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Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing) by claude on 24-06-2008

Cost Per Action or cpa(cost per acquisition) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action (a form submission, and so on) linked to the advertisement also it is free charged, but cpa is the goldmine.
The CPA is usually a high paying program most companies wanting to pay you $50+ per lead you generate for them.
Pay per action, also known as Cost per action, is one of the most effective ways to advertise a business or website on the Internet the reason most Super Affiliate called it cpa the goldmine.
How Does CPA Work?
CPA works in several different ways depending on your contract and the company you choose to sign up with. Generally, they all work in much the same way, potential pre sold traffic sees an ad about your company on a website, clicks on it, and gets redirected to your site.
You purchase this traffic in one of three ways, either you pay per the clicking action of each potential, you pay per the page views on your website, or you pay only when that traffic actually makes a sale. Sometimes you can also pay a flat rate for a certain number of ads to be displayed, or pay a certain amount to have them displayed in a certain place, such as Google’s top spots.
A good CPA campaign need to be very well organizing to make tons cash this is how I do it?
Target Traffic: Try to find an offer that will appeal to your target market.
If you’re running a site that reviews “Spiderman” find a site that offers a free Spiderman products.
Manage your Cost: If you’re using Pay-per-click campaigns like Google adwords,it is important that you use daily budgeting to manage your cost. You can split test various elements of your campaign, for example testing a different landing pages.
Tracking: You MUST tracking everything, if you serious about this business, all networks and affiliates have sophisticated starts reporting that you can use to quickly identify areas of opportunity for your PROFITS.

Do not jeopardise your affiliate commissions by click fraud. Make sure you read the terms of service associated with any offers you are running as several networks, and advertisers have very specific rules. You can find an affiliate network can only be promoted with banner links, or email, or text ads

Make sure you sign up with as many CPA networks as you can and diverse your offer this help you to get a large check commissions. I know it is a little more time consuming, and hands on, but it is the only that way you can learn CPA marketing faster.

Creative it is the right word, believe me the competition is thought out there. Your campaign has to be unique to make sale, you cannot just throw up some banner ads and think you’re going to make one sale. Check out and learn from other people, be patience, do your homework…

I also forget you that when you sign up for CPA Affiliate Program, all applications are stringently reviewed before they are approved, after that follow that guides:

Find the ultimate high paying, high quality CPA Campaigns to advertise;

Identify appropriate Keywords;

Register your Domain, prepare, and upload your Landing Page;

Set up super Low Cost P-P-C Advertising Test campaigns;

Monitor and Identify Profitable Test campaigns;

Turn Profitable Test Campaigns into fully-fledged Campaigns;

Testing again testing

CPA IS THE GOLDMINE is one of the most popular and lucrative fields of Internet marketing today, and provides value to all parties it is a win -win situation.

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