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Big fan of Big Fish

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing) by claude on 19-06-2008

Big fan of Big Fish is about High Ticket product where super affiliate snatch easily big cash. I don’t going to discuss the advantage of high ticket and low ticket they both need to market properly to make any sale.
One thing I would like to stress right here when you promote low ticket you always jumping quickly to high ticket because it is common sense.
Most super affiliate do market high ticket and low ticket because they know how the system working and they have the skill for that. Learn to market properly a product is take time thing you need to learn quickly if you want to build your business.
Last time I received a email from Mike Filsaime about is new product call 6 figures code he say” I make 10 millions dollar every year, with one email he send he can makes $7,000 ” but Mike he knows how to promote big fish or small fish also he already have 500.000 email list so the job it easy for him.
Time, money and skill are very important when you building a business if even you promote a big fish or small fish.
To have clear picture of what I try to say take those examples.
You promote a product call “small fish” it cost $5 and you have 50% of commission per sale this is equal $2.5 profit.
To promote that product you spend one week to writing article, looking for click bank affiliate, maybe you need to running a pay per click campaign and also make a landing page this is all work just to get $2,5 commission per sale.
Take now the second example you promote a “big fish” cost $1,000 and make for each sale $500. And you are spending the same amount of time; effort and money to promote the “big fish.”
Imagine for the both example you make one sale per day: small fish $2,5 and big fish $500 profits. To make the same amount of money than big fish you need to make 200 sales this is mean a lot of work. For me it is okay when your niche market it is just for fun but when you talking about pure business it is wrong.
But what you have to understand for the both ticket you need to market properly to make any sale. This game is about make money right, most people always say time is money this is truth for all Internet marketer when there are Big fan of Big Fish.

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