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Solo Ads Leads -How to Generate Solo Ad Leads in 2013

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 05-06-2013

This is the best way to get effective traffic generation method is called solo ad.

What is solo ad? It’s an email to somebody else’s list containing an ad and link to your offer.

Email solo ads are an effective and powerful method of online advertising. Solo ads can be used to build an email list, sell a product, create buzz for your website, develop your brand, create name recognition, and/or bring people to your website.

solo ads 2013

To effectively use solo ads your ad copy must be well written. A sloppy ad copy can render your ad useless. A well written and structured ad copy. Now you have millions of clicks at your fingertips. It has never been so easy to get affordable, quality, laser-targeted traffic to your offer.

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Creating a good ad copy

Filed Under (Ads Secrets) by claude on 16-10-2008


Believe me it is always painful for me creating good ad copy even I have done it so many times since  four years ago  every time it is a challenge in front of my note pad.

When I was working for a SEO company in London my boss fix the rule for a good ad copy in three letters: ABC

A stand for Attention:  you need to catch visitor’s attention, and you will be expecting they’d click on your ad. Sometimes they click by mistake and you paid for that … nobody don’t want to pay for nothing. So your ad must contains an attention trigger to convert in sale

B stands for: Branding a GOOD Landing page always unforgettable you need to be creative

C stand for: Communicate your ad must communicate clearly way your business if for example your ad is about blue book your site should be about blue book and nothing else…

Of course don’t forget to test your ad and track your keyword.

But imagine you create a good ad copy now the most important factors for running a successful PPC campaign this can be quite a problem.

Because, ad copy affects your Click-Trough-Rate and CTR affects how much you’re paying for your keywords to get your ad into the best position.

What I try to say Higher CTR= lower CPC.

You have 2 ways to create a good ad copy:

First:  easy way this is mean you start writing you’re ad then optimize it as the days go by…
Definitely it is an expensive way and you don’t know when you get it right may after 5 months. And it is a common mistake most affiliate marketer does!

Second: smart way spy your strongest competitors learn from their A/B split test results, and then apply your best strategy into your own campaign.
I know this thing take time but whit keyword spy it is just a mater a few click.
You need to keep monitoring your campaigns even when you’ve reached your goal to get a quickly success.

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