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Forum Traffic- Your Customers waiting in the forums to find you

Filed Under (forum traffic) by claude on 12-03-2012

Forums can be a great source of traffic for your websites. They’re full of people who are interested in a particular topic or market, and if you play your cards right, you can generate a lot of traffic to your sites from them. Let’s look at some strategies for doing this.

The first thing to remember when you’re using forums to generate traffic is that you need to provide value, first and foremost. This isespecially true if you’re new to the forum. Signing up for a forum and starting to post promotional stuff right away is one of the quickest ways to guarantee you’ll not only get little or no traffic, but you might very well be banned from the forum as well.

Expect to spend some time posting and getting to know the forum before you add any links back to your websites. Different forums,
and different markets, have varying degrees of acceptance of promotional posts. You’ll want to get a feel for the general attitude
of the members before you start doing any self-promotion.

Most forums have rules about how and where you can link back to your own sites, so make sure you read the “rules” posts first.
In most cases, links to your sites need to be kept in your signature, but that is not always the case. Some forums have paid sections for this type of thing, and posting anything promotional in another area isn’t allowed.

Even if the forum allows signature links, it’s a good idea to build a bit of a reputation before you add them. If you have links in your
signature from the beginning, people may think your posts are all about getting your links in front of them, rather than about the
content that you’re sharing.

Spend some time reading through older posts, particularly the more popular ones, to see how other people may or may not be doing any promotion. If you arrive at a forum where you can’t find any significant amount of promotional posts or signature files, you might be better off in the long run to move on and find another one.

Building relationships on forums is no different than doing it via social media or even in person. Interact with people, offer help where you can, ask questions – all the things that you would do if you were just a regular member (which you hopefully will be anyway, since that’s really the most effective way to build trust).

Forums can be a great source of traffic for your sites, but you need to make sure you look at them as a longer-term strategy. If you try
to milk them for fast results, you’ll find it won’t last long, if at all.

This will increase your websites search engine rankings, as you are picking the targeted back links. These forums should be used on a daily basis. This is the best advice anyone would give in order to increase the influx of traffic. Forum marketing makes things even easier for you for the rush of traffic for your website. The only thing you have to do is to search your desired forum with the specific keyword to reach results quickly. These forums have been known for the well doing of the businesses. Get your Forum Traffic now…

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Success Secrets Of America’s First Millionaire

Filed Under (Business in Box) by claude on 04-03-2012

“Keep your business, and your business will keep you.”

My hero Benjamin Franklin said that.

Benjamin Franklin was America’s first millionaire, a world-class
entrepreneur & inventor, and a master of all things business,
commerce and finances (he was also one of the most effective — and
persuasive — diplomats who ever lived).

And the above quote is likely his most PROFITABLE secret.

Yes, it’s simple.

Yes, it’s not “sexy.”

But it can move mountains if you’re an entrepreneur.

In fact, check out these bananas:

As soon as I started taking this attitude… everything changed
literally overnight. My business went to the next level
financially, and everything just sort of fell into place like

Sales went up.

Profits went up.

I spent less time working (and more time with my family).

Thanks Mr. Franklin!

Anyway, here’s the point:

Someone once said if you treat your business as a business, it
almost has no choice but to succeed, and in a BIG way. But if you
treat it as a hobby or use the “poke it with a stick” method (that
most other wannabe entreprneurs use), it’ll stay a hobby.

Which means it’ll make zero money.

And thus be an (epic) failure.

This is so important, almost everyone misses it.

It won’t get any easier than it is today.

In fact, it’ll likely get very hard (and expensive) just to apply.

So there’s no time to dawdle.

I highly suggest checking it out today, while you can. Success Secrets.

See you on the other side…


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