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How To Get Cheap Clicks And Higher Conversions Using Facebook Ads

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 09-05-2013

Want to see how to get cheap clicks on Facebook Ads using Custom Audiences?

Facebook is a huge source of traffic. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer promoting someone elses stuff or a product owner trying to sell your own things, facebook traffic is huge. If done correctly you really can build a huge empire just with Facebook Ads alone. Their targeting allows you to show your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your stuff!

This 8 part video guide will walk you through how to get even more precisely targeted traffic!

Here’s what you get:

Video 1: Introduction to the Method.

This is the introduction to what you’re going to be doing on Facebook to get dirt cheap clicks and how to increase your conversion rate.

Video 2: Angle Research

Angles are key to success. Don’t be generic, go for different angles when promoting anything and your success rate will go up.

Video 3: Landing Page Creation

It’s not hard. You MUST use landing pages when using angles. You could direct link from the ad to the offer but it’s not nearly as effective.

Video 4: Get Group IDs

This is where my software pulls lists of people from Facebook for you to target. This is the key to getting dirt cheap clicks and higher conversions.

Video 5: Conversion Tracking

You can’t run a campaign unless you track your conversions! I’ll show you how to use Facebook’s own conversion tracking in this video.
Video 6: Facebook Power Editor Campaign Setup

The power editor is such a time saver and absolutely necessary to use with this method. It’s simple, free and I’ll walk you through it step by step in this video.
Video 7: Rinse & Repeat

Manufacture your own luck. This video shows you how to scale your campaigns on Facebook. Follow this and you’ll be set.

Video 8: Conclusion

Summarizing what you learned and giving you a plan of action going forward is what this video is all about.

If you want to learn more about this new strategy check out this case study.

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How To Improve Your CTR On Facebook

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 25-03-2013

How to Bank Money With Facebook Ads?  You know what`s Major Problem on facebook  is CTR

No matter how many images you change and ad copies you apply. How to find people interested in your offer?

They are more targeted then fan pages , people in groups are more interested in the subject the group is about as compared to fan pages , If targeting a group is not precise it is nearly precise…
But the question is how to gather this information ? the best way so far is to use user ids , to get user ids you will need a user id scraper , this is the best one so far FB Target ID

FB Target ID is a software and course that allows you to target the most responsive people on facebook with your facebook ads. FB Target ID is a great tool for people who use Facebook Advertising. This tool will allow you to get higher conversions while lowering your ad costs. It does this by finding groups in your niche and allowing you to target each individual member of that group with your ads. This is one of the best products on the market of its kind…at least that’s what everyone is saying.
FB Target ID features :

Easy click button software
Grab tons targetted FB ID for you, just put the FB Group address and get the Group member ID Instantly.
Just put all the Targetted FB Group member ID to CSV file
Copy the FB ID to your Facebook ads, and you will get very targetted market and high conversions sales
You have created your own personal facebook audience to advertise to whenever you want
No Unsubscriber, No Complaints. Advertise them as much as you want without spam aware. If you want to learn more click the link bellow.

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Optimize Press by Best Bonus For Optimize Press

Filed Under (Optimize Press) by claude on 13-03-2012

Optimize Press is the must TOOL you should neeed to SPEED  Up your business. Before Optimze Press everything was so difficult and expensive. If you look around you any site any launched  is build with Optimize Press… Finally you can used the same tools than super affiliate. Because is Rocked:)

6 Must-have OptimizePress Bonus for anyone interested in

Creating Killer Squeeze Page Copy
Boosting Optin-Conversions and
Getting Inexpensive Traffic to
Build Lists Fast
Important Note:
This site is about OptimizePress and the 4 Special Bonuses that dramatically improve its usefulness to you.

OptimizePress is a feature-rich WordPress Theme that:
Builds amazing looking Squeeze / Landing / Opt-in Pages fast
Quickly formats Sales Letters
Installs “guru-quality” Launch funnels and Membership Sites using a visual point-and-click interface.

Here’s what Optimizepress allows you to do:
1. Build Lists FAST with pre-built, tested to convert Squeeze Page Templates:
Effortlessly create very good looking Optin Pages Squeeze Pages, Video Landing Pages, and Squeeze Pages without any effort or web-design skill whatsoever.

2. Faster and Painlessly Layout and Format Sales Letter Pages:

If you’ve ever tried to format Sales Copy by hand, you know what a major, time consuming nightmare it is to get sales pages looking just right into WordPress.

3. Build a Smart Product Launches Funnels with super easy to use tools that require little technical knowledge:
OptimizePress amazing simplifies creating website for full-scale “guru-style” product launches.
Install entire product launch funnels: from Squeeze Page, to pre-Launch Content delivery system, to a great looking Sales Copy with integrated push-button tools.

4. Made Easy to install Membership Sites on the backend of your Sales funnel:

Simply plug-in your preferred membership script that integrates with WordPress, and you’re up and running.
OptimizePress is tested to work with many popular Membership Scripts including Nanacast, WishlistMember and DigitalAccessPass, and there’re nice video tutorials on how to integrate these systems faster.

List Building Booster Tools

Bonus # 1: “How to create and split-test squeeze pages copy in minutes” — Must Have

Bonus # 2: How to write Killer Headlines in 15 minutes or less

Bonus #3: “How to Master The Art of Writing Bullet Points In 3 Steps “

Bonus # 4: 7 Super Simple List Building Traffic Tactics

Bonus # 5: Backlink Building software (Worth $77)

Bonus # 6 Rapid Backlexer  (Worth $399)

Very Important

Clean your cookies first:  Best Bonus For  Optimize Press
Take OptimizePress for the guaranteed 30 Day Test drive and e-mail me a copy of your purchase confirmation email at jonclaudebonus [at]  subject :  Optimize Press BonusJC

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VooPlayer Tutorial Smarter video player for online Marketers

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 20-02-2012

VooPlayer is always something I really want to market my videoes finally I find it… Look the video demo here..
World’s easiest web-based video player platform to customize, analyze and optimize your videos for more sales and higher conversions – 100% FREE!

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Youtube Pro Revealed their Secrets to Increase Traffic, Leads & Sales for local businesses…

Filed Under (Traffic Tips, Videos) by claude on 06-11-2011

This is Bigger than anything else online…. Okay In order to thrive as a successful online marketer your business only needs two things:

1. Traffic and
2. Conversions

While this sounds simple, getting a flood of targeted traffic straight to your website isn’t always easy.

Lewis Howes James Wedmore have put together a very special video revealing Exactly how to get massive results with Youtube.
As Google drastically changes it’s algorithms and Social Media plays more of an important role in Search Rannkings there is still one source that is guaranteed to bring you targeted traffic.VIDEO.

It’s almost too easy how to get traffic from this source and once you watch this video for yourself, you’ll see why!They show you how to drive a TON of traffic on YouTube without spending a lot of time or money on your video marketing efforts. I’m serious, this video they put together shows you step by step on how you can do this for your business today!


Click Here to see how it’s done for yourself. Go watch it now, and wait til the end to see the biggest reveal on how this will get you more traffic and sales for your business today!

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