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Content Professor by Ludovic Louisdhon Article Marketer Expert

Filed Under (Article software) by claude on 28-11-2010

Content Professor watch your traffic and sales skyrocketed…

Being a newbie on the site content business, I’ve always aimed for top of the range original articles, making absolutely certain that info will be solidly presented in an orderly.  Detailed demeanour using words which will serve the particular searches of web users. In turn, also, I’ve been in a vast search for software made to tailor my wants. I’m quite sure you too, have the same qualifications as I do.

Content Professor – Writing articles is painfully slow.  It lets you work smart… instead of hard.

I need, above all, a free content rewriter software, or if not, something which will give me highest value for my cash. It should help me in establishing original content without trouble ; it should make me able to reproduce my articles in serious quantities while still maintaining my original text.

Most of all, the outputs should be as humanly comprehensible and coherent as practical. Easy needs these may appear, but most web-based content spinner software I’ve attempted feature a certain charge, and even if they’re reasonable, they don’t give the output I’ve always wanted to attain. Was my search futile? No.

After a boring search, I ultimately discovered a free internet based content mangler software available on the web, that was able to meet my expectancies. You heard it right, a web content mangler software application for free! For people experiencing the same issues as I have, Content Professor could be your final solution. I have attempted it out and was pleased with the results.

The easy to use interface speaks of how effective your future transactions will be. Fundamentally , its straightforward, Windows-based form consists of drop-down menus and tabs you can access thru clicks or 2 keyboard shortcuts.

Your work will start when you open your article on the key tab, highlight phrases or words, and a drop down menu is generated with the common terms with which you can replace those highlighted words with.

I was pleased with how gigantic the program’s dictionary is, which they claim, is taken from the wide range of people-created articles from the Web. The simplicity of doing word replacements is great, as it enables you to perform nesting, or grouping of congruent words with kinked brackets and color-coding to get replaced on future content spinning purposes. You may also add frequently-used terms on your favourite list, which is supplied with few more clicks.

Content Professor is also FAST…

The uniqueness p.c. and word count on the higher right part of the interface is very useful, so you will not be distracted with your work. The standard of the copied articles with original content is more comprehensible than the outputs of the other free article spinner software I’ve attempted. Still, be reminded that spun articles are still highly dependent of how coherent your source article is.

What impressed me most is the program’s feature of bulk saving the cloned articles in a zip file and making one spun article prepared for further processing. It cuts off the trouble of zipping things up, which saves time. Ultimately , I should recap this. It is a web application, inferring that there isn’t a need for purchases, compatibility or installation. It is free! Be included in its roster of happy clients! Say bye to brain drains and time wasted for restating articles. Make more profit with smaller stress! Try Content Professor now, and be wowed with how good your future article productions will be.

Go to Try Content Professor For FREE.

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