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5 tools used by Network Marketing 6 figure earners…Are you using them?

Filed Under (More Dollars) by claude on 23-01-2008

by Greg Taylor
I urge you to share this article with the serious people in your business and watch what happens to your checks and the checks of people in your team. When a mentor taught me about the tools and the philosophy of using them, my business and income went to a whole new level. It was really a change in my mindset first. He helped me see the bigger business model that building my Network marketing business fit into. You are building your work at home business. The point is, there is an easier faster way to build it that makes you even more PROFITS and insures your LONG TERM Financial success. Read the rest of this entry »

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How I Built My 10k Opt-in List

Filed Under (blog make money) by claude on 16-01-2008

by Guido Nussbaum

You have heard it a thousand times: “The money is in the list”… and I won’t tell you different because it is true. Building your own opt-in mailing list equals to building residual income. That’s because you can advertise different products or opportunities to your list and build up multiple income streams this way.

Imagine: A new program launches and you have a 10k mailing list… You’ll instantly get 100 or more signups to that new program with one mailing to your own opt-in list. You already know that? Well, I bet you do… but do you also know how to build that 10k list in less than 6 months? No? Then read on and put the here learned tips into practice, so that you’ll soon have your own 10k mailing list!

In order to build your own opt-in list you need to have a system in place first. This is mostly an autoresponder filled with your emails, a Squeeze Page to signup new people and backend offers to moneytize your list.

An autoresponder can either be web-hosted by a company that provides such a service or you can host your own autoresponder script on your own domain. A company-hosted autoresponder is probably better in regards of delivery rates, your own script gives you more control over your list… so it’s just a question of what you prefer: More control or higher delivery rates. Choose the type of autoresponder that you are comfortable with.

The Squeeze Page is the front-end of your opt-in list system. The quality of your Squeeze Page will determine the percentage of signups that you’ll get from your visitors. A bad created Squeeze Page with a weak web-copy will get you signup rates of 0.1% up to 1% … a top designed website with great web-copy will result in much higher signup rates of 3% or more.

Let’s do some math: You get 10.000 visitors to your Squeeze Page that has a signup rate of 0.3% … So you’ll have 30 opt-in leads. Now you send the same 10.000 visitors to a different Squeeze Page that has a signup rate of 3% … You’ll get 300 opt-in leads! do you see where that leads?

Before you send huge amounts of traffic to your Squeeze Page, make sure that you have the best signup rate that you can achieve. This can be done by split-testing and improving your Squeeze Page. Once this is done you can start to send as much traffic to your Squeeze Page as possible. Here are some free of cost techniques that will result in signups… providing you have a strong Squeeze Page.

1. Participate in JV Giveaway Events as a contributor

2. Use Manual Click Exchanges

3. Use Credit Based Safelists

4. Use Forum Signatures

5. Use Article Marketing

6. Use Viral Advertising Techniques

7. Use PPC Advertising (if you can make a positive ROI)

That’s it… no secrets, no dirty tricks and no black-hat techniques… it’s all about hard and persistent work and using as many traffic streams as you can. The above 7 are just some examples from literally hundreds of techniques that you can use to build your own opt-in list. Use this article as an “eye-opener” and digg deeper into each technique.. they all have some little special difficulties that wants to be mastered before they show their real potential.


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Using RSS TO Make Money Online

Filed Under (Social Bookmarking) by claude on 13-01-2008

You probably know that RSS stands for “Remote Site Syndication”, but what does that really mean to you as a marketer and more importantly can you use RSS to make money online?
As you keep reading you will Read the rest of this entry »

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The Ultimate Marketing System for Newbies

Filed Under (blog make money) by claude on 12-01-2008

By: Larry Oliver,
Get ready, you are about to see–well hear about the Ultimate, true turnkey Marketing System for Newbies. This is what so many have asked for and contuinue looking for. I know that this is exactly what I searched for and believe me, what I needed, when I first got into this fabulous business. OK, so think about this for just a moment . . .now don’t get a headache or anything . . .but here Read the rest of this entry »

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Internet marketing golden rule

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing) by claude on 16-12-2007

Internet marketing golden rule you have to respect. If you really serious about affiliate marketing campaign you have to set up a squeeze page. If you don’t have that you waste your time and huge income potential in this business.
So what is the squeeze page? It is a small webpage or lead page to capture information from people visiting your website. What I mean with that squeeze page you intended to get the name and email address of visitors to the page. When they click submit, they will be directed to a thank you page including an exact link to your specific product or service to download. The think is if you send commercial email messages without that permission to the customers, you are spamming them and this practise is against law.

All people in this industry fighting against spam. Now this is Internet marketing golden rule. You can find some safe list from different Internet Marketers. If the customer doesn’t want your email they do have an option to unsubscribing from your list. Well set up a squeeze page is not very difficult. What you need some copy of the page that will make the visitor want to sign up you can design it if you want. The best way is to used an auto responder service with the double opt in subscribing. This technique works well for all Internet marketers they are using this tool to build massive opt-in lists. You need this lead page set up quickly before even you have your click bank id. Because is Internet marketing golden rule

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