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Best way to find good Affiliate Program

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Program) by claude on 16-05-2008

Best way to find good Affiliate Program is at affiliate marketing networks. Most of them are international, like Commission Junction, or EBay, Click Bank. There are offer us a chance to earn a very nice residual income with little effort, from the comfort of your house.

If you can find thousands of affiliate programs to sign up, but only few that are worth your time. Because, when I started searching for implementing affiliations with various companies, this thing can take me all day sometimes one week is depending what I looking for.
First all before you choosing an affiliate program, looking what other leading blogger does in your field. And try to ask yourself what I looking for?
To make my decision this is my best way to find good Affiliate Program:
Looking for the best reputation and known how they work.
For example one of my friend told me I have to use this Affiliate Program it was NeverBlueAds. I never hear about this Affiliate Program, I say let ‘s give a try. I sign -up and they call me few days later for okay and one month later they say no without any explanation whatsoever. Another example it was with LinkWorth everything was fine after two months they told me my code it wasn’t good.
So make sure you sign up with people there are value your work and they need you like business partner.

When do you get paid and how?

Most newbie’s don’t pay to much attention at this part but it is very important too:
Don’t give away your bank account details when you sign up to any affiliate program. Avoided to sign up affiliate program with fees associated with accepting wire transfers.
Don’t sign up affiliate program if there are pay every two months or more. Affiliate Program pay every two weeks or every months. It’s fine to join program that used Pay pal or check. Some affiliate program pay an extra bonus when you join his program like $2 or $25.
Be carefully, don’t be to excited about that, to get your bonus you need make your first sale before… For example some affiliate programs give you 90 days to make some amount sale like $2000 to get $750 bonus. Affiliate program can paid you also for certain percentage or by referrals.

Also, you can increase your chances to earn money by enrolling in multiple affiliates. Finally before you sign up the long application form for your affiliate program do your homework. And pay attention all stats thinking like you run ppc campaign. This is the first part next time I will share with you more tips and tactics. For now don’t forget in this business you have to always test and test again to make sure you win, this is my best way to find good Affiliate Program

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