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SEO Spotlight- SEO Spotlight Review by Simon Greenhalgh

Filed Under (seo) by claude on 31-05-2013

SEO Spotlight Internet marketer and product launch expert Simon Greenhalgh’s latest product called the SEO Ultimate Spotlight.

This product is an onsite search engine optimization plugin that allows you to “future-proof” your website – that is, it helps adapt your website to search engine updates that would otherwise negatively affect your website’s SEO rank. It makes you do so through many different ways, like mimicking successful competitors and making sure that you are doing SEO right through its SEO-score auto-checking feature.

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Get Paid To Manage Social Media

Filed Under (2013) by claude on 26-05-2013

Do you know you can get paid to post comments on Facebook? For example yesterday I saw a post in Facebook where Kaspersky the software anti virus looking for  someone to take care of their Social Media Platform… Two months ago I build a fan page for a real state agent company   and we spend months to find a Community Manager to manage this page.

What I try to say? This kind a job is hot in the moment…. and paid very well and fw training out there… To get this Social Media  job you need the right training.

There are thousands of businesses around the world and in your local area looking to hire people just like you to work on simple tasks such as:
Posting Facebook comments
Moderating Faceook groups
Uploading photos and tagging people
Generating Faceook ‘likes’ and followers
Most of these jobs don’t require any prior experience and the only skills you need are a good knowledge of how to use Facebook.

For more  info click here: PaidSocialMediaJobs

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Jen O’Shea Twist Her Leg 180 Degrees

Filed Under (talent) by claude on 21-05-2013

Cancer survivor Jen O’Shea has been left with a special talent after undergoing treatment to beat the disease – she can now twist her leg an incredible 180 degrees.
The brave youngster had the right side of her pelvis removed in 2011 after she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer.
Two years on Jen is now free from the disease and can walk again after months of painstaking physiotherapy.
And her missing joint has left her with a very special party trick.
Girl who survived cancer can now rotate leg 180 degrees.

A young cancer survivor has wowed friends, family and now the internet with a quirky talent she recently revealed in the hopes of winning a contest on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Jen O’Shea, can rotate her right leg a full 180 degrees with no pain or effort at all so that her foot is facing the ceiling.

Ms O’Shea’s amazing and bizarre flexibility is the result of an operation following the treatment of a rare form of bone cancer. After being diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, she underwent a right internal hempipelvectomy in 2011 in which surgeons removed the entire right side of her pelvis without replacing it. The brave patient has endured months of physiotherapy to learn how to walk again but only realised she could twist her leg last year and was shy about showing her friends.

Jen O'Shea  Talent

Jen O’Shea Talent

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How To Create Fan Page For Local Business On Facebook

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 20-05-2013

Martin has just released a $1 Trial of his Famous Emperor Social toolkit. This tool is perfect to create local business fan page for your clients.

I am talking about Emperor Social from Martin Crumlish. If you haven’t heard about this product it is a huge Facebook Marketing Suite of tools with a Drag N’ Drop Page Builder and a whole lot more.

What it is more than anything is a complete suite of tools which allow you to run your own Facebook Development and Marketing Business. It has everything you need, plus he is also including Licenses for their 3 Cents per Click Facebook Advertising Tool called Facebook Red, but there are only a few Licenses of that product left.

You can see it here: Emperor Social

Now, as those of you I had talked to already know, I did not recommend this product to everyone for the specific reason that it is only worth buying if you plan on using it to build your entire business around. Build Fan Pages for Clients, build leads, get Likes for Clients, do Advertising, etc. It has so much, but really it has more than most of us truly need. Only those who truly plan on building a complete business with this should buy it. Plain and simple.

Then today, Martin emailed me and let me know they decided to offer a $1, 3 Day Trial so those who wanted an inside look can see it. To make it even easier, they set this up through PayPal so you can cancel it yourself after trying it out.


Don’t be. These guys are giving up the kitchen sink to sell this. This is a really good time to be a buying in this market. You can build a complete business selling both Facebook Services and Mobile APP Building Services. It is a Mega Business in a Box deal that is for sure.

It is still something I only recommend for those who already doing this kind of Developer work or those who are serious about starting.

Check it out and try it for 3 Days and see for yourself. What can it hurt? Plus, you can get a full month of Free Mobile APP Building out of it. I would say it is a win-win situation either way. There is a little more than a day left and they are closing this offer. They have a Countdown Timer on the Sales Page too.

Here it is: Emperor Social $1 Trial Offer

Emperor Social $1 Trial Offer

Emperor Social $1 Trial Offer

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How To Do Seo After Penguin Update

Filed Under (seo) by claude on 19-05-2013

Matt Cutts, in a video with Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand, confirmed that Google loves SEO. Google does not hate SEO and Google needs and wants every webmaster to do SEO. This is because an optimized site helps GoogleBot to rank a site more accurately. With this information in mind, don’t throw SEO, do it smarter with SEOPressor!

This is my tool to ranking in the top of the SERP watch it in action.
SEOPressor is a simple WordPress plugin now used by more than 100,000 websites all over the world for their on-page optimization needs.

SEOPressor also been voted by SitePoint to be the Top 10 Best Premium SEO Plugin of 2012.

SEOPressor has been tested before for both performance and efficiency, and it was found to be well worth all the investment made in it.

In any case, people are always looking out for the best possible search engine optimization for their business website, and the fact of the matter is that WordPress SEO cannot get any better than what SEOPressor can provide.

If used correctly, SEOPressor won’t just bring a WordPress website to the top page of search engines but it will also bring it to the top of the top page. Results can be expected to figure within the top 3 on the first page.
Overall, SEOPressor V5 seems to have stepped up its game by a whole new level as compared to its version 4 predecessor. It has even included OG Tags and Twitter cards for better social SEO which are speculated search factors that Google is taking into consideration, but no one can say for sure. For the same price with 5 new awesome benefits, I’d say SEOPressor V5 is a pretty damn good deal.

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How To Get High Page Rank Fast

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 16-05-2013

Do you looking for to get large quantities of PR5, PR6, PR7 links?  is FREE Right!  Okay cool, we know before after Google Panda and Google Penguin Backlinks are the key piece you must have to help you  to  crash the competitor for any niche market. No doubt about it but how to get tons of the  PR5, PR6,PR7…

My friends Chad Kimball make a long video to show you to fix this problem by used  scapebox software tool…

Please enjoyed it

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How To Use Google Adwords In 2013

Filed Under (ADWORDS) by claude on 14-05-2013

The money you can make on Adwords is pretty big if you do it right.Specially for people who need help like Corporations, small business owners.
I used this product to help local businesses right now.

1. Google Adwords still works and works well, not really for affiliates but for product owners and any businesses that want to

advertise with them. So I created a 27 part video course on how to use Google Adwords in 2013. This is the most up to date training on Google Adwords out there right now.
This 27 part video training course with over 3 hours of content is a complete video guide of how to use Google Adwords in 2013 I believe I am more then qualified to offer this to you having trained over 10,000 pay per click marketers over the past 5.3 years. I know what works and how to do it right. I’m going to show you exactly how in this up to date case study.

So how much am I charging for this awesome video training? Hardly anything. It’s $17, that’s insane for what you’re getting. It’s $20 off the normal price of $37 and that is 54% savings for you.  Click Here For More info about Adword 2013.

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