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Local Mobile Monopoly Review by Adam Horwitz

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 23-03-2011

Tim Donovan’s and Adam Horwitz  create the Best  Mobile Training Program called Local Mobile Monopoly. So!  How to Generate some CASH  with your Mobile Phone by  using Text Message ?

Hereʼs an outline of all the training that is going to be packaged into LMM:

*Module: 1- Getting Started: Why Mobile Marketing is going to be the Next  Big Thing.
*Module: 2- The Methods: Which Methods Work the BEST for Mobile Marketing.
*Module: 3-Ad Platforms: Underground Mobile Networks.
*Module: 4- Why Go CPA: How to drive Traffic to your CPA Offers.
*Module: 5- ClickBank Hot Time: Mobile ClickBank Tactics.
*Module: 6-Amazon: How to make fast cash with Amazon.
*Module: 7-Pay Per Call: Pay Per Call Undergrounds Tactics.
*Module: 8-Local Biz: How to Market Local Business.
*Module: 9-Your Own App: Your Own App under 5minutes or less.
*Module: 10- Mobile Music Money: Untapped iTunes Market.

Local Mobile Monopoly is really a one of a KIND  Product. It’s not like every other “guru” product out there that goes over the same information over and over again. You realise that 99% of info products go over the same information and are just packaged differently.

***This product will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a lot of money with mobile marketing.
Click TO Use The Software for FREE: Local Mobile Monopoly Software

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Cell Phone Treasure by Adam Horwitz

Filed Under (Cell Phone) by claude on 26-01-2010

With over 4.6 Billion Cell Phone users worldwide and if you know the right techniques you can plug into this untapped market with incredible ease.  And  Adam Horwitz  find the way to crack this new largest  untapped  and fasted growing  marketplace on  planet.

You will find 7 videos  in the Cell Phone Treasure system and  tons info to help you make your first 10k!

Watch this video!

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