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Best SEO Software 2013 – Comprehensive SEO Tools For Professional SEO Company

Filed Under (seo) by claude on 09-12-2012

is time for owner business to find how to skyrocket their keywords to the 1 st Page of Google. Take the 7 Day trial for just $4.95 and unleash 6 modules of link building automation; over 1500 totally unique sites built in, from high PR profiles, to bookmarking, linkwheels and web 2.0 properties and more…

Floods their site with Free Lazer traffic and just about makes their accounts burst with new sales; leads and tons commissions… and Automatically!

Imagine being able to rank any page, any site, any article, web 2.0 hub, video, forum, amazon listing…any online content at all at the top of Google for your niche…

And getting Free search engine traffic and referrals from your best prospects, for your best keywords, all on autopilot…

It leverages the power of:

  • Blogs Platforms
  • Bookmarking sites
  • Link wheels
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Social sites
  • Article directories
  • Press releases
  • RSS feeds and directories
  • Forums and Profiles

Introducing Rankbuilder  : Industrial Strength Traffic and Ranking Power at your finger tips…
*Deliver thousands of multi source low to high PR links from hundreds of Social Sites, Web 2.0 hubs, wordpress,blogger, bookmarking, profiles, forums and much more.

*Use our brand New Campaign Scheduler to distribute your links evenly over time. You can set things up months in advance so you do the work once and it keeps pumping links and rankings for weeks and months to come, automatically…

*Special RSS feature builds links to your links. So they get indexed and count…

*Multi-tiered campaigner: let’s you build your exact links scheme and execute on autopilot…

Rankbuilder Neo  is BUILT to be Stupid Simple to use.


Step 1: create an email address:automated

Step 2: sign up for accounts on sites where you can submit your content :automated

Step 3: verify your email address and activate accounts :automated

Step 4: enter a profile or piece of content to be submitted with your links in it :accepts spinner format, automated

Step 5: Press go, come back a few minutes later, see a bunch of new links in a neat report

step:5 you’re Done!
But wait, there’s more… Get these Massive Bonuses FREE!

Bonus 1: Access to Our secret Weapon: ALN a $499 value
Bonus 2: The Rapid Backlexer Plugin $77 value: instant indexing and rank boost
Today, you can try all this for just $4.95

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SEO Local Tools To Ranking Site Faster

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 12-06-2012

Rank for Commissions is a new product from David Kennedy – David Kennedy is an underground internet marketer.

  • Product Launches business module

In this module, we are going to promote new product launches. There are many new products launched every month from many marketers. But we will only focus on products made by top marketers.

  • PiggyBack Business Module

In this module, you will learn how to take advantage of current events to promote related offers/products.

This is by far, one of the easiest business modules that anyone can start almost instantly and expect to see incredible results within a very short period of time.

Let me put it this way … THAT’S A REAL GOLD MINE!

  • eMail Marketing Business Module

In this business module, we’re going to use email marketing to promote our own products or affiliate products or even CPA offers. While – at the same time – creating or growing our email list.
With this module, we are going to target email list’s owners and offer a business proposal that they can’t reject. We’re going to : pay them for solo ads or ( if you already have an email list of couple of thousand members ) we can create an ad swap deal.

  • Forum Marketing Pro Business Module

Ok this one is one of my favorite! Because you can build all your online business over this one single module, without any need to focus on anything else, anywhere else. The only thing, the only condition, is that you make sure that you do it right. Or you would be wasting a LOT of time and energy – and money – and you would have to start all over again.
This module is based on Forum marketing. NO it’s not about using signatures and placing free stuff or posting articles!..all newbies and their pets are already doing that.  that’s not our goal here as you will know later. Remember, this is “PRO” business module.

There are three upsells which be offered to you. And they are:
* RFC Advanced Program (Turbo) Highly Recommended!
*RFC Hub Builder
*Rank For Commissions Extreme Membershirp

  •  Final points:

Rank Commissions is without any doubt highly recommended for anyone who has a site or anything else online.
The Coaching Program is very good because is very imprtant to know the BEST Practise about Internet Marketing to get success FASTER.

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One Minute Commissions Video Review

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 11-06-2012

One Minute Commissions is the brand new product from Mike Auton I have just been tested….  It is a combination of Software and Video Training to help you Make Money Online using Youtube, Clickbank and Amazone….

Can You Make Money From

Yes you can make money from, but what do you really need? If you don’t know how to make money from, you really need to check One Minute Commissions.
What is One Minute Commissions?

Well that’s a really good question! Mike Auton and his team have been keeping this one wrapped with tight lips. While the BUZZ  about Mike’s new product is really taking off. Nobody really knows. But I will tell you this one, it’s huge! More than 27 of the top affiliate marketers are pushing this thing hard and a lot of people are making huge money with One Minute Commissions.

The amount of money that can be made by video marketing is huge which is why Mike and Rebecca have created this software and training to make it accessible for people with no technical knowledge.

Now what this One Minute Commissions  is all about?

This product has two main components:

  • The Training
  • The Software

Both components come with detailed videos so you can understand easily how to use the product and how to implement it quickly.
One Minute Commissions In Depth Review

So here is how the product works:

  • Step 1: Open a Clickbank Account

If you don’t have a clickbank account, (you only need one clickbank account):

  • Step 2: Open a YouTube Account

If you don’t have a YouTube account, you’ll need one, You have watch the video in the members area to learn how to get set up (you only need one YouTube account)

  • Step 3: Choose a Product To Promote

Go to clickbank and chose a product to promote.
It is recommended to choose a product that doesn’t have too much competition, or a niche that is less known.
This way you can easily get free traffic to your offer and earn commissions!
So you can start earning easily.



The Accelero Software that comes bundled with the traing is very easy to use you anly need to follow the steps below

  •  Copy and paste the product name into the software.
  • Copy and paste your Clickbank affiliate link into the software = so YOU get the commissions for the sales you will make.
  •  Copy and paste the URL of the image of the product you are promoting, or an image that is related to the market is in.

This way you can easily get free traffic to your offer and earn commissions!

Sο YES video marketing іѕ one οf thе mοѕt profitable systems tο mаkе money online аnԁ thіѕ software hаѕ mаԁе everything ѕο simple even a Kid саn mаkе professional looking videos іn minutes frοm now.

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Weird internet trick made HIM $643 a day with his Mobile.

Filed Under (Mobile ads) by claude on 11-02-2012

Do You want to make money on the Internet. You NEED TRAFFIC Right check this out Mobile Ads FREE.

Mobile Ads Free, or ‘MAF’ as I call it, is an easy to follow system that reveals exactly how to exploit the explosive mobile application growth for unlimited ad space.
Traffic is automatically and naturally driven to your ads, which appear at the bottom of iPhone and Android applications, from app downloads generated by the application developers themselves – not you!
It sounds complex with all the mobile application jargon, but in reality the system is straightforward and easy to follow.
You can get started right away and be on your way to generating free mobile traffic and commissions.

Mobile Ads FREE insider:

9 videos about   Mobile Marketing  – 7 videos about QR CODE. and Banner ad campaigns

Joint venture with App Developer   to Advertising  their Apps…

Mobile Networks  to run ad campaigns:

Ad  campaigns Strategies

7 videos about QR  Code I love all strategies he developed

The product is cheap  you can check it  Mobile Ads FREE  here!

For conclusion: This product is not for everyone… you need money to run  your ads campaigns and his not FREE…


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Best way to make money with Facebook – Quick Click Commissions

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 27-01-2012

Mike Auton back with another killer product called Quick Click Commissions to help you cashing more with Amazon and Clickbank Products by using Facebook.

Quick Click Commissions is in fact two software: -Amazon Dominator – Clickbank Dominator.

How Quick Click Commissions all works?

1) Create your affiliate link

2) Copy + paste one of the status updates on YOUR Facebook wall

Your friends will click on your affiliate link…

They’ll see a video IN facebook…

Then when they buy, YOU get commissions…

It’s that simple!

Final point Goolge Ranking Facebook Faster  that ‘s mean  you will get more Free Traffic Fastrer.

My advice buy  Quick Click Commissions  and go there and make tons Facebook Page  and  BAM Caching Big Time.

You know what the software done everything for you don’t  hosting – ftp – and   web site    and blah blah…

Mike make a nice video tutorial just watch  and copy it… The  main problem  how many product you going to promote.

Okay you need more info click the  picture bellow  and Jessica with told you more about the software.

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Build a money making website with Commissionbot Software

Filed Under (site builder) by claude on 28-12-2011

This robot is already stealing money from the deep pockets of two elite internet companies. Is your turn  to get your hands on it…

Internet Pioneer Creates Money-Making Robot That Makes You Easy Commissions On Autopilot WHY you waiting for.

Do you know this day MAKE  a money site  don’t have to be difficult because tons good  software can do it easily for you but no one been built like  commissionbot.

According to the official site, Commission bot is a powerful blogging software and plugin. This powerful tool allows users to create little niche and even micro-niched based websites that will help you generate passive commissions using Amazon and click banks by promoting high converting products. Commission Bot is come  from Rasheed Ali and also Carlos Nevarez super affiliate programmer.

Commission Bot integrates directly with Clickbank and Amazon so they can instantly have niche, money-making sites on the fly.
Great for both beginners and experienced online marketers looking to create many niche specific websites in the shortest possible time. Click the video bellow to see it in action.

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Do you need someone make a blog for you

Filed Under (blog make money) by claude on 20-12-2011

We’ve already Done The Hard Work For You! All That’s Left Is For You To Click Your Mouse Once…

Who Else Wants to Instantly Run Their Very Own Search Engine Friendly WordPress Blog Fully Optimized To The Highest Level With Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon With A Free Domain Name And 1 Year Of Hosting Included…?

Discover How You Can Generate Auto-Pilot Commissions from Simple WordPress Blogs,Even If You’re A Brand New Blogger!
Imagine Getting Fat Commission Checks Every Single Week From Automated Income Blogs!

Myth 1 – Affiliate Marketing Is Incredibly Difficult

Myth 2 – You Need Massive Traffic To Profit

Myth 2 – Building Profitable Blogs is Too “Technical

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