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How to Close a Sale by Gary Halbert

Filed Under (Copywriters) by claude on 16-03-2012

Ever hear of legendary copywriter Gary Halbert? He was one of the greatest copywriters that specialized in the ability to turn even the most skeptical prospect into a buyer using only print media. This is not the easiest thing to do, and yet Halbert did this consistently time and time again.

But so what?

What’s this have to do with you growing your small business?

A bunch.

You see you too need invigorating fresh copy to persuade prospects to drop what they are doing and buy something from you. You can do this with a hot sales letter, a client newsletter or some other kind of direct response marketing campaign.

And the truth is Gary Halbert was one of the best at doing this.

The purpose of this article is to give you a few tools to kick start you next small business marketing campaign using three tips taught by Gary Halbert.

Ready to see what those are?

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Sonic List Builder Video demo by Chris Moran

Filed Under (List Building) by claude on 16-03-2012

Failing  to build my list from the beginning was a huge mistake  and I have never met anyone who cannot benefit from building a list. A list allows you to have a direct line of communication to your customers.

So if you don’t build your list  then you have nothing to do with Internet Marketing… that is pretty clear right!

Sonic List Builder is a a revolutionary internet marketing tool to build your list at blazing speeds. If you have been involved in making money online for any mount of time, you are probably very aware that the money is in the list.

Sonic List Builder is a course and hosting email list builder. It shows you how to quickly, and effectively build a profitable list. It wasn’t until recently when I implemented list building into my actual business that I realized it’s POWER.

Overview of Sonic List Builder

Sonic List Builder Is an all-in-one, set-in-forget, list building system created by Chris Moran. It is designed to allow you to build a massive opt-in list on complete auto pilot…


Building a website.
Buying web hosting
Buying a Domain
Creating lead capture pages
Buying traffic of any kinds

What Comes With Your Sonic List Builder Membership

When you become a member of the Sonic List Builder Community the Sonic List Building Team will create a network of 90 automatic list builders that will build your lists for free.

Here is what you get…

90 lead capture pages on 90 different domains all professionally created and customized with your free getresponse opt in code.
They then create content and backlinks continuously that drive traffic and backlinks to your funnels.
Next, they distribute this content to a large network of high traffic sites online, to bring in free traffic and get high search engine rankings for your 90 lead capture pages.
You will start to receive new subscribers to your list in about 72 hours.
My Final Assessment of Sonic List Builder

Sonic List Builder is not a scam. In fact…It is the solution to the problem that most internet marketers have. Spending hours and hours of promoting there opt in lists and spending tons of cash to do it. Sonic List Builder does all the work for you. It’s perfect for those of us who lack the time and money to build a huge list fast. I highly recommend Sonic List Builder.

One final word people this TOOL is  a GAME  CHANGER  click to watch now:)

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Google Analytics Product Update- What is your rank in search results?

Filed Under (Google Analytics) by claude on 14-03-2012

Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization reports to now reflect the first position of a link to your site. Previously we reported the average position of all links to your site. Look under Traffic Sources > Search Engine Optimization to see how your site rankings were updated. Watch this video tutorial about  Google Analytics 

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Optimize Press by Best Bonus For Optimize Press

Filed Under (Optimize Press) by claude on 13-03-2012

Optimize Press is the must TOOL you should neeed to SPEED  Up your business. Before Optimze Press everything was so difficult and expensive. If you look around you any site any launched  is build with Optimize Press… Finally you can used the same tools than super affiliate. Because is Rocked:)

6 Must-have OptimizePress Bonus for anyone interested in

Creating Killer Squeeze Page Copy
Boosting Optin-Conversions and
Getting Inexpensive Traffic to
Build Lists Fast
Important Note:
This site is about OptimizePress and the 4 Special Bonuses that dramatically improve its usefulness to you.

OptimizePress is a feature-rich WordPress Theme that:
Builds amazing looking Squeeze / Landing / Opt-in Pages fast
Quickly formats Sales Letters
Installs “guru-quality” Launch funnels and Membership Sites using a visual point-and-click interface.

Here’s what Optimizepress allows you to do:
1. Build Lists FAST with pre-built, tested to convert Squeeze Page Templates:
Effortlessly create very good looking Optin Pages Squeeze Pages, Video Landing Pages, and Squeeze Pages without any effort or web-design skill whatsoever.

2. Faster and Painlessly Layout and Format Sales Letter Pages:

If you’ve ever tried to format Sales Copy by hand, you know what a major, time consuming nightmare it is to get sales pages looking just right into WordPress.

3. Build a Smart Product Launches Funnels with super easy to use tools that require little technical knowledge:
OptimizePress amazing simplifies creating website for full-scale “guru-style” product launches.
Install entire product launch funnels: from Squeeze Page, to pre-Launch Content delivery system, to a great looking Sales Copy with integrated push-button tools.

4. Made Easy to install Membership Sites on the backend of your Sales funnel:

Simply plug-in your preferred membership script that integrates with WordPress, and you’re up and running.
OptimizePress is tested to work with many popular Membership Scripts including Nanacast, WishlistMember and DigitalAccessPass, and there’re nice video tutorials on how to integrate these systems faster.

List Building Booster Tools

Bonus # 1: “How to create and split-test squeeze pages copy in minutes” — Must Have

Bonus # 2: How to write Killer Headlines in 15 minutes or less

Bonus #3: “How to Master The Art of Writing Bullet Points In 3 Steps “

Bonus # 4: 7 Super Simple List Building Traffic Tactics

Bonus # 5: Backlink Building software (Worth $77)

Bonus # 6 Rapid Backlexer  (Worth $399)

Very Important

Clean your cookies first:  Best Bonus For  Optimize Press
Take OptimizePress for the guaranteed 30 Day Test drive and e-mail me a copy of your purchase confirmation email at jonclaudebonus [at]  subject :  Optimize Press BonusJC

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Forum Traffic- Your Customers waiting in the forums to find you

Filed Under (forum traffic) by claude on 12-03-2012

Forums can be a great source of traffic for your websites. They’re full of people who are interested in a particular topic or market, and if you play your cards right, you can generate a lot of traffic to your sites from them. Let’s look at some strategies for doing this.

The first thing to remember when you’re using forums to generate traffic is that you need to provide value, first and foremost. This isespecially true if you’re new to the forum. Signing up for a forum and starting to post promotional stuff right away is one of the quickest ways to guarantee you’ll not only get little or no traffic, but you might very well be banned from the forum as well.

Expect to spend some time posting and getting to know the forum before you add any links back to your websites. Different forums,
and different markets, have varying degrees of acceptance of promotional posts. You’ll want to get a feel for the general attitude
of the members before you start doing any self-promotion.

Most forums have rules about how and where you can link back to your own sites, so make sure you read the “rules” posts first.
In most cases, links to your sites need to be kept in your signature, but that is not always the case. Some forums have paid sections for this type of thing, and posting anything promotional in another area isn’t allowed.

Even if the forum allows signature links, it’s a good idea to build a bit of a reputation before you add them. If you have links in your
signature from the beginning, people may think your posts are all about getting your links in front of them, rather than about the
content that you’re sharing.

Spend some time reading through older posts, particularly the more popular ones, to see how other people may or may not be doing any promotion. If you arrive at a forum where you can’t find any significant amount of promotional posts or signature files, you might be better off in the long run to move on and find another one.

Building relationships on forums is no different than doing it via social media or even in person. Interact with people, offer help where you can, ask questions – all the things that you would do if you were just a regular member (which you hopefully will be anyway, since that’s really the most effective way to build trust).

Forums can be a great source of traffic for your sites, but you need to make sure you look at them as a longer-term strategy. If you try
to milk them for fast results, you’ll find it won’t last long, if at all.

This will increase your websites search engine rankings, as you are picking the targeted back links. These forums should be used on a daily basis. This is the best advice anyone would give in order to increase the influx of traffic. Forum marketing makes things even easier for you for the rush of traffic for your website. The only thing you have to do is to search your desired forum with the specific keyword to reach results quickly. These forums have been known for the well doing of the businesses. Get your Forum Traffic now…

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How to Get Your Video Marketing in Top of Search Engine Faster

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 09-03-2012

How to Get Top Search Engine Rankings in Your Video Marketing

YouTube will give you high Google ranking when you know how to do it.

In order for you to get your videos to rank high on the search engines, you will need to do a bit of market and keyword research.

But you need some killer tools:

For to make sure the job done quickly about 7 minutes…

I used 2 tools:

Social Monkee is FREE

And Webfire…

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Why Too Many Links equal Penalty?

Filed Under (Links software) by claude on 08-03-2012

I’ve had a couple of people ask me if you can get “too many backlinks”. No. You cannot build too many links.

I’ve thrown over $5,000 in backlinking at a single site in 1 day. It ranked fine.

…Twitter gets 150,000,000 links per day. (Actual Data from MajesticSEO)

Many people mix up site age with backlink growth. Sites less than 6 months old don’t rank.
If you build a bunch of links to them, they just “Dance” and don’t rank.

However, for any site over 6 months old, you can build as many links as you like and the
site will rank overnight.

Google can’t write an algorithm to penalize sites for getting too many links. It simply
wouldn’t work with thousands of authority sites picking up millions of links every day.

However, there IS a penalty for doing too many links with the same anchor text…

I’ve seen this several times on my own sites and over 10 times with clients.

…Where am I going with this?

If you want ranked FASTER  try this

Authority Link Network


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