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How bloggers earn money with craigslist and Ebay

Filed Under (blog make money) by claude on 06-03-2008

Craigslist and Ebay are completely free to use and browse while you
help promote products to eager customers looking to purchase a particular
But, the problem with Craigslist the process to make money take to much time. For example I was spend more than two hours to post twelve ads everyday and nothing guarantee my ads not going to be flagged by somebody.
Twelve ads per day I was make basically $10,650 per month.Now my friends Steve Mount and Donato Spagnole are released piece software called Craigs-Agent I have been used last couple month the result is amazing everything is automatic.
The first week I was post 216 ads in one hour now I manage to post 582 ads in one hour. If keeping doing that I hope post more ads in one hour because all process take only ten seconds and very funny. You can imagine how much time have save with this craigs-agents and how much money you can make with craigs-agent.
Listen people this is your best opportunity to make money online, remember the ads are free, Craigs-Agent offers free lifetime support, free upgrade, link cloaking, and videos tutorials.
Now, what’s you find with craigs-agent is the possibility to working like Pro Craigslist Marketer and make tons of money.
This software is free trial for one week if you want to know it get here now.

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Review Craigs-Agent free trial

Filed Under (More Dollars) by claude on 04-03-2008 receives over 25,000,000 monthly visitors, with 20% of those visitors posting want ads. I am sure you know you can make money with Craigslist but when you want make thousands of dollars everyday, it is difficult because the process take to much time…up until now.
What took me hours to do by hand before now take me minutes with Craigs-Agent.
Now you have the opportunity to be Pro Affiliate Marketer with Craigs-Agent simple and automated Software by Donato Spagnolo and Steve Mount. Read the rest of this entry »

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