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How Facebook Now Commands 41% of Social Media Traffic

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 20-04-2010

I just been reading a post from Mashable where  Jolie O’Dell explain how Facebook  now commands 41% of Social Media Traffic…

You have to understand more internet marketing thru Facebook trying hard to get spotted on the search websites is getting more hard nowadays. This is particularly true if you are running multiple affiliate internet marketing campaigns. Here’s where social media sites like Facebook can pick up the slack.

When Making Chums is Listbuilding

List building is a snap on social media sites. All you’ve got to do is make chums. Facebook has an higher cap on how many mates and fans you may have. Usually, you can never need to fret about it, but if you do reach the limit, just set up another account and try to not overlap the friends’ list too much. With that acknowledged, it does not take long to build a good friends’ list on Facebook.

The more that you mate folks, the more their mates will chum you. When you think you are at a good beginning place, start posting messages. You do not need to start right off posting links, and you definitely do not really want to make each post a link to your affiliate sites. Remember, to get folks to follow your links, they must trust you. You are not about to win their trust if all you do is post links. Be charming on occasion, and you will keep your list.

Posting Links to Your affiliate Sites Facebook is dissimilar than lots of other social media sites when you wish to post links. The massive difference is that you do not have to use html coding to form a hyperlink. Linking to your affiliate sites just takes entering your URL in a message. Therefore how often do you need to post your links? A good average is about one out of each 3 posts.

The other posts can be just stuff that’s occurred that day, some titbits of selling info, or you can link to your other social media sites. ( YouTube videos are a hot item. ) The trick’s to keep traffic moving to your website as much as humanly possible without being a marketer too much.

Making Groups for Your Affiliate Links.

A nice feature of Facebook is you can create fan and business groups. If there are some associate links that you want to plug, make a fan group for it. You can simply import your list to these groups and more brazenly plug your sites.

Another great part of having a group is that for some peculiar reason, chums of your buddies will see them joining this group and they just have to follow. Then their pals see what is going on and need to take part.

All you have got to do is throw up links, and there’s your traffic. With this sort of selling, the pursuit of the search engines’ front pages is almost outdated.

Competition is reduced, and it takes away a large amount of the dubious psychology of foretelling web browsers. You get a concrete example of group psychology and conducting traffic is far easier.

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Facebook ads or Google ads

Filed Under (Social Bookmarking) by claude on 12-02-2008

Facebook! Facebook what is going on in Facebook planet world? I am the first one to recognise to spend a lot of time in Facebook, I thinking I don’t need a blog anymore to promote my products or services. Why I say that because I manage to have 20000 new friends in one month. The fact Facebook is the next big thing and it is the one possibly can teach Google Respect in this business, but how to get paid to use Facebook? If you reading my last article about Facebook I was talking about an ebook from a german programmer called Facebook secrets exposed. The strategy he talking about shocked me, the way you can make money with facebook.
Last week I started my first campaign with a system called “cash cliques” it takes me less than 30 minutes to make some cash I guess so because have got a lot of friends. The think is for every ad you click on you getting paid. Also you get paid when friends you referred click on ads!
For example, if you click on 10 ads per day and refer 30 people during the first month and hey click on 10 ads per day, the system will tell you how much money you earn, in this case you can make $95. The trick is more friend means more money.

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Facebook Secrets Exposed– Make money with Facebook Advertising Secrets

Filed Under (Social Bookmarking) by claude on 08-02-2008

Social networking is the wave of the future whether you like it or not.

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Facebook Ads is the big thing in the moment; it is the best Google Adwords alternative when you know how to do it.

Don’t waste time and money with Google Adwords learn the

Closely guarded secrets that Internet marketers are using now to make tons of money using Facebook Advertising.

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