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Cooking Blogs For Moms

Filed Under (site builder) by claude on 05-01-2013

Have you noticed the growing ranks of mom bloggers? It seems there are mom blogs popping up all over. Now this isn’t a bad thing. Quite the opposite – these mom blogs are one of the greatest things to happen to the internet in a long time!

Why are they so great? Well, think about it. I just been using this software called  Twin Peak Profits to  help several moms to builder their blog… To learn more about this amazing software please read my review bellow…

Twin Peak Profits It’s a Membership Software Interface from the top Internet Marketers Guru Tim Atkinson and Zak Meftah that does not only get rid of all the technicalities of making online…
These Affiliate ready sites can help you get started quickly with Internet Marketing by doing all of the hard technical stuff so you can a blog ready to promote and make you money.
The Overview of Twin Peaks Profits

Add a Campaign After that You will Be taken through 5 simple steps plus summer, installation and finalization to complete your very own affiliate website.

1. In the first step all you do is choose Clickbank products based on your niche/keyword. These will be added to your site automatically when it’s build.

2. Second is all about Amazon affiliate products. This is a great addition to Clickbank as some people just prefer physical products and Amazon will give your site authority and alternative way to make money.

3. Keyword Research, so you don’t have to use expensive alternative or go through multiple sites to find keywords.

4. Creating content with Twin Peaks Profits is as simple as spelling out a keyword and watch it grab the content for you. You press rewrite and it automatically rewrites your articles so they’re unique to your site.

5. Fifth step is about configuring your Cpanel. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. All you’ll have to do is put in some basic information you get from your hosting company and Twin Peak Profits will take care of the rest.

Twin Peak Profits Upsells

Traffic Magnets – This is my top pick because it will really spread your site around, and can create great results.

Tube Traffic Blaster – This one is all about YouTube, generate traffic and boost your site through videos. If you’re into YouTube, it might be right for you.

Viral Cash Machine – From what i understand this one is about Facebook, and how it can help you make money.

Amazon Money Making Campaigns – Proven and ready to launch Amazon campaigns. This is definitely useful for people who want to make money with the Amazon Associate program, but don’t have a clue what or how to promote products.

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Commission Cash Code Perfect Facebook Marketing Software For Social Media Marketing

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 13-06-2012

Commission Cash Code is a web based application that was created by Ronnie and Ex Google Engineer. To  help anyone make online easily using its web based application by targeting Facebook FanPages

Commission Cash Code focuses on using facebook fanpages to creat community with an intention of engaging fans with useful content and promoting affiliate products…

What is inside of Commission Cash Code

* Training Program:
You get video tutorials with instructional text pdf.

* FREE Training On Making $1,000 a DAY ( Webinar)

*Get a FREE Website

*Another FREE Important Gift

*Get More Traffic for Just $1

*Get Coaching and Mentorship from a Multi-MIllionaire

*Edit Setting – You can edit or modify your account details.

*Create cash codes: The software which helps you create a high quality fanpage with few clicks.

* Bonus hosting package.

I used a lot of video to run my campaing and evey strategy about video I buy it…

Of course you have few upsell like:
Viral vedeo velocity -Viral video velocity software is the final upsell. This lets you upload or record a videos using webcam. This will auto- embed your viral video into your site when you create your cash code and it will help you create great amount of traffic all by using the power of facebook.

50 Niche Websites: These are some of the hidden and underground niches that most Super Affiliate don’t even know about. 50 Mobile designed sites… Sites that are designed for iphone, ipad….

* Bonus hosting package.

Few thing I want to say Social is the next BIG THING and this tool just does that.

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SEO Local Tools To Ranking Site Faster

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 12-06-2012

Rank for Commissions is a new product from David Kennedy – David Kennedy is an underground internet marketer.

  • Product Launches business module

In this module, we are going to promote new product launches. There are many new products launched every month from many marketers. But we will only focus on products made by top marketers.

  • PiggyBack Business Module

In this module, you will learn how to take advantage of current events to promote related offers/products.

This is by far, one of the easiest business modules that anyone can start almost instantly and expect to see incredible results within a very short period of time.

Let me put it this way … THAT’S A REAL GOLD MINE!

  • eMail Marketing Business Module

In this business module, we’re going to use email marketing to promote our own products or affiliate products or even CPA offers. While – at the same time – creating or growing our email list.
With this module, we are going to target email list’s owners and offer a business proposal that they can’t reject. We’re going to : pay them for solo ads or ( if you already have an email list of couple of thousand members ) we can create an ad swap deal.

  • Forum Marketing Pro Business Module

Ok this one is one of my favorite! Because you can build all your online business over this one single module, without any need to focus on anything else, anywhere else. The only thing, the only condition, is that you make sure that you do it right. Or you would be wasting a LOT of time and energy – and money – and you would have to start all over again.
This module is based on Forum marketing. NO it’s not about using signatures and placing free stuff or posting articles!..all newbies and their pets are already doing that.  that’s not our goal here as you will know later. Remember, this is “PRO” business module.

There are three upsells which be offered to you. And they are:
* RFC Advanced Program (Turbo) Highly Recommended!
*RFC Hub Builder
*Rank For Commissions Extreme Membershirp

  •  Final points:

Rank Commissions is without any doubt highly recommended for anyone who has a site or anything else online.
The Coaching Program is very good because is very imprtant to know the BEST Practise about Internet Marketing to get success FASTER.

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Affiliate Earnings Booster for Newbies from Brooklyn

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 04-03-2012

Affiliate Earnings Booster is a training system developed by Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin that will show you how to greatly increase your affiliate commissions through the use of walk-through videos. You will learn how this one additional step will virtually presell your product and greatly increase the amount of money you make from your affiliate marketing efforts. It is a great way to get extra sales out of the work you already put into marketing your affiliate products.

The videos are very differents why because there are screen capture videos showing someone actually buying the product and talking your visitors through the entire checkout process and then proceeding to review the product Live.
The point is people can literally see with their own eyes that your review is real because you actually bought the product and you’re not just some affiliate down the street trying to make a fast buck off them!

In addition they do not limit the niches that they cover. As you go through their web page you will see the different niches that are included, from Internet marketing products and services to dating products and services. You can choose from the Internet marketing niche or even the non-Internet marketing niches or you can even choose to get all the videos from all the niches. One of the bonus products you’re going to be receiving when you invest in any of the videos is the SEO and traffic generation course. This free of charge bonus is in fact worth its weight in gold as it teaches you everything you need to know about getting visitors or traffic.

Here’s the thing…

I’m NOT afraid of competition at all because it’s going to take alot of TIME and MONEY to create such high converting review videos for so many products.

And that’s something which most affiliates don’t have…

But with Affiliate Earnings Booster, you don’t even have to worry about all these because everything is done for YOU.

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