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No Job have a Blog

Filed Under (blog make money) by claude on 11-04-2010

When I lost my job  I told myself I will not ask anyone for a job and make them tons money for a penny.

I will do what I really want enjoy my freedom.  I don’t know about  you but   freedom without  money is not freedom that was my case. Without  it  I just can’t do nothing. I have to do something to make money.  I look around  what is my alternative  where I can move one  and enjoy my time.  Only thing I can do just site done in front my computer and surfing no stop.

And  one day stumble up on into an article from New York time: ”  Next blogger millionaire” something like that. I told myself ”  Yeah I get it I want to be a blogger”.  Since this day   I love blogging.  I start blogging  but after one month I say myself I need to make money with that.  How to  do that? I don’t really want like other  problogger make  $40,000 per month but only some money to pay my rent and my food all I need…

After one year I didn’t make any dime with that blog  after that I start  to  get depress at home.  But I know if I give up I will back to job center and make myself miserable I have to focus… Learn to make money with  a BLOG  quickly… Copy pro blogger success faster…

Blogging has been around for 1 or 2 years now.  the general public use blogs to record their thoughts and living, while the select few use them as a free way to earn a lot. There are numerous people who enjoy Blogging, if you check out;, you may come to realize that Blogging can real be one of your hobbies and you can do it as a part of fun when you are tired of other activities. Saying that, there are people in Blogging industry serious about their sites and actually
work very hard  to make tons of money, but that takes a very  Time to create a career in Blogging.
You can learn from different blog owners the history of Blogging and the way in which

With Blogging you can write on anything like, announcement, reviews, Internet marketing, bum marketing, bank blog, blog make money, business consultancy, money viehicles, money, e-gold, feedback, stores, click ad, google AdWords, google AdSense, etc, this is what is about. Because they will be able to research, write and at the same Time earn money on different Blogs. You may have many Blog sites with different subjects and this is also one of the strategies.
One of the fun methods is video blogging and some of it can be seen on the swap blog, you can earn lot of cash on video blogging, hower it should be something that people would be interested and they would like to watch, and you have to make it beneficial so that folks can real write, than Blogging is desirable for you and you can earn good income out of your own site, just like each one is earning on Blogging.

Anyway if you don’t have job  make a blog you will find a lot of tools here in this blog to help you succeed quickly.

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