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How to get high traffic into your site without of ranking high on search engine result pages?

Filed Under (Articles) by claude on 20-06-2012

Ever wanted free traffic into your site all day long? Well, that’s easy, according to Andrew X and Winter the creators of Get Free Commissions it can be done through the use of this marvelous search engine defying program.

The Get Free Commissions app and software will allow people to generate free traffic to any website they want. Including websites they own, client websites and even to affiliate offers.

What if this can be done by a single software, that does all the tasks automatically ?

This software package removes all effort and time that is otherwise required to generate traffic to your website.

Get FREE Commission is a product from Sean Wells…You will find the BEST methods, tactics, strategies, to help you in your internet business.

The best part about those websites is they are in the top niches promoting the top converting offers, which makes it very easy for one to profit. People don’t have to go through all the trouble of finding high converting offers, building a website and testing the design. It’s all already done for people.

This software allows to list up to 15 different websites for the same owner to send traffic to
What you get in the Get Free Commissions automated software system is generation of FREE traffic in the minimum amount of time. You will also get access to 15 other websites to which you can direct the FREE traffic and earn instant commissions.
The software works quickly and a straightforward manner to create and direct FREE traffic to your affiliate website or any other website of your choice.

All you have to do is click on some buttons and tell the software where to send the free traffic….

Once you buy get free commissions for $39, you will be presented with 3 upsell offers which will help you improve your results and success wiht get free commissions. Its up to you wheter you want to buy it or leave it.

These upsells are:

complete collection of commission secrets

20 Ready Made Commission cash sites

So if you need to learn more click the video to watch Get Free Commissions video demo…

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Best 9 Compelling Tips in Getting an SEO Article Writer and Article Submitter

Filed Under (Articles, Traffic Tips) by claude on 21-12-2010

My Killer tips to writing  a quick article marketing who convert like a crazy…
As marketeers, we are told that we should be bum marketing. It is how you earn cash as an affiliate , it is how you plug your web sites and it’s how you add content to your virtual real estate empire. Many of us find article writing tricky to do because they don’t seem to be used to writing. If you’ve got the money, it can be outsourced. Nevertheless for many of us starting online, money is tight and so they can not afford an outsourcer.

You can get articles written for 2 greenbacks, but they’re certain to be really bad quality. For a respectable four hundred to five hundred word article you’re looking to pay around 10 bucks, possibly more dependent on the niche and the writer. You can write the articles yourself, and it isn’t that tough to do if you follow a system. Many individuals have writers block or are just not used to making an article. It can be alarming to take a seat and write if it is something you aren’t used to.Below is a system that works well, it is one I use myself and you may be writing prime quality articles surprisingly quickly with this method.

It actually is not that tough and it enables even the most beginner of writers to form decent articles swiftly.

  • Step one : Decide on the niche you are writing in.
  • Step two : Define which keyword ( s ) you are targeting in your article.
  • Step three : Define the topic your article will be about.
  • Step four : Type into Google some of your keywords and see what issues and issues folk are facing in that niche. What do they need to know? What’s their pain? What solutions are they attempting to find?
  • Step five : Write a powerful, interest building title with your keyword at the beginning if feasible.
  • Step six : Write out 4 or 5 short sentences about the issue ( do not give away too much … You need your reader to buy ).
  • Step seven : Turn each sentence into more detailed paragraphs, recalling not to give away too much info.
  • Step eight : Write a paragraph introducing the document at the very top.
  • Step nine : Write a paragraph summarizing what was in the piece at the bottom.

And there you’ve got a top quality, unused article that you might spin or simply submit to an article index or use on your internet site. Content is king online, and fresh text provides you with an edge over competitors. This strategy will help you to quickly write articles, and it will not be very long before you can write a top quality article in under 10 mins. With some practise, you’ll be in a position to do them in 5 to 7 mins simply! And remember the more articles you have out there, the more that you can doubtless earn!

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Q & A About Article Marketing With Content Goldmine

Filed Under (Articles) by claude on 01-08-2010

Article marketing is an immensely effective marketing strategy. There are several different benefits you receive when your market with articles.

For example if you submit 75 articles to 75 different article directories, you’ll immediately get 75 back links to your site. That helps your site get traffic. That can help your site with search engine rankings.

And, ultimately, that can help you monetize your site by converting that traffic to buyers. As you can see, there are great benefits for article marketing.

But you may have heard this question in certain circles: “How valuable can article marketing really be?” There seems to be a question popping up around the web if article marketing is as effective as the promoters are claiming.

Allow me to address these and some other questions about article marketing. We’ll look at 3 specific questions about this subject and let you see the answers for yourself.

Question #1:
Won’t I be penalized by the search engines if I submit the same article to too many article directory?

Answer: No. Here’s a little fact. Article directories do not want to post junk. So if you are posting quality, helpful and valuable content for articles, those are reviewed and posted because it is quality content. They only post quality content. So, by default, you’re being set up for success. If it’s not quality, most likely you won’t get approved. At that point, you just try again.

Question #2:
Is there a limitation to the number of articles and directories I can submit to at one time?

Answer: Yes and No. There is a limitation to the extent that there are a limited number of article directories. But there isn’t a limit by the sheer numbers you want to produce. Produce as many as you want.

In fact, go to Content Goldmine and modify ALL the articles that they have available and then submit them. And then… see what happens next! Just be sure to have a strategy. Don’t do it all at once and then stop. If your website or blog is growing consistently in a manner that makes sense, you’ll be fine.

Question #3: Does article marketing really work?
Short answer = Yes

Sign up for a Content Goldmine account right now and see how well this works for you. You can go to directories like ,, www.articledashboard and and get thousands of readers and a ton of traffic.

Don’t give up if you don’t see the results you would like in a month. Give the search engines time to process all the new material you’re feeding it. The key is to just keep your process going.

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Just Articles by Dustin Cannon Web Traffic Expert

Filed Under (Articles) by claude on 11-01-2010

Article Marketing Web Traffic: Things that are Guaranteed to bring More Web Traffic!

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