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Facebook ads or Google ads

Filed Under (Social Bookmarking) by claude on 12-02-2008

Facebook! Facebook what is going on in Facebook planet world? I am the first one to recognise to spend a lot of time in Facebook, I thinking I don’t need a blog anymore to promote my products or services. Why I say that because I manage to have 20000 new friends in one month. The fact Facebook is the next big thing and it is the one possibly can teach Google Respect in this business, but how to get paid to use Facebook? If you reading my last article about Facebook I was talking about an ebook from a german programmer called Facebook secrets exposed. The strategy he talking about shocked me, the way you can make money with facebook.
Last week I started my first campaign with a system called “cash cliques” it takes me less than 30 minutes to make some cash I guess so because have got a lot of friends. The think is for every ad you click on you getting paid. Also you get paid when friends you referred click on ads!
For example, if you click on 10 ads per day and refer 30 people during the first month and hey click on 10 ads per day, the system will tell you how much money you earn, in this case you can make $95. The trick is more friend means more money.

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