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Book that me laugh

Filed Under (Life Style) by claude on 06-11-2010

I bought this book in 2001 for £ 7.99 called “How To Lose Friends & Allienate People” from Toby Young…
This book is amazing I always laughed when I reading that book… If you sad buy this book I guaranteed you going laugh from the first page… Check out the movie too… A masterpiece that made me

laugh out loud. Young has made himself the anti-hero of the book….

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No more Ebook

Filed Under (ebook) by claude on 16-11-2008

Have you ever thought of turning your eBooks into physical books?
If the thought has never crossed your mind you should think about it. Here are some advantages of converting your eBooks to books.
# You Gain More Credibility. Yes, as a book author you instantly gain more credibility as you are seen as an expert.
# You Get More Exposure. Your book can be seen on the worlds leading online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This gives your name, and therefore your business more exposure.
# You Have Another Product To Sell On eBay. With the current eBay rules you cannot sell an eBook as a digitally delivered item. However, if you convert your eBook to a book you instantly have another product to sell on eBay.
# You Have Another Way To Generate Traffic. You can still add links to your existing products in your book, just as you would with an eBook.
# You Have Another Way To Generate An Affiliate Income. Yes, you can still generate an affiliate income from your book and I will show you exactly how to do it.
# You Have Another Autopilot Business. If you choose not to sell on eBay and from your website you can still sell from websites such as Amazon and the whole process is 100% automated.

I’m guessing you may be thinking that the book publishing process is hard work. Well once you see what John Thornhill has created you will think differently. John has created a video series showing you how you can turn an eBook you have rights to into a bokk in under an hour.

But the real beauty is John figured a way to sell via online bookstores such as Amazon. And John doesn’t have to lift a finger because when a book is sold they are printed and distrubuted automatically. In fact all John has to do is spend the money he earns from the book sales.

Just visit the link below to find out more.

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