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How Do Social Signals Play a Role critical in SEO Ranking?

Filed Under (Twitter) by claude on 04-09-2012

Twitter is an SEO signal. Google and Bing have told us so . Through observation we know that Tweets can have dramatic effect and make webpages rank for competitive queries.

It’s no secret that Google has been looking at social signals from Twitter to help determine search engine rankings. With so many website owners fighting for position by building backlinks you need a secret weapon to give you an edge. That edge can be obtained through Social Media.

TwitterBacklinks – 3 Day Free Trial

If you aren’t exactly sure how much emphasis Google actually places on Twitter you should check out this video directly from Matt Cutts himself: will take your SEO to new levels by syndicating your tweet/website into a MASSIVE network of unique twitter accounts standing by to Re Tweet your message. The en Result? Google sees thousands and thousands of unique twitter
accounts all Re Tweeting your website; the Google algorithm recognizes this and you become a trusted authority with quality
backlinks. Social proof is critical to your website’s success, whether for the Search Engines or Real users.

The Bottom Line  – Massive Re Tweets from unique accounts = Search Rank Increase = More Money In Your Pocket!


twitter backlinks

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Why Too Many Links equal Penalty?

Filed Under (Links software) by claude on 08-03-2012

I’ve had a couple of people ask me if you can get “too many backlinks”. No. You cannot build too many links.

I’ve thrown over $5,000 in backlinking at a single site in 1 day. It ranked fine.

…Twitter gets 150,000,000 links per day. (Actual Data from MajesticSEO)

Many people mix up site age with backlink growth. Sites less than 6 months old don’t rank.
If you build a bunch of links to them, they just “Dance” and don’t rank.

However, for any site over 6 months old, you can build as many links as you like and the
site will rank overnight.

Google can’t write an algorithm to penalize sites for getting too many links. It simply
wouldn’t work with thousands of authority sites picking up millions of links every day.

However, there IS a penalty for doing too many links with the same anchor text…

I’ve seen this several times on my own sites and over 10 times with clients.

…Where am I going with this?

If you want ranked FASTER  try this

Authority Link Network


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Buy Google +1s in Ranking in top of Google Quickly

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 05-12-2011

Forget Facebook or Twitter! – Google+ Is The Faster And Easier Way To Mass Exposure And Unlimited Profits! The easiest way to maximizing your exposure using your Google+ profile! You can literally boost your websites ranking in a few short hours with a couple of simple “tweaks!” How Google+ can make you an instant authority in your niche! Find out how you can “claim” content and add reputation points to your SEO score instantly!

Google Plus 1 is  Google’s answer to Facebook’s “Like” feature;

How it works on the search engine level is that the Google Plus one button appears along every web page in the Google search results only when you are signed in to a Google account. You can click on the plus 1 button is added to all site pages in the search results

Additionally, you can add the Google Plus one button to your webpage so that it appears on every post and page which you create.

For example  if someone sees your web page in the SERPs, they’re not going to give you a plus before they read your content. And if they like your content and you don’t have the plus button installed on your page, they’re likely not going to click the back button on their web browser so they can give your page a plus back in the SERPs. They’re going to give you the plus after reading your content, so your plus button should be visible ideally at the bottom of your post/page or at the top.

There are two obvious benefits of the Google Plus 1 button. One is that it will boost your rankings (assuming you have received pluses) as Google sees this as firsthand proof that a real and actual person has given a personal thumbs up approval of your content, thus making their job in determining what web pages should rank well for keywords that much easier. Keep in mind that while this is important, it’s still just another piece of their multiple piece pie which is their ranking algorithm.

Secondly is that it will boost your traffic. Social proof can motivate people to check out a web page online, and the beauty of Google Plus 1 is that not many people are using it effectively yet, so even just a few pluses of your web page can persuade someone to check out your web page, especially next to another web page on the same content which does not have any pluses.

So if you want to know more about Google  Plus 1  click the video bellow!

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