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How To Create Fan Page For Local Business On Facebook

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 20-05-2013

Martin has just released a $1 Trial of his Famous Emperor Social toolkit. This tool is perfect to create local business fan page for your clients.

I am talking about Emperor Social from Martin Crumlish. If you haven’t heard about this product it is a huge Facebook Marketing Suite of tools with a Drag N’ Drop Page Builder and a whole lot more.

What it is more than anything is a complete suite of tools which allow you to run your own Facebook Development and Marketing Business. It has everything you need, plus he is also including Licenses for their 3 Cents per Click Facebook Advertising Tool called Facebook Red, but there are only a few Licenses of that product left.

You can see it here: Emperor Social

Now, as those of you I had talked to already know, I did not recommend this product to everyone for the specific reason that it is only worth buying if you plan on using it to build your entire business around. Build Fan Pages for Clients, build leads, get Likes for Clients, do Advertising, etc. It has so much, but really it has more than most of us truly need. Only those who truly plan on building a complete business with this should buy it. Plain and simple.

Then today, Martin emailed me and let me know they decided to offer a $1, 3 Day Trial so those who wanted an inside look can see it. To make it even easier, they set this up through PayPal so you can cancel it yourself after trying it out.


Don’t be. These guys are giving up the kitchen sink to sell this. This is a really good time to be a buying in this market. You can build a complete business selling both Facebook Services and Mobile APP Building Services. It is a Mega Business in a Box deal that is for sure.

It is still something I only recommend for those who already doing this kind of Developer work or those who are serious about starting.

Check it out and try it for 3 Days and see for yourself. What can it hurt? Plus, you can get a full month of Free Mobile APP Building out of it. I would say it is a win-win situation either way. There is a little more than a day left and they are closing this offer. They have a Countdown Timer on the Sales Page too.

Here it is: Emperor Social $1 Trial Offer

Emperor Social $1 Trial Offer

Emperor Social $1 Trial Offer

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Link Emperor Video Review

Filed Under (Links software) by claude on 19-10-2011

Ok, it’s Time to Expose A Few “Pro SEO” Secrets…

Warning: A Harvard Computer Programmer’s 100% Automated SEO solution is causing People to Fire their outsources and Cancel all their Other SEO Subscriptions.
What would happen if you never had to think about SEO ever again, because an automated program did Everything for you?
Link Emperor combines the most effective SEO services into one ” command center”.
I know, I know, you’ve heard this type of nonsense before. A genius comes out of the woodwork to “reinvent” SEO. We see product pitches like that all the time. And maybe I’m playing it up a bit. Maybe.

But I will guarantee that you’ve never seen a program that made your website’s SEO this simple, powerful, and hands-free. A program that will give you more time to go on vacation while delivering far more #1 rankings than you’re used to. A program that will literally tell YOU what to rank for. A program that will make SEO stop seeming like a chore and start seeming, well, like reading the newspaper.

Effortless. I’ll guarantee that because as far as I know, nothing like this has ever been available to the public before.

Link Emperor: A Personal SEO War Room…

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