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Cuil the next beast to challenge Google

Filed Under (More Dollars) by claude on 01-08-2008

Right now, search is a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone try to have a piece of it because believe it or not it is Google is fix the rule.
So when a new beast comes up to take part of this game you can hear a lot of buzz about it.

The first one to react before Cuil (pronounced” cool”) come up in live is Google. Does Cuil think it can beat Google in the search space? For my opinion is too early to say yes or not. But, past last 10 years so many big players search engines try to kill Google but no one successes.Now some ex Googler brain come up with a new smart tool called Cuil maybe can caused serious damage to Google because they know search but is not enough if they don’t have cash to lead the battle…Cuil means knowledge in Irish, it is just another search engines just like nothing extraordinary. Cuil has got venture funding of about $ 33 million from Tugboat Ventures, Greylock Partners, and Madrone Capital Partners. At Cuil, search index spans over 120 billion web pages, which is much larger than any existing search engine including Google. (relevancy!) Cuil claim to be the “world’s biggest search engine” but we waiting to see the result…

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