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Dmoz Links are Gold in Google Eyes

Filed Under (seo) by claude on 28-05-2008

Dmoz Links are Gold in Google Eyes it is the title of this article I make after I find a strange post from Dmoz blog the original title was “DMOZ Is Like Gold“.
Why I need to talk about Dmoz title because one thing is catching my eyes was the word Gold. I think this word is little being naïve when they say “Dmoz IS like Gold” why not: oil, or diamond. In the office last week were was talking about this post and today I decide to shoot a quick post, uh… No I change my mind this is what they said find geekseo your own opinion about that.

“I think we can all agree that the most exciting take away is that search engines love place a different value on free, human edited directories. The point is easily debatable. Perhaps a link in DMOZ is as valuable as any other link on the web or maybe it is worth more.
Do you remember what ‘s the Google aka Gorilla say about Search engines…eh.
I guess so nothing is new here but it is the googlecraty so folks beware next time…

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