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How To Build Membership Sites From Scratch That Will Provide You with Strong Passive Income

Filed Under (membership) by claude on 21-12-2012

Shocking Underground Techniques For 5 Figures Monthly Income Revealed by Peng Joon -You can literally have your own Membership Site up and Running in 7 Minutes!

Membership Sites Blueprint is your springboard to amazing successes online – a road map that cuts through all the generic babble and gives you clear, proven, 100% practical solutions for launching your site on a trajectory of victory that you haven’t even dreamed of until now.

What you get:

Module1:  Getting your Site Off to a Great Start

*Discover how you can tell at a glance which markets have the potential to earn you plenty of money, which ones will flop as membership sites blueprint, and which ones are sheer inspiration!

*Find out why multifaceted topics make better subscription sites than ones with a narrow focus, and how to turn that to your advantage.

*Learn what kind of site your members want, and how to give it to them. Discover secrets of making different kinds of people feel at home on your site – and want to return.

*Uncover how to leverage other people’s work in the field and how to tell from other sites, magazines, etc. whether you’re picking a winner to start a site about.

*Understand how the lifecycle of sites affects what you should do right away, urgently, and what it’s just as important to leave for later, and why putting in some features too soon could torpedo your site before it’s left the dock!
Module: 2 Organize Your Site for Success

*A close look at the most successful types of membership website, including the overall favorite of everybody – the recurring monthly subscription – plus the collection-building model, and even finite length memberships for those courses that need to be spaced out over a few months, but have an obvious end.

*The unexpected and clever ways you can get a good profit out of a FREE subscription model if you want to try something unorthodox – and how to avoid the pitfalls that could potentially cause you to lose most of your subscribers while using this model.

*Why selling consumable products is dangerous even though it offers a profitable subscription model, and what to look out for if you try this risky approach.

*Find out what it takes to cash in on other business’ need for content – become a newsletter and content provider for other firms, sending out regular updates to their clients and getting paid for doing their work for them!

*Discover how self study and coaching differ, and pick up several useful ways you can leverage coaching to multiply your profits many times over for teaching the material you’re already offering on your site anyway!

 Module: 3 Bringing in Floods of Eager Subscribers

*Understand what the biggest obstacle to making your website a success is, so that you can plan clearly and effectively to overcome it.

*Find out the very best way to use an introductory product to tempt people into signing up for your monthly membership – and how to avoid most of the unpleasantness from those who don’t want to be subscribed but choose it anyway.

*Amazingly simple and effective ways to use a free download to advertise your site and build an e-mail mailing list – plus airtight methods of keeping people from cheating and getting your free offer without giving you anything in return!

*Get caught up with modern advertising by using the social media craze to your advantage, plus find out three ways you can get great results with social media

*Why you should try to create a viral video – and how to get your advertising message into it without just seeming like a crass hard-sell TV spot.

*What Twitter’s potential is for getting people excited about your site, and how important some famous Twitter commentators’ tweets are!

*How you can turn Facebook into a nonstop traffic-generating machine with the unique type of advertising it offers – and the secret of what approach interests Facebook users most.

*Discover why turning your subscribers into unpaid salespeople for your site is a great marketing and traffic strategy

 Module: 4 Sizzling Secrets for Keeping People Long Term

*What role forums have to play in building a great community on your site – with vital information on when to start them (boosting customer loyalty into the stratosphere) and when not to start them

*Solutions for getting people interested in your site over the long haul by giving away free stuff to them

*Find out how long membership options can give people a great incentive for sticking with you over the long term

Module: 5 Getting Content that Subscribers are Dying to Get

*Freelancers can be a very powerful tool in your kit for building up lots of great content in your website.

*Partnering with bloggers can yield some really great content, but you need to handle it carefully, and a lot differently from Freelancers.

*Tap a very underutilized content resource by finding the right Amazon authors and offering them money in exchange for their expertise.

*Why I recommend that you use technology to generate content

 Module: 6 The Nuts and Bolys of Building your Membership site

*See why some programs are better than others, and get an honest appraisal of various scripts and programs you might use while populating your server, including Wishlist, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.

*Learn great methods of configuring Wishlist to handle many different kinds of transactions, from one time purchases to the all-important recurring monthly subscriptions, and how to edit them once they’re in place.

*Find out how to integrate PayPal into your website’s payment plan.

*Get empowered with top quality tips on how both shell and FTP users can set up WordPress on their website, and all the advantages you’ll gain from doing just that!

 Module: 7 Other Powerfull ways to Drive Traffic to your Site

*How best to use pay per click (PPC) and banner advertising – learn how these long-standing advertising methods are still relevant to the current market and how to gain plenty of advantages for yourself without spending a huge amount on ads!

*Find out how you can bulk up your sales with everything from passive, free ads to highly targeted reviews.

*Use powerful, irresistible bonus offers to get people to opt into your subscription with items that they want more than your membership – and then convert them into ongoing subscribers with topnotch content!
One more thing : Good Poins and Bad Points

The Good:

  • The support desk is really good and they usually answer to your problems in less then 24 hours
  • Everything is laid out so you could either read if you don’t like learning threw videos or watch the videos if reading is boring for you
  • In each module you will have some secrets that if you look at them you realize that those things are really easy but somebody had to think about them and that somebody wasn’t me
  • The Social Media part in Membership Sites Blueprint Review it could be a stand along product. Alex is giving away a lot of information and if you really just apply the teachings from that module you will recover your more than you spent on buying the hole product.
  • If you don’t have a clue about copyrighting then this is for you. You will learn how to engage more with your audience and transform them into unpaid sales people! This skills could help you better interact with the people around you in real life.
  • Multiple levels of membership… Did you tough that you could have only one membership level. No with Membership Sites Blueprint you will learn to create sites that could have 4 or 5 levels of membership levels. In this way you will be able to help more people that probably don’t have the money to afford all your premium content…
  • The 60 days money back guarantee

The Bad:

  • The course itself is pretty big and you will need a couple of days to complete all the materials
  • The traffic generation strategies focus too much on paid stuff like (PPC, etc). If you want to learn more about free traffic generation click : How to get your first 100 subscribers!
  • You can’t download any of the PDF or videos. This is a rule that is made to prevent people of posting Membership Sites Blueprint online for free but I think this is a little bit harsh for all the other people that just buy the product and want to learn when they have some spare time at work or on road.

I know this much, and I absolutely have to tell you that you will kick yourself if you miss out on what Peng Joon and Alex Mandossian
are closing the door on within just another 14 hours. Bottom line, this is a great product and I do believe that the content from this course can really help you create your first membership website and start your internet marketing career from there!

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