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The Best Facebook Marketing Software Ever-FbCREATOR

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 16-08-2011

Are you making money with your Facebook Account? Check out the ultimate software for twitter. No one knows social media like we do. See what social media marketing can do for you and your business: FB Creator video demo

If your Facebook account is not paying you everyday then you have got to act now. The longer you wait the more money you loose.
Whats new you ask? Well to start you can now enter your Facebook affiliate id and a keyword and the program takes that keyword and searches the Clickbank Market Place for products matching it.

Next it pulls the description and then builds a link with your affiliate id in it. You can even enter multiple keywords to post multiple products from the vast Clickbank library of products.

nichedepot-biz-fbcreatorWe have a built in Captcha solver. This is totally automatic and there is no extra cost to you. Its an amazing thing to watch as Facebook challenges you with Captcha images and the program solves them.

Find pages to like using a keyword. This is a great way to target your audience. The program will list out the results according to the maximum you specify, then with the click of the mouse you can like these pages for posting to them and commenting on them, with no effort what so ever using our program.

We take it a step further and added a commentor to comment into each of the pages you have liked. Commentor is a very powerful and useful feature. You can search for pages to like and then post to each comment, or specify any facebook page. This will give you a real presence on Facebook and get your message out there with very little effort.

Until now if you wanted to promote yourself or a product on Facebook, you were stuck infront of your computer posting and commenting or liking pages all day.

Post right into your friends walls. Enter as many post as you would like, and the program will pull all your friends list and send each one a post in random order. Its easy with FBCreator, and fun. one percent effort on your part, getting started and the program will do the rest on autopilot.

Posting to liked pages using our program is as easy as entering as many post as you would like, which can be exported and imported as text files, then click post to liked pages and your off and running posting each message in rotation to the pages you have liked using a search word or term via our find liked pages tab.

With FBCreator that is no longer the case.

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