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How to Use Blogging Blogging For Leads

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 27-04-2013

Blogging For Leads

Yesterday I touched on the “5 Steps To Building Your Internet Marketing Business”and I want to go into a bit more detail about the online strategies you can startimplementing today to build your list, drive more traffic and make more sales.

Having a blog, a “central hub” to your online marketing activity, is the corecomponent to creating a massively profitable online business without ever stepping foot
outside your home.

If you are an Internet or network marketer who still hasn’t launched your Blog because you feel overwhelmed by all of the technical aspects of pulling it off, today I am going
to help you get off of the scary train.

When I first started my blog, I often felt overwhelmed, confused and at times downright frustrated. It feltlike I was running in circles, constantly working on a blog that was not materializinginto the branding hub and income profit center I envisioned.

Your blog is the most important piece of real estate you have on the Internet.It is the one place where people come to get to know you and learn about what you do.

Your Network Marketing blog is the place to showcase your content, your message your business opportunity and the value you share withthe community.

I talk to so many network marketers who have spent months getting around to launching their blog. I spend hours on the phone with other marketers who have no clue where to
start. Obviously, setting up a blog is a BIG challenge for many marketers, and I want to help you conquer that hurdle.

I am going to outline for you where you should be spending your money, where you can cut costs,plus give you some free and low cost resources that you can use to help you launch your blog

A. Get a Domain Name: Go to and scoop up a domain.
Your domain name can be any thing that represents you and your brand.

B. Set Up Your Hosting: Going to Hostgator or BlueHost is an affordable way to house your blog online.

C. Get An Auto-responder: Be able to set up opt-in forms, manage your email list and send automated follow up messages to your followers.

E. Choose A Theme: Your blog is the one place that showcases your value to the world. Choose a theme that is clean, professional and conveys your message and mission clearly!

Have An Irresistible Offer: Provide a free or irresistible offer to give away to entice your blog readers to subscribe or opt-in to you email list. Your free offer can be in the form of a free report, and eBook, an audio or a video.Setting up your blog doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact you can do the steps

I outlined for you and have your blog launched and your online doors open in less than 24 hours!

If you want speed this process and start right now you can do by just click the link bellow and copy my business model today.

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Rank Your Local Business Website Fast With Net Space Profits Software

Filed Under (Local business) by claude on 01-04-2012

So What’s Net Space Profits?  This presents a golden opportunity for the wise business owner, who acts fast before his competitors, and lists his business in Google places, giving him a chance to get his business onto the first page of Google.

Net Space Profits 3.0 is a training system developed by Tyler Ericcson that will give you the step by step process for earning a consistent monthly income through your online endeavors. This system will give you the complete roadmap and all the information you need to get started and have your business grow and start providing an income. Everything you need to know to set up and ready for you to start selling your very own net spaces.

So one question are you interested in local marketing?

If you are new to local marketing and haven’t actually helped any businesses yet then fine. But if you have been marketing for a while, you have probably heard of the big names when it comes to courses on local marketing, Mobile Local Fusion..Well there is also a popular course called Net Space Profits that you might have heard of. After you set up this site for a city, you just find a bunch of local businesses and get them to rent these spaces for $300 or so each month. It is fairly easy to set up this main website, and renting out spaces is a great way to make money and help local businesses.

What is it?

Ready-made websites custom built for specific offline businesses such as Chiropractors, Plumbers, Attorneys, and so forth.These sites already have SEO elements built-in and together with the suggested domain name format (based on people searching for these businesses in “local” areas), can get ranked high in the search engines. Once ranked, you can then go to a specific small business and show them that you’re ranked on the 1st page of Google and can send them very targeted traffic specifically interested in THEIR service. You will then offer to lease the site to them for $300 per month.

For Example:

If you target Chiropractors in your area, you setup the “Chiropractors” site and send the email to as many Chiropractors as you can. The site will be leased to ONE Chiropractors only for $300/month. The email basically tells the prospective business owner that you have notified many others, but only 1 gets the site

What’s inside?

*Custom built 1 page websites

*Instructions on acquiring business specific offline-related domains.

* List of top businesses that this business model is most targeted to.

*Tips on getting backlinks to your site.

*Ready-made email to send to prospective local businesses.

* Ready-made contract to pass on to the business owner for the lease of the site.


I exited from the page and was shown a 50% discount offer and passed. But… within 24-48 hours after purchase, I got access to the “upgrade” at no cost delivered via email!

You also get a suprise bonus a couple of days later containing videos and powerpoints along with instructions on how to use them for getting backlinks to your site. This is a good bonus and I was already familiar with this traffic tactic.

Advice. Don’t order the upsell!

Additional Costs?

Yes. Requires domain purchase and hosting ($4.95 and up). Note – that low prices like $4.95 are usually only available if you pay for 2 years in advance.

Who is it for?

The entire training is extremely targeted to “newbies” and anyone completely inexperienced who doesn’t have hosting. Otherwise, if you have experience, you can probably just figure out things, albeit, a couple of steps are a real pain due to Tyler’s horrible training. Keep reading for details…


Great offline-to-online business model.

Well designed sites. Website content is good and can be tailored to the individual business fairly easy. Ready-made prospect letter and contract. Price.

*The Great Con…

This is where the product owner’s REAL DEAL are revealed with this product, and the downfall of his ill-developed product.

You are FORCED to signup with their affiliated hosting company, Brain Host, to which they make more than what they’re charging you for the front-end product.

Imagine having 10 websites for 10 local businesses, that could be earning you up to $5000 per month. It all depends on how much you charge to local businesses. In my opinion, you should do one website a month, that way it gives you the time to actually do a quality site that will sell easily.

I fully recommend that you buy Net Space Profits 3.0…

Net Space Profits is not about making or selling websites for businesses… Net Space Profits is extremely efficient process for cranking out highly effective, highly targeted, and precisely positioned local websites (or “spaces” when i call them) that do one thing and something thing only – funnel a lot of customers and prospects for your clients. Net Space Profits is really a training center, software, and a unique suite of tools where Tyler Ericcson educate you on just how to get this done and how to become really good at it

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Brooklyn Young MAN are looking for a better way to make a living

Filed Under (Niche marketing) by claude on 21-02-2012

The creators of commission killer claim this software will bridge a gap between your computer and commission making source of auto cash creators. Craig Kaye and Rob Walker is behind this product.

Commission Killer offers top grade softwares to build your internet site extremely fast. You’ll discover that it helps that you build your own sites whilst providing you with the appropriate information that you can succeed on getting it ranked. The affiliate techniques which can be added inside are extremely powerful, so you’ll find this to get extremely great from you. Everything inside is incredibly useful and powerful, so you won’t have to struggle in order to get the site built successfully and actually achieve sales.

The commission killer software have several parts these are:
Start Cash Creator
Clickbank Product Sniper
Cash ads Setup
Turbo Content
Turbo PLR

* Start Cash Creator just fill in the login details for your domain name.

Appearance is different layout of your site like color or some visual settingd.

Clickbank product Sniper. will autmatically grab products from clickbank concerning your keywords.

Cash ads setup will put up ads on your site embedded with your affiliate links.

Turbo Content will fetch content to your site from article directories.
For having uniqque content you can choose to spin the articles before posting to your site?

Turbo PLR will get article to your site from PLR article directories.
Commission Killer can be set auto posting easily.  Click the image bellow to watch the demo

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Get Your Own Site made by a Pro Site Builder Expert Team today

Filed Under (Niche site profits) by claude on 24-11-2011

Everyone uses the Internet in different ways to make money. Some people like to build and hold on to their sites – managing as much content as possible from day to day. Other people like to snag a good domain name, build it up and flip it to another marketer in as little time as possible.

The success of the business model, and the over subscription to the group buying sites services, has opened a very large window of opportunity for competitor sites to launch.

Buy Your Niche Site   has developed tools, systems, and processes that allow us to shave hundreds, if not thousands of development hours of expensive programming.
What You Get:

  •     You get handed a completed website, already hosted, domain registered, and the site is live.
  •     You get a 11 page instruction manual which contains all your logins and passwords,  and configuration customization info. The document also contains links to videos to make it super easy to customize your site.
  •     You get a complete hosting panel and FTP site access with all the features.
  •     You get insider access to our $5.00 secret traffic method. You pay $5.00 a month, and spend just 2-3 hours a week (or outsource it) to get super rankings.  (See details below)
  •     You get 4 months free hosting. After that you can continue to host with us at a cost of about $12 per month when billed annually, or you can host your site elsewhere, it’s your choice. Click the Link Bellow to watch the video demo.

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