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What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Filed Under (Google Ads) by claude on 22-01-2008

The problem with a lot of advertising is that it is often being shown to people who have no interest at that time of using your products and services. Only a very small percent of those who you market to are going to be compelled to pick up the phone or email you.
There is a lot of wastage with traditional advertising methods. Now think of this. You only pay for the leads that come through to you, not for space on a page that may not be generating you business. In your campaign settings you choose what keywords and phrases you want your advert to display, and you choose what price you are willing to pay to get your ad displayed. The price you pay will go some way to dictating where in the list you will appear – generally the more you pay the higher you go. You can also set a maximum daily budget so you have complete control on your spend. Benefits of Adwords are – Read the rest of this entry »

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New Twist To Affiliate Programs!

Filed Under (Affiliate Program) by claude on 21-01-2008

By: Robert Berman,
In the world of the Internet, an affiliate program is a commission arrangement with another DOT-COM business, to advertise and promote your services and/or products. When a visitor clicks on the product or service message at the affiliates website they are taken to the company’s website in order to complete the transaction. This might be as simple as signing up for a newsletter, requesting an estimate, or buying a service or product. If, and when the order Read the rest of this entry »

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Fast way to monetize your blog

Filed Under (Google Ads) by claude on 07-01-2008

The fast way to monetize your blog it is google adsense, this is has to be your first plan to earn money online.
Everybody knows the story now many young people, make thousands dollars with Adsense every month and you will be the next one. For some reasons you don’t know how Google Adsense working and how to implementing into your blog. Go to youtube type adsense and you will find a lot of videos about wordpress and blogger to show you how to manage the content. One thing interesting when you used a platform like wordpress, they do have a lot of sophisticate plugins about adsense for example: adsense manager, adsense deluxe+ ad space i.e….
Read the rest of this entry »

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A couple made 1 million dollars in 3 months with adsense

Filed Under (Google Ads) by claude on 23-12-2007

Google Adsense is a simple way to make money online. But everyday it’s coming very complicate to make serious amount money with Google Adsense. Last time I told you I don’t make to much money with Google Adsense and I don’t like this system because is out of date. Why because I not a penny man. Believe me I really try very hard… Now thing been change! And the mean time I show you Ashley Qualls 17 year old girl native of Detroit. She gets Millionaire only with Google Adsense in 2 years with one site Guru’s expert Micheal Cheney don’t make that much. This is a couple Mo and Zeila Rich they make one million dollar in 3months.

Mo has scientific background and business developer and Zeila is passion about Internet Business. In 2006, they make $ 143,783.12 whit Google Adsense. After that they receive a second check it was $ 544,879.55. Well, they became a millionaire couple for the first time in 3 months, earning a total of $ 1,032,432.43. How they done it? They developed genuine techniques with a new tool called Adsense ResurrectedThis couple made 1 million Dollars in 3months.

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How a 17 year Old Girl Makes A Million Dollar with Google Adsense

Filed Under (More Dollars) by claude on 20-12-2007

Asley Qualls is a 17-year-old girl’s, big name in Internet Business and CEO of Asley Qualls is from working class family and living in Detroit.
She is bought a four-bedroom house for his mom. She make one millions dollars last year with Google Adsense. Ashley Qualls started as a hobby when she was 14 years old, with just about 8 dollars borrowed from her mother. Ashley manages to design My Space layouts for the friends and posted them online.
By 2005, her traffic had exploded; she needed her own dedicated server.
To make more money she signed up for Google Adsense to pay for the server’s fees.
Quantcast ranked a staggering No. 349 out of more than 20 million sites just before
Whaterlife get more than 7 million visitors every month.
Ashley’sgenerated more than $1 million last year in ad income and help break new artists such as Lily Allen.
Now she is looking for the next step. She believes that cleverness is ageless’s. Proof we don’t need guru to make fortune in online business or craps expensive seminars. I am impressed by the

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