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The PPC Ads they Run.

Filed Under (Dirty PPC) by claude on 15-07-2009

If you could look over the shoulder of the affiliate marketers who make thousands of dollars a month promoting the products you’d like to
promote, what would you want to know?

What questions would you ask?

What behind-the-scenes details would you pay big money to find out?

Thanks to Affiliate Espionage, here’s your chance to spy on the successful affiliate marketers, and effortlessly get the information yourself.

You’ll learn:

What markets they are in.

What products they promote.

What keywords they bid on.

The PPC ads they run.

In short, you find out info they would never tell
you in person, not even at an expensive seminar.

It’s like having the blueprint of their business.

What I really appreciate is that Jeremy is a full
time affiliate marketer so he knows the exact
needs of affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Espionage is software that will do the
work for you; you don’t have to read dozens of
pages and try to cram new information into your

Jeremy spent 9 months and at least $10K developing it.

Yet he’s letting you access it for less than ten bucks so you can try it for a month.

I laughed when Jeremy talked about how he used to sometimes sit there in a daze and stare at search results in Google.

That happens to me too.

As marketers we aren’t lacking in information.
Rather, we have too much of it to sift through. It’s possible to sit in front of your screen and stare for long periods of time and not really absorb anything.

This is why Affiliate Espionage gives you all the nformation right in your search results.

You need to know what the profitable markets are…you don’t need thousands of keywords and other useless info thrown at you.

So the only question at this point is, are you ready?

P. S. Stop looking for that untapped niche. Go where the successful marketers are already raking in big money and use the laser-focused approach of Affiliate Espionage as your guide.

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