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AdWords Pro

Filed Under (Ads Secrets) by claude on 27-11-2008

Adtext Generator

When I first started managing campaigns six years ago, profiting was a piece of cake. Just input some keywords, any ads, and you were likely to see at least some profits. You could often get away with having a single ad group, not testing ads, and other mistakes that would kill you today. With the simplest of adjustments, clients could skyrocket their profits. Over time, this quickly changed.

New advertisers got on-board.  Old advertisers got smarter. It can often feel like an endless treadmill where you can never keep up! No longer can you get away with logging into your account only once a month or even once a week. If you do, you’re certain to have a few surprises waiting for you. Instead, you need to log-in everyday if you want a chance at crushing the competition. But, who has time… or the patience for that?  AdWords can be frustrating. Of course, there are a number of keyword tools out there to help you.

You can instantly brainstorm hundreds of ads with a few clicks of a buttons. But, this only goes so far. The real time-suck you deal with on a daily basis are writing your ads! It sucks your time dry in 3 key ways:

1.Uploading, navigating, and checking results inside Google can easily add 30 minutes every time you log-in.  A small amount of time, you don’t always have.

2. The actual writing on the ad.  Crafting a winner can easily take 15 minutes a piece. Just a a couple dozen may take you all day… and crafting hundreds (which pros often have) takes you
an entire week!

3.Testing and tracking your ads.   This can take weeks and months of endless waiting.

AdText Generator solves these problems by instantly generating unlimited ads tested for sky-high response… and putting them into a money-making campaign structure all with the click of a few buttons.

Each of your keywords has an ad specifically designed for it to score you competition-beating click-thru-rates right out of the gate.

Get your copy now at: AdText Generator

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