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Who make money with Adsense

Filed Under (Google Ads) by claude on 20-05-2008

Who make money with Adsense or maybe should asked how there are make money with Adsense? First all what it is? Ad Sense is an advertising program created by Google. For me the guy he makes a lot of money with adsense is the man is make eBook, video, software and seminar about Google adsense.
But what I about the little blogger some of them are very smart and the rest still figure out how to make money with adsense.
But, I want point out something new for you people because last time I have been visiting couple blogs one thing is bring my attention a blog called:
This blogger listed 100 blogs none of them have Google adsense on it or maybe 1or 2 blogs.
All of them have purposed to show you how to make money online.
And they should have some adsense but not. Why is that? Because the big players don’t putting adsense in their blog because is not worthy for that niche market.
Back to 2002 he was great to have adsense and your blog and guarantee to make money with it, now thing been changed for a lot of reasons Google aka Gorilla locked the door. Your next option is to open the window…
So! Who make money with adsense? Well If you fellow me the past couple years you maybe read my post about adsense.
Let ‘ me show you three guys he actually they make big time and how they make it?
The first one is Markus Frind he has a free online dating site called
He make with Google Adsense nearly $1 million CAD in 2005.
The second one called Ashley Qualls is a 17-year-old girl’s, big name in Internet Business and CEO of She gets more than 7 million visitors every month and in 2005-she make more than $1 million dollar with Google Adsense. The website make available free layout you can download for you’re my space.
The third one is Zac Jackson is making in four months more than $800,000 dollars with Google Adsense. Zac site called where you can download free nice layout for your site. He has a massive traffic to make this kind money so quickly and he has to spend $ 10,000 every month for his server.
The free example I give to you have some common points:
It is a website and not a blog.
You download free products
You have massive traffics minimum one million viewers per months
And they do have expert in field to take care all problems or outsourcing many tasks.
You see who make money with Adsense but some people can make money with adsense only if they have the right keyword and the good niche market.
I know a lot of blogger target only foreign country not US because the competition is so high. And some of them pretend they received Google Adsense check but in fact it was Google Adword check this is another problem.
Finally don’t buy any strategies for Google Adsense just typing in Google the word Adsense you will find free good information to learn. Give yourself a favour if you really want makes money online and learn how this business working clicks Affiliate Wealthy.
This point I want to clarify with you newbie’s about who make money with Adsense.

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