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My Best Tool to get out of control targeted traffic?

Filed Under (Traffic Software) by claude on 31-12-2010

How to get out of control Targeted Leads and Massive Traffic to any site Automatically? How to get Massive Targeted Traffic that spreads like a insane Virus! is the best called: Instant Viral Income

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One Response to “My Best Tool to get out of control targeted traffic?”

  1. I want to know what’s stopping the people in my downlines to replace my link from the report with their own ones before distributing it ?
    I mean, let’s say I gave the report to Dick. Now, according to the rules, Dick should put his ad where he sees mine and move my ad one position further.
    Now what’s stopping Dick from just putting his links on all 5 positions and mine on no positions before distributing the report ?
    I mean, where’s my protection ? How does the report or software protect me from being ripped of by those on my downlines ?

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