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How Do Social Signals Play a Role critical in SEO Ranking?

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 04-09-2012

Twitter is an SEO signal. Google and Bing have told us so . Through observation we know that Tweets can have dramatic effect and make webpages rank for competitive queries.

It’s no secret that Google has been looking at social signals from Twitter to help determine search engine rankings. With so many website owners fighting for position by building backlinks you need a secret weapon to give you an edge. That edge can be obtained through Social Media.

TwitterBacklinks – 3 Day Free Trial

If you aren’t exactly sure how much emphasis Google actually places on Twitter you should check out this video directly from Matt Cutts himself: will take your SEO to new levels by syndicating your tweet/website into a MASSIVE network of unique twitter accounts standing by to Re Tweet your message. The en Result? Google sees thousands and thousands of unique twitter
accounts all Re Tweeting your website; the Google algorithm recognizes this and you become a trusted authority with quality
backlinks. Social proof is critical to your website’s success, whether for the Search Engines or Real users.

The Bottom Line  – Massive Re Tweets from unique accounts = Search Rank Increase = More Money In Your Pocket!


twitter backlinks

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How much money Do You Think You Can Do With 1,000 UNIQUE VISITORS Every Single DAY, Starting Today?

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 22-09-2011


1.Create brand new accounts automatically
2.Search for keywords that people is twitting right now!
3.Send that people a recommendation from you with your affiliate link!
4.(Actually this is your part) Collect the Money!TELY 100% FREE TRAFFIC!

Introducing: Twitter Bomb




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The Twittenator the cash machine

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 24-10-2010

What this video to see how easy it is to make money using the Twittenator
Some say making money with Twitter is like moving a mountain . . . hmmm

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TweetAttacks Best Twitter Marketing Software

Filed Under (Twitter, Winner Product) by claude on 20-08-2010

#####Finally you can Make Money  with Twitter without been spams anyone or your twitter account been banned…

XXXXX Do you looking for a Good  Twitter Marketing Software? You are in the right place because I bought all of them and  I been tested all of them…

  • First all  BEWARE do not buy this Twitter Marketting Sotfware: is just doesn’t work and  is black hat software  and twitter will banned your account. Also  you will never get your  Money Back!
  • Second the Brute force  Power from: bruteforcesocialmedia just doesn’t work for me but you can get your refund!
  • XXXXX So! Maybe  you are asked yourself which one is working:  Don’t worry I find one called: TweetAttacks

Okay I know is expensive but in one day I make $600.00 with Tweet Attacks by promoting a cpa offer where people I have to make only is zip code or email address and I get $1,20…

How? TweetAttacks has a featured to help you send tweet to any twitter people. For example I can send tweet to Ophra followers or other Big Twitter Dog  by offer them a FREE  Burger King Coupon! That I  actually did BINGO! I  make money…

All my point is you don’t need any followers to make money with Twitter because  Tweet Attacks   is Reverse Engineering System…

Okay guy take advantage of this INCREDIBLE  MARKETING SOFTWARE because  TweetAttacks Best Twitter Marketing Software…

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Tweet Attacks Video Demo

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 22-07-2010

Twitter Marketing Software

XXXXXX  Today Try Tweetattacks for FREE by  and best part Twitter Love it…!

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Lindsay Lohan Gets $10,000 to Tweet

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 13-07-2010

Twitter Marketing Software

XXX Do you think Lindsay Lohan is Smart Twitter Marketer? XXXXX  Apparently she likes to tweet and people aore her Tweets…!

Now she’s running ads on her Twitter account for $ 10,000?  Find out  wich  Tool Lindsay Lohan used to make so much MONEY by Tweet?

Lindsay Lohan Paid to Tweet? from Tweet Talk on Vimeo.

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Tweetomatic Profiteer Bonus by Imran S and Mike Wright

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 04-03-2010


XXXXXXXX We Make  The Best Bonus Online Value $5,859 XXXXXXXX

You need a Tool to crack down Clickbank   and give you  Tons Traffics but also  Tons Sales without Ads. Perfect Tool Called  Tweetomatic Profiteer …
It’s been only hours since Tweetomatic Profiteer went live. I know you’re busy and you don’t want to waste time on fruitless SEO methods. I’m damn sure you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket with
frustrating Adword campaigns.

What you need is a simple but powerful tool that takes the time and costs out of online profiteering.
Mike Wright and Imran S have found a way to combine the strengths of Twitter with the opportunities presented by Clickbank.

On the one hand you have Twitter. Its amazing response time and its huge, endless traffic. Just a single tweet can be sent out to thousands of people *instantly*. On the other hand you have Clickbank’s amazing marketplace of digital products. Over 26,000digital transactions are made a day. See here to find out how you use free traffic from Twitter to loot the ClickBank marketplace:

This takes minutes to install and you don’t need any techie knowledge to run it.

It’s practicallypush-button and it makes affiliate marketing (whether you’re new or old to it all) beautiful and easy. But it’s already a roaring success and it’s not going to be available for too long. Too many users = too much competition. Get Tweetomatic Profiteer and start cashing in instead of pulling your hair out.

Grab My Best  Tweetomatic Profiteer Bonus

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