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How determining a target by Dr Zig Ziglar

Filed Under (Motivation Speaker) by claude on 02-06-2010

Zig Zigar on determining targets leading to achievement.

For a few years I followed different motivation  speakers and one of  my personal fave is Dr Zig.

Whenever I’m getting real negged out and i need an external boost i put on some Zig in the background.

Ideally it should be on whats called a programme of incentive and keep myself topped up by listening to it all of the time.

But I slid out of the habit and with luck the new consistency in me blogging will bring some of my drive and zeal back.  Also most significantly put me back on a programme of external inducement like listening to Zig Ziglar at least once per day for an hour.

Zig won’t be a smash with you but stick with the inspirational stuff and find the one which rocks your world and does it for you.

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