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Point-and-Click voila

Filed Under (Ads Secrets) by claude on 02-12-2008

Adtext Generator

Google was the easiest way to make extra money online for a long time.

Just sign-up for an affiliate program and promote it with a Google campaign.

Your first sales come in quickly. However, it’s gotten a lot harder than it used to be to profit.

While your competitors get to keep 100% of the profits, you may only get 50%.

There’s just no room for error.  You must have far superior ads if you want to compete.

AdText Generator changes the rules of the game.

Just point-and-click to get instant high-profit ads that crush the competition.

Your profits rise and your costs dive. Go-ahead and pick-up your copy now at:

Then, in mere minutes from now, you can be raking-in easy sales. Generating hundreds, even thousands in extra cash becomes a piece of cake.

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Instant profitable campaign generator

Filed Under (Dirty PPC) by claude on 23-11-2008

Adtext Generator

Do you remember when you first heard about AdWords? Chances are, you immediately got excited.You were likely told, “With only $5, you can have your ads running in 5 minutes! Just pop-in your keywords, type-in an ad, and you’re good to go. Your ads quickly show on Google and on all of their partner’s sites soon after.” All of this is true.
But, your ads soon begin to run.  Your credit card gets dinged for your first bill.  And you soon realize it’s not as easy as it first seems. Generating a profitable campaign can be tough!  And creating a campaign that smashes the competition seems out of reach for most.

After all, many of your top competitors have full teams of management experts working on their behalf. While you have a lot on your plate.  You can’t spend all day on AdWords.
However, generating profitable campaigns doesn’t have to be hard. Just imagine being able to instantly generate your campaigns with a few clicks of your mouse.  Each campaign is designed just like a pro and has up to 8 custom ads for EACH of your keywords. What’s more, each ad has been tested to generate results.No more writer’s block.  No testing or hard research.  You get a ready-to-go campaign instantly.
All of this is possible using AdText Generator, a point-and-click instant profitable campaign generator.  It comes with a 100% 60-day risk-free guarantee.  This ensure you can only gain with your copy.

Go-ahead and pick-up your copy now at: AdText Generator

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Dirty cheap PPC

Filed Under (Dirty PPC) by claude on 19-11-2008

Adtext Generator

If you have crap experience or if you’re struggling with Adwords then this are something that would REALLY REALLY help you get those good ‘old $0.02 and even $0.01 clicks on Google search…even for highly competitive niches! Look, forget about review sites, ignore those “conduit” creations and step away
from anyone recommending you build niche blogs to sell affiliate products. The people that do that kind of thing are – and shall ever remain – marketing small fry…
If you want to play with the big boys you need to master Adwords and the art of building a list. Traffic and conversions – that’s the name of the game.
But listen carefully; the old ways of slapping up a pre-sell page and throwing some traffic its way…are tired and barely functional. You need a new system, a system so elegant and smooth in its deployment…prospects will be chomping at the bit to sign up to your newsletter.
A system that urges and gently persuades subscribers to purchase affiliate products…without them even realizing what’s happening. A system that can make you wildly rich in a very short space of time. Go quickly…if you don’t get in on this you can be sure your competitors will…


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Boots up your PPC campaign

Filed Under (Dirty PPC) by claude on 29-09-2008

Boots up your PPC campaign is pretty profitable…But only if you can get the ball rolling right. Most of the times you set up our PPC campaign and your Ads make you
few bucks but don’t be so exited about it you can make more… Really! Right if you  squeeze your landing page to get each dollars. So! “How do I scale this?”
When we talking about scaling  an offer is means bringing in more targeted traffic not only the old traffic but also new one from different search engines. We need make more money  and quickly now…
PPC Networks
First all you need duplicate the campaign on other PPC networks. For that you need to sign up with Yahoo, MSN, and start bringing in the traffic with them.
One chance to have a lot of traffic is to diversity it. I know a lot of people they are never venture away from a search engine that they are used to and you have to get them… And this thing is benefit for you because you learn from different PPC search engines.
Don’t to be intimidated  by the rest of ppc engines sign up for more. This one easy alternative of Google is AdBrite but they have more out there to boots your PPC campaign.

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