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How To Improve Your CTR On Facebook

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 25-03-2013

How to Bank Money With Facebook Ads?  You know what`s Major Problem on facebook  is CTR

No matter how many images you change and ad copies you apply. How to find people interested in your offer?

They are more targeted then fan pages , people in groups are more interested in the subject the group is about as compared to fan pages , If targeting a group is not precise it is nearly precise…
But the question is how to gather this information ? the best way so far is to use user ids , to get user ids you will need a user id scraper , this is the best one so far FB Target ID

FB Target ID is a software and course that allows you to target the most responsive people on facebook with your facebook ads. FB Target ID is a great tool for people who use Facebook Advertising. This tool will allow you to get higher conversions while lowering your ad costs. It does this by finding groups in your niche and allowing you to target each individual member of that group with your ads. This is one of the best products on the market of its kind…at least that’s what everyone is saying.
FB Target ID features :

Easy click button software
Grab tons targetted FB ID for you, just put the FB Group address and get the Group member ID Instantly.
Just put all the Targetted FB Group member ID to CSV file
Copy the FB ID to your Facebook ads, and you will get very targetted market and high conversions sales
You have created your own personal facebook audience to advertise to whenever you want
No Unsubscriber, No Complaints. Advertise them as much as you want without spam aware. If you want to learn more click the link bellow.

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Pin Bot Video Review – Automatic Pinterest Profits

Filed Under (Pinterest) by claude on 14-10-2012

I just bought Pin Bot Software today and I want to told you about it.   If you want to  make some money  with Pinterest you need thsi Software…

Pin Bot Software is clean simple  Spy pinterest software.

This revolutionary technology will get massive traffic that will…

* Never run out
*Never dry up
*Doesn’t cost a single penny!

This has nothing to do with need SEO, sites, Google Ads,  blogs, list building…

You do not need a product, site or even a domain to profit from this secret technology!

Pin Bot Software has 2 up sells:  Azon Pinterest  and Social Traffic Monster

If you need to make money with Amazon   you need Azon Pinterest

If you need to make money with Twitter you need  Social Traffic Monster…
The secret technology that powers this traffic giant .. I pretty sure you will enjoyed it like:)

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Facebook Ads Queen Video Review and Bonus – How to create Facebook Ads

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 23-06-2012

When you know how to get incredibly targeted advertising in front of the perfect customers for your business, your sales can’t help but go up. Facebook is the Internet’s largest traffic source in the US, and growing worldwide right!. In fact, it just took over  the #1 spot – from Google.

I wanted to show you a good system you can use to get into Facebook Ads marketing System Faster and Easily. That
system is Victoria’s Facebook Ads Queen.

Today you going to learn exactly how to do Facebook Ads right so you can keep your costs low, your response rate high, and watch your sales grow stronger than you’ve seen with any other marketing you’ve done until now.

You’re about to get very, very good at creating Facebook Ads that can start making you money right away. Here’s How you’ll do it.

  • Facebook Ads Guide Review – What You Can Expect

All 4 Training Modules, delivered weekly over 30 days, so you can turn your Facebook Ads into the best business investment you’ve made

  • My Quick Start Guide

The basics you need to know to embark on your Facebook Ads learning journey…
First how to set up your Facebook Ad account and Facebook Page step by step.

  • Module 1  over 4 videos
  • Step by step explains everything you need to know to find your customers on Facebook and take advantage of Facebook’s laser targeting opportunities.
  • Module 2

How to set up a Custom Landing Tab on your Facebook Page and why this is a goldmine for your business.

All you need to know about crafting the right message for your ads, including Headlines, Copy and Image selection.

Also show you best practice examples of Facebook Ads and Landing Pages that you can model.

  •  Module 3  -Website or Facebook Page?

How to choose where to send your ad once and for all.

  • Module 4

How to set up a Killer Ad Campaign as we run through the bidding and approval road map. Why the amount you bid makes a huge difference to the success of your campaigns.

You get to dial in to 2 of the fortnightly calls where you’ll get access to me for a group Q&A session about everything you’ve learned that week.

  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Plus killer bonus

Bonus 1: Facebook Ad & Landing Page Inspiration File

Get some best practice examples of Facebook Ads, Custom Tabs and Landing Pages that are working right now in this free PDF!

Bonus 2: Supercharge Your Facebook Ads With Contests

On this free webinar you’ll discover the secrets to getting truckloads of visitors to your Facebook Page using simple contests. We run through examples and make sure you stay within the Facebook Guidelines.

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How To Build a Responsive Email List Faster way

Filed Under (Building email list) by claude on 22-06-2012

How To Build An Email List Rapidly by using my secrets software  and strategies ….Email marketing is a very important part of an online business and today most of the people have realized it. Emails are the best option to promote products to their customers, directly for a business online. Therefore, it is necessary for all businesses to have email list building strategy.

Want a Fast Way to Build an Email List? How About Letting Others Build it For You? You see, there are only thing you need in order to build your list is Exit Plan Profits.

Exit Plan Profits is a brand new system from a marketer called Chris R which is promised to produce monster results and is as easy as copy, paste and profit!

Additionally, Exit Plan Profits have a training program so that you can succeed later on. This would be an added advantage for the newbies and maybe for the novice. It contains the exact tools and training that Chris R has used to make money online using email marketing.

So! Let’s go to see what Inside of  Exit Plan Profits:

*Exit Plan Mindset Training. I went from making millions to bankruptcy. I’ll teach you the exact mindset that you have to have, and you’ll pick up on it faster than you taught your kids pattycake. It’s really simple and it’s shockingly effect.

*6 different types of copy and paste resources that you can use to start driving highly-targeted traffic to your portals in minutes. Again, I’ve done all of this for you, so you don’t have to create the ads. I’ve already tested them to make sure they work. You just plug them in.

*5 High-converting, profit pulling portals that you can have running in less than 7 minutes.

Okay, one more thing if you don’t have an mail list you actually leave tons money online…. And this system fix everything quickly for you… I highly Recommended it and if  you want to know more  about this product watch the video demo to see yourself how powerful it is Exit Plan Profits…

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The PPC Ads they Run.

Filed Under (Dirty PPC) by claude on 15-07-2009

If you could look over the shoulder of the affiliate marketers who make thousands of dollars a month promoting the products you’d like to
promote, what would you want to know?

What questions would you ask?

What behind-the-scenes details would you pay big money to find out?

Thanks to Affiliate Espionage, here’s your chance to spy on the successful affiliate marketers, and effortlessly get the information yourself.

You’ll learn:

What markets they are in.

What products they promote.

What keywords they bid on.

The PPC ads they run.

In short, you find out info they would never tell
you in person, not even at an expensive seminar.

It’s like having the blueprint of their business.

What I really appreciate is that Jeremy is a full
time affiliate marketer so he knows the exact
needs of affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Espionage is software that will do the
work for you; you don’t have to read dozens of
pages and try to cram new information into your

Jeremy spent 9 months and at least $10K developing it.

Yet he’s letting you access it for less than ten bucks so you can try it for a month.

I laughed when Jeremy talked about how he used to sometimes sit there in a daze and stare at search results in Google.

That happens to me too.

As marketers we aren’t lacking in information.
Rather, we have too much of it to sift through. It’s possible to sit in front of your screen and stare for long periods of time and not really absorb anything.

This is why Affiliate Espionage gives you all the nformation right in your search results.

You need to know what the profitable markets are…you don’t need thousands of keywords and other useless info thrown at you.

So the only question at this point is, are you ready?

P. S. Stop looking for that untapped niche. Go where the successful marketers are already raking in big money and use the laser-focused approach of Affiliate Espionage as your guide.

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Top Best Twitter Marketing Tool Available

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 23-05-2009

7 Top Reasons you NEED this Powerful Twitter Tool

  • Increase your website traffic by 38% this month
  • Effortlessly Build a Powerful Network not just Followers While You Sleep
  • Find Resources and Joint Venture Partners on Twitter
  • Quickly Test Ideas on Twitter for Immediate Feedback
  • Boost sales by 58% without lifting a finger
  • Realize a full return on investment within the first week!

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How to work with Google to get the best results?

Filed Under (Very cheap PPC) by claude on 15-05-2009

Today it’s finally revealed… Secret Adword Tips
Here’s the backstory… A number of months ago, Armand noticed there was some bad advice being shared regarding how to make money with Google Adwords.
So he decided to do something about it.

Armand shared his Secret Adword Tips with a small group of people about a month ago and
the feedback was off the charts! Immediately people were putting these powerful tweaks to work and were experiencing instant improvements in their ads.

In fact, in some cases the results were so dramatic that we knew right away this was going to be a HOT product. We fully expect once people get hold of this information, the word will spread and this will quickly become one of Armand’s best-selling products!


It’s about getting more bang for your buck. Listen, most people waste their advertising
dollars because they don’t understand how to work with Google to get the best results.

Armand does and he’s able to get his ads cost to just pennies a click.
Because of it, his ads are shown anywhere between 7-10 million times a day.
That’s a LOT of traffic! But more importantly, that’s a lot of CHEAP, QUALIFIED traffic 🙂

So if you know anyone who wants the same, then you need to tell them about Secret Adword Tips.

In this product Armand outlines step-by-step the top 14 strategies anyone can immediately
start using to get a flood of traffic at a rock bottom price.

Click the video sales letter…

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