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Turbo Pinner The Ultimate Pinterest WordPress Plugin

Filed Under (Pinterest) by claude on 28-04-2012

Turbo Pinner The Ultimate Pinterest WordPress Plugin 

Pinterest the fastest Growing Network of Right Now! What is Pinterest and how can it help me grow my business?

Pinterest is a new and emerging social media platform, that has also established itself as a respectable and intelligent medium for sharing ideas and images that people are passionate about.

The concept of Pinterest can be found in the name of the site. Your profile is like a ‘pinboard’, where you can collect, arrange and display items for your friends and followers to see.

Pinterest! It’s the latest shooting star in the social world, and if you don’t know, it’s a place to post and share photos. REALLY GOOD photos. It’s basically Twitter if you throw out 90% of the users and keep only the serious photogs, then instead of a stream of text, display a wall of pics.

Pinterest has become a referral juggernaut. According to, Pinterest referred more traffic in January 2012 than “LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, and YouTube – combined. ”

Try to get access to thjis targeted traffic by hand is close to impossible unless you have unwavering patience, dedication and lotq of free time. Pinterest is like a more visual version of Facebook; as an online pinboard where you pin up your interests in picture, it connects people in a much ddeper way according to their interests. For this reason, it is divided into categories and is therefore AMAZING for subtle marketing and targeted traffic.

Imagine that each pin (image) you create is like a little ad banner of yours that people Choose to share, repin and put on their own pinboard. Now that’s advertising the right way!

Anf how long does it take to put up some pictures? Time is money… and with Pinterest, you save time

Pinterest makes it hard for you to “pin’ your own content to your blogs so unless you lines of code and enjoy copying and pasting those codes so that other people can simply access your pins then you will be bored to death. Plus, it quite technical so even if you are a WP/HTM expert – it is still time- consuming. There’s no doubt about that.
Of course, for every problem – there lies a geeky genius with a solution in hand: the Solution


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Do you need someone make a blog for you

Filed Under (blog make money) by claude on 20-12-2011

We’ve already Done The Hard Work For You! All That’s Left Is For You To Click Your Mouse Once…

Who Else Wants to Instantly Run Their Very Own Search Engine Friendly WordPress Blog Fully Optimized To The Highest Level With Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon With A Free Domain Name And 1 Year Of Hosting Included…?

Discover How You Can Generate Auto-Pilot Commissions from Simple WordPress Blogs,Even If You’re A Brand New Blogger!
Imagine Getting Fat Commission Checks Every Single Week From Automated Income Blogs!

Myth 1 – Affiliate Marketing Is Incredibly Difficult

Myth 2 – You Need Massive Traffic To Profit

Myth 2 – Building Profitable Blogs is Too “Technical

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The Secret to Setting Up A Regular Membership Web Site is Member Desk

Filed Under (membership) by claude on 18-10-2011

Member Desk Review-How To Build A Membership Site In 30 Seconds Try it For Only $1

Nothing to download – nothing to install – no FTP, CSS or HTML

Do you would like the secret for building a stronger online revenue? While you probably guessed that selling things is the very best way did you know that you just can pick almost anything to sell? In this article we’re going to talk about selling membership to an internet site that you simply unique. Of course your site will need to be worth the price. They pay you a monthly fee and you give them what they want, which is high quality content material. Follow these three recommendations to be certain your membership web page is top notch.

Certainly one of the keys to a fantastic membership website would be to terrific content material, and lots of it. It is possible to serious encourage men and women to remain signed-up with you by giving them only the incredibly very best facts. Yes, of course you need to give people today a reason to remain aboard, but you also have to get them there inside the initial place.

Member Desk would make starting a membership site as easy as checking your email. No scripts to use, no Html, no Ftp, no databases. You can be functioning with your own custom membership site in a matter of minutes. Member Desk uses the latest technology to keep your membership site secure and protect your content from being accessed by anyone except your having to pay members. Sell All Your Digital Products. Do you have 1 eBook to sell? 10 videos? 400 tutorials? You can host an unlimited number of digital products on our platform on only one website. Get your customers coming back again and again to the public and also members-only private blogs on your site, its all built within! RSS feeds included too. Great for SEO! Get started quickly by picking probably our professionally, built themes and colors sets, then customize your site’s want to your heart’s delight, no coding required!


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CB Auto Blog Worpdress Plugin Review

Filed Under (Website Builder) by claude on 10-10-2011

CB Autoblog is a WordPress Plug-in created by James & Dave;

A fully optimized plug-in with searchengine optimization and with all existing and upcoming Clickbank product is what CB Autoblog is. The good thing of this program is that every product is loaded into your blogs, before anyone else comes to know about it. So, the key here is to keep the WordPress site to update automatically without touching the key on the keywords.

Features of CB Autoblog

The set up time is very less. It takes not more than just 5 minutes to complete the whole process and you’re ready to start.
All the brand new products are listed way before any other CB sites does. Usually, others sites update the products once they hit the market, but with this product, your site is updated days before its release.
Variety of content is pulled from multiple content sources on the Internet. This is an important feature that makes it more unique.
Extensions support is available to embed relevant videos, images and PPC ads with every post.
Search engine optimization to automatically tag, categorize and subcategorize posts.
Simple WP settings which can be installed on the current site or on any new blog.
Does all that’s required to configure and set-up everything automatically.

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