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Solo Ads Leads -How to Generate Solo Ad Leads in 2013

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 05-06-2013

This is the best way to get effective traffic generation method is called solo ad.

What is solo ad? It’s an email to somebody else’s list containing an ad and link to your offer.

Email solo ads are an effective and powerful method of online advertising. Solo ads can be used to build an email list, sell a product, create buzz for your website, develop your brand, create name recognition, and/or bring people to your website.

solo ads 2013

To effectively use solo ads your ad copy must be well written. A sloppy ad copy can render your ad useless. A well written and structured ad copy. Now you have millions of clicks at your fingertips. It has never been so easy to get affordable, quality, laser-targeted traffic to your offer.

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Best ways to generate Leads for your Local Business

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 18-12-2012

New Local Business Software –  Generating cleaning leads is an important part of obtaining new customers

What is Local Sniper?

Developed by Jason and Susan King, Local Sniper is the new internet marketing training program and software. It is a software that will give you the opportunity to generate a great income from home by working a few hours daily.
Local Sniper is about generating leads from your local business to make money. It includes a software, five training videos and pdf’s each, 10 ready to use email campaigns, local sniper software manual and some scripts.

The software allows you to scrape emails from websites (e.g. Craigslist) automatically and using the build in email sender to send your affiliate offer to them. Also, there is a 47 pages PDF manual for you to understand how to use the software, some email templates for sending to your email list and a proxies list.

Here are the features of the software:

*Set up lead campaigns
*Open previous campaigns
*Quantify campaign results
*Export thousands of qualified and accurate leads for quick print and mass mailing
*Define criteria based on multiple keywords and search strings
*Export and Import leads list in CSV format
*Multiple add-ons and plug-in available to customize local sniper
*Ability to sort the leads according to your preference
*Filter out unwanted leads using smart lead filtering
*Export collected leads in proper formatting to excel files
*Log file generation to keep a tap on websites searched and leads harvested
*Filter out leads in excel sheet


*Classified Sniper
*Business Sniper
*Search Engine Sniper

With Local Sniper, you can make more money than you make at your job, and you won’t have to work nearly as hard. So take advantage of this great opportunity. Stop breaking your back and start raking in the cash.

Another great leads software tool!

Here’s what you get:

Lead generating tool to pull in thousands of daily FREE Leads

Complete Google Maps Service training

Fill in the blanks sales script

Software Templates videos

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How To Build a Responsive Email List Faster way

Filed Under (Building email list) by claude on 22-06-2012

How To Build An Email List Rapidly by using my secrets software  and strategies ….Email marketing is a very important part of an online business and today most of the people have realized it. Emails are the best option to promote products to their customers, directly for a business online. Therefore, it is necessary for all businesses to have email list building strategy.

Want a Fast Way to Build an Email List? How About Letting Others Build it For You? You see, there are only thing you need in order to build your list is Exit Plan Profits.

Exit Plan Profits is a brand new system from a marketer called Chris R which is promised to produce monster results and is as easy as copy, paste and profit!

Additionally, Exit Plan Profits have a training program so that you can succeed later on. This would be an added advantage for the newbies and maybe for the novice. It contains the exact tools and training that Chris R has used to make money online using email marketing.

So! Let’s go to see what Inside of  Exit Plan Profits:

*Exit Plan Mindset Training. I went from making millions to bankruptcy. I’ll teach you the exact mindset that you have to have, and you’ll pick up on it faster than you taught your kids pattycake. It’s really simple and it’s shockingly effect.

*6 different types of copy and paste resources that you can use to start driving highly-targeted traffic to your portals in minutes. Again, I’ve done all of this for you, so you don’t have to create the ads. I’ve already tested them to make sure they work. You just plug them in.

*5 High-converting, profit pulling portals that you can have running in less than 7 minutes.

Okay, one more thing if you don’t have an mail list you actually leave tons money online…. And this system fix everything quickly for you… I highly Recommended it and if  you want to know more  about this product watch the video demo to see yourself how powerful it is Exit Plan Profits…

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SEO Local Tools To Ranking Site Faster

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 12-06-2012

Rank for Commissions is a new product from David Kennedy – David Kennedy is an underground internet marketer.

  • Product Launches business module

In this module, we are going to promote new product launches. There are many new products launched every month from many marketers. But we will only focus on products made by top marketers.

  • PiggyBack Business Module

In this module, you will learn how to take advantage of current events to promote related offers/products.

This is by far, one of the easiest business modules that anyone can start almost instantly and expect to see incredible results within a very short period of time.

Let me put it this way … THAT’S A REAL GOLD MINE!

  • eMail Marketing Business Module

In this business module, we’re going to use email marketing to promote our own products or affiliate products or even CPA offers. While – at the same time – creating or growing our email list.
With this module, we are going to target email list’s owners and offer a business proposal that they can’t reject. We’re going to : pay them for solo ads or ( if you already have an email list of couple of thousand members ) we can create an ad swap deal.

  • Forum Marketing Pro Business Module

Ok this one is one of my favorite! Because you can build all your online business over this one single module, without any need to focus on anything else, anywhere else. The only thing, the only condition, is that you make sure that you do it right. Or you would be wasting a LOT of time and energy – and money – and you would have to start all over again.
This module is based on Forum marketing. NO it’s not about using signatures and placing free stuff or posting articles!..all newbies and their pets are already doing that.  that’s not our goal here as you will know later. Remember, this is “PRO” business module.

There are three upsells which be offered to you. And they are:
* RFC Advanced Program (Turbo) Highly Recommended!
*RFC Hub Builder
*Rank For Commissions Extreme Membershirp

  •  Final points:

Rank Commissions is without any doubt highly recommended for anyone who has a site or anything else online.
The Coaching Program is very good because is very imprtant to know the BEST Practise about Internet Marketing to get success FASTER.

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Sonic List Builder Video demo by Chris Moran

Filed Under (List Building) by claude on 16-03-2012

Failing  to build my list from the beginning was a huge mistake  and I have never met anyone who cannot benefit from building a list. A list allows you to have a direct line of communication to your customers.

So if you don’t build your list  then you have nothing to do with Internet Marketing… that is pretty clear right!

Sonic List Builder is a a revolutionary internet marketing tool to build your list at blazing speeds. If you have been involved in making money online for any mount of time, you are probably very aware that the money is in the list.

Sonic List Builder is a course and hosting email list builder. It shows you how to quickly, and effectively build a profitable list. It wasn’t until recently when I implemented list building into my actual business that I realized it’s POWER.

Overview of Sonic List Builder

Sonic List Builder Is an all-in-one, set-in-forget, list building system created by Chris Moran. It is designed to allow you to build a massive opt-in list on complete auto pilot…


Building a website.
Buying web hosting
Buying a Domain
Creating lead capture pages
Buying traffic of any kinds

What Comes With Your Sonic List Builder Membership

When you become a member of the Sonic List Builder Community the Sonic List Building Team will create a network of 90 automatic list builders that will build your lists for free.

Here is what you get…

90 lead capture pages on 90 different domains all professionally created and customized with your free getresponse opt in code.
They then create content and backlinks continuously that drive traffic and backlinks to your funnels.
Next, they distribute this content to a large network of high traffic sites online, to bring in free traffic and get high search engine rankings for your 90 lead capture pages.
You will start to receive new subscribers to your list in about 72 hours.
My Final Assessment of Sonic List Builder

Sonic List Builder is not a scam. In fact…It is the solution to the problem that most internet marketers have. Spending hours and hours of promoting there opt in lists and spending tons of cash to do it. Sonic List Builder does all the work for you. It’s perfect for those of us who lack the time and money to build a huge list fast. I highly recommend Sonic List Builder.

One final word people this TOOL is  a GAME  CHANGER  click to watch now:)

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Plan B Profits 3 Days Free Trial and Plan B Profits Video Revealed

Filed Under (Website Builder) by claude on 19-11-2011

How’d a single mother go from being laid off after 12 years on the job with NO NOTICE and NO SEVERENCE… to making more on a daily basis than the average american makes in a week.

This is How: Plan B Profits system is about how to earn huge money as an affiliate, how to get massive free targeted traffic from social media and convert that traffic into profits and the most important how to build your email list fast. Plan B Profits system does all these function complete on autopilot. They have also provided you 10 most profitable niche websites. Plan B Profits for 3 days for FREE click the video bellow for more info.

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Training course for Michigan Unemployment downtown

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 29-09-2011

Affiliate Ownage- Is Dylan Loh A Mad-Man? Easy Profitbot – What Was Jimmy & Dan Thinking? Cataclysm Scalper Gold Systems- Free Exclusive Download? …

With Affiliate Ownage, users will receive some key factors which are necessary to show them the right way to success. Affiliate networks, Google Adsense, email list, and other factors are placed in DylanLoh’s Affiliate Ownage.

If you want to know more about Affiliate Ownage REVIEW, Dylan Loh & Steven Garcia reputation, or…is Affiliate Ownage SCAM or Even The Real Deal? You’ve come to the right site.

Affiliate Ownage іѕ fοr thе folks whο аrе looking tο make money online. Easy tο implement, Nο download requires. Jυѕt follow thе step bу step simple directions tο gο. Yου dont need tο bе any programmer οr techincal professional tο gеt ѕtаrtеd wіth Affiliate Ownage System. Pretty easy tο υѕе.

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