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Do you need a web designer team to design your banner for few bucks

Filed Under (Best Website Graphics) by claude on 12-01-2013

Try AdKreator for few bucks and get yourself high quality design works… You know the Secrets to Advertising Success and
AdKreator Delivers!

You know that you need top quality design templates to use. This system was designed for everyone, from the greenest

Internet Marketer to the List Building Expert. AdKreator even hosts all your work on their blazing fast server!

AdKreator makes you feel like a professional designer. That’s not marketing fluff, I challenge you to see it for yourself!!

You really don’t need to read the rest of this email. If you understood the power of this idea, you would click this link and put the AdKreator system to the test today.

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How to spy on your Unsuspecting competition

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing) by claude on 03-03-2012

The Death of Keyword Research

This  is a cool video from my  good friend Bertrand check it more stuff here!

1. Go to Google and locate one of your niche competitors
2. Find 10 of his other websites
3. Leave a comment with your results below or email them to me at bertrand (at) bertranddo dot com.

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How to turn the QR codes you create into cash – Bonus Mobile Site Bot

Filed Under (QR code) by claude on 09-02-2012

Why you should have a QR Code generator on your website!
By placing a QR Code generator on your own website, you automatically become an expert in the local businessman’s mind. There are many ways to use this but a popular strategy is to put a QR code on your own business card and hand them out. Local Business owners will naturally be curious about it and many will ask directly or visit your website to learn more.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Free QR Code Generators!

Anytime you generate a free QR code on their website, they receive an email with whatever information you entered, which is usually your contact information.
Why would you want to give out your personal information? When you have a QR Code generator on your own site, you are the only one who has access to any information! Click here to see the Killer Bonus of  QR CODE Software.

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Mass Profit Sites Software Video Demo of Mass Profit Sites

Filed Under (Niche site profits) by claude on 19-11-2011

Do you Really Know  something about Mass Profit Sites? Now Check out this reveiw here!

The software shows you what the Hot Selling Products are on Clickbank and Amazon then produces an Affiliate  Website that generates it’s own fresh content every single day. All you have to do is put in your clickbank ID and the software will tap into the Clickbank API and determine what is the best product to promote in 5 different niches.

Site creation process, as demonstrated, is really fast and I didn’t notice you are given any chance to decide on hosting but site is being installed on subdomain of their domain. And after they send to you an email with your site details…

So what is surprise me… How Fast the Site Ranking in the Top of Google for very competitive keywords… any way click bellow to watch the video demo…

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