actually WORKS!

Quick Income Blueprint is launched on Tuesday 7th April. So go check out the system, see for yourself the $95,725.43 Clickbank video and stand for a chance to get 50% discount on the launch date:

Your way to six-figure income is there,

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CB Quantum system by Chrix

Filed Under (Dirty PPC) by claude on 27-05-2009

CB Quantum system  is Chrix new product (coming soon…)
the man behind Day Job Killer is completely new revolutionary tactic never been found and used…
and I will prepare speacial bonus for that… tomorrow…

For the first time Chris X and his team will be giving full resale rights to some of their earlier guides

Chrix speak out:”

What is CB Quantum system

*The path of least resistance -easy, simple, path to job-killing income and millionaire status.
*Created by me, Ken & Andrew Fox -no contacts or capital, but because millionaires.
*Addresses the problems ClickBank profiteers have in 09 -expensive, time, difficulty.
*Everything you need to profit – templates, business in a box, step-by-step e-book and video.
* Real- life coaching- so you can ask me questions personnaly by me & Andrew Fox.

Google Proof: sneak preview

*Auto-pilot $463,000 last yeat – one campaign ( actual give-away coming soon).
*Point here is simplicity- you are forced to follow my instructions
*Very little expense required – idea is start small and build.

Problem with Clickbank

*Expensive to test with PPC many losing campaigns, spend a lot before you profit
*Difficult -you need to learn web-design, write copy, build a business.
*Time- consuming -you must create campaigns over and over

The Solution…

*Go after micro-targeted campaigns: very cheap, extremely targeted
*Swipe -copy the exact formula already proven to generate up to $460,000 per year.
*Need far fewer campaigns if you use new and original methods others don’t know.

Case study #1: Water FuelX- “hit and run”, no effort $45,000…

*Only did $45,000 in account( you are after  small amounts – not $533,000 or $568,000)…
*I didn’t write the product- or provide support -or do copy or pay*any* money up-front.
*Took me a week to set the site up -never did any work on it after launch(rinse n repeat).
*Way I chose niche was very important – as was timing, “hit and run”
*Can do much biger numbers than that (e.g.$533k)-but takes time… goal here is NO time

It is about easy, quick”profit grabs” (no effort, no up-front cost)…”

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Social Marketing big business

Filed Under (Social Bookmarking) by claude on 26-05-2009

I have some great news for you today… My good friend John Merrick just released

a new ebook called the “Social Bookmarking Exposed” It’s an excellent step by step guide on how to easily take advantage of the latest web 2.0 techniques, and bookmark your way to a huge amount of free, targeted, quality traffic!

And the best part…is FREE

It’s no secret that Web 2.0 tactics such as  Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and Tagging have taken the internet by storm  recently. One of the main reasons for the success of  Web 2.0 is that all of these tactics are loved by the search engines.

Because of this you will be getting relevant, targeted traffic to your site. This will lead to your website’s rankings skyrocketing in no time at all, and with very little effort on your part. And the good news for you is… you don’t need to be a Web 2.0 expert to do this. You just need to read this free ebook: And John is not only giving you free access to the “Social Bookmarking Exposed” ebook.

If you grab your free copy today you’ll also get:

* The “12 Secret Tips For Twitter Success”a detailed and easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to set up and use Twitter.

* 14 Twitter Video Tutorials – these powerful Twitter video tutorials will take your Twitter marketing to the next level and beyond.

* 10 Extra Traffic Videos – That will help you get truck loads of laser targeted traffic to your sites.

Grab your free copy today and secure your 3 fast action bonuses, while they are still available!

Even though “Social Bookmarking Exposed” is completely free, I highly recommend that

you grab the special offer – if you are lucky enough to see it when you log in.

You will only get one chance to…- And more… you have to see this yourself!

So grab your free copy now, and take a good look at the special offer. At that price it

P.S. Grab this unique package now while it’s still free. John does not plan to give this

package away for free forever!

There’s no guarantee that it will still be free if visit the site tomorrow!

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Top Best Twitter Marketing Tool Available

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 23-05-2009

7 Top Reasons you NEED this Powerful Twitter Tool

  • Increase your website traffic by 38% this month
  • Effortlessly Build a Powerful Network not just Followers While You Sleep
  • Find Resources and Joint Venture Partners on Twitter
  • Quickly Test Ideas on Twitter for Immediate Feedback
  • Boost sales by 58% without lifting a finger
  • Realize a full return on investment within the first week!
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Do you want to be genius at PPC

Filed Under (Very cheap PPC, Winner Product) by claude on 23-05-2009

PPC advertising has been an important part of my business for sometime now. In fact, I often tell people to take PPC advertising very seriously and learn to dominate in this area as much as you can.

You don’t need to be a computer wizard to generate 100’s of leads every single day like I do. You just need someone to show you exactly how to use it.

Fortunately, I’ve got a secret weapon on my side named Jim Yaghi.

Jim turned out to be genius at PPC.brain-genius-sl

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand spanking new to MLM.

It doesn’t matter if you know anything about AdWords now.

And it doesn’t even matter if you’re new to the Internet.

Jim walks you step by simple step through his entire system:

From setting up your account… to writing your ads… to choosing the right keywords… to putting up your landing pages… and everything else you need to quickly generate qualified leads with AdWords-all in “plain English.”

Our “PPC Domination” course is the “holy grail” of lead generation, and we have the results to prove it.

It is the ONLY pay-per-click course that’s been produced specifically for network marketers and home business owners.

Once you master Adwords using our method, you’ll be able to produce as many leads as you want, on demand, for little to no money for as long as you want.

If you’re not producing at least 50 new leads per day, in less than 30 days using our techniques, you can contact my office here, and request a full refund. No questions asked.

If you don’t get the results you want, you don’t pay a dime.

It’s that simple. Fair enough?

I thought so…

Now let me give you a taste of what you’ll learn when you watch these videos:

  How to “glide” through setting up your first AdWords account in 13 minutes or less-even if you’ve never used the Internet before.

  A simple “short cut” that makes learning and profiting from AdWords twice as fast.

  The easiest way to make money with Google AdWords when starting out.

  How to make your AdWords advertising 100% FREE.  (And, in fact, actually make you money every time you run your ads!)

Anyway, here’s the “bottom line”:

PPC Domination is… by FAR… the most complete, “user friendly” Google AdWords course ever created for network marketers.

These interactive videos and audios teach you everything you need to sponsor more reps and sell more products-no matter what MLM company you’re in or how little you know about the Internet now.

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You need to check out that game now

Filed Under (mlm) by claude on 18-05-2009

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career… I’ve lost almost 300 games… 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed…9953

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life… And that is why I succeed.” Who said it?

The legendary icon himself, Michael Jordan. Thats what I’m looking for. A champion. A heart of pure gold, of pure desire. Thats what it takes.

You WILL fail in network marketing over and over and over again, there is absolutely no doubt about
that and no way around it.

It takes that one final game winning shot to make it over the hump…and over that hump is everything you’ve ever wanted in life. It’s here:  WHAT’S YOUR GAME

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