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How to transform any “unranked” website to top rankings in Google with this vital information

Filed Under (Backlinks) by claude on 12-02-2012

This is probably the only SEO Course you will ever need.  They’re Trying To Keep You In The Dark. The Truth Is Finally Here…  How to get your site RANKED on Google’s Page 1.

Search Engine Traffic is undeniably the  BEST  Traffic source on the internet simply because it’s free, highly targeted and can be automated. Here are 10 tips you can use to improve your search engine ranking…

Tip #1: Search Engine Friendly URLs

Always use search engine friendly URLs.  Be sure to use the keywords related to your niche when you’re naming your urls. Tip #2: Keyword research

It’s important to do thorough research before deciding what keywords you’ll focus on when optimizing your website. The fact is, search
engine will decide to rank your website mainly based on the keywords that you’re associated with. To get started, target long tail keywords because they’re easier to get ranked.

Tip #3: Site Map

Always create a site map for your site and submit the site map using Google’s webmaster tools. A site map will allow the search engines to easily find all the pages within your website.

Tip #4: Meta Description

Other than the title tag, you can also use meta tag description to insert more keywords onto your website. Google actually pulls your meta tag description when spidering your website so it’s very important that you have a well written and keyword rich meta tag description.

Tip #5: Unique Body Content

Do not repeat the same content on too many pages. If this is done, your website would deem to be publishing duplicated content. Having unique content will always be preferred by

Tip #6: Link Building

You’ll need to start having links pointing to you from relevant and popular sites — these are called, backlinks. Research the websites that are your competitors who have achieved high page rank, and see what sites are linking to them, and if possible contact those sites to see if you can have a link as well. Or you can also get backlinks from article directory submissions, press release submissions, blog
comment postings, etc.

Tip #7: Getting Social Bookmarked

There’s a new theory that if your website gets a lot of Google Plus Ones’, it can be deemed as “quality” website because many people are
sharing your site. Therefore, this might be taken into consideration when Google is deciding which website to rank at the top.

Tip #8: Content Page

Another tip to get ranked for certain keywords is to create specific content on your web site that is there just to draw and feed the search engine crawlers what they need. The two best type of content to use to accomplish this goal are blogs and articles.

If you utilize each of these tips, it would help with your search engine optimization. These tips are meant to be an introduction to ways
you can better optimize your site.

Do you want to know the exact steps and strategies of getting ranked on’s page #1, even for highly competitive
keywords? See SEO Conspiracy.

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How to Punch your Site with Quality Backlinks

Filed Under (Backlinks) by claude on 08-02-2012

Punch with Backlinks with Link Building TNT  by using SEO Link Monster…

I just been spend   over $300    for a new product called SEO Link Monster from Brad Callen and Dori in fact is all package I take. But you can still have  SEO LINK MOnster for only $47  by clicking the link bellow…

What is SEO Link Monster?

Well is a perfect SEO  product for anyone  who want and you get everything you need and much more:…  Newbies or Guru’s and they decide play another league…  But is very good for SEO Consultant think like that…

What you get?

  • Monster SEO Course Blueprint

SEO CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP : Help you get inside of  Dori and Brad Callen  Stuff and friends… That’s mean  the Best SEO out there… Copy and paste their SEO strategies nerd utilize every single day..  TO HELP Punch with Backlinks with Link Building TNT

  • Monster “Done For you Article Pack
  • Monster Niche Finder
  • Link Booster Software: Goolge Ranking Puzzle Links Quickly automatically build your Links STRENGTHENING

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Commission Autopilot -New Backlinks Software

Filed Under (Backlinks) by claude on 10-01-2012

I bought commission autopilot one week ago  to  help me to Build my Backlinks and Get Free Traffic from High Page Rank  Pubublisher site… like or   Also  I manage   to  put out tons PRL article  quickly  from my computer with my affiliate links inside. So I didn’t make  any money yet,  but the idea is simple  more you  have PRL content with your affiliate link more chance to  make money and get a new fresh backlinks to your site…. For only that reason  you need to buy  Commission Autopilot.

Let’s talk about  How Commission Autopilot Work?  (Click  the picture for video demo)

Commission Autopilot is complete software suite from Paul Ponna

Commission Autopilot is 2 software solutions that automate ” content creation” and content distribution for tons leads, traffic, and of course sale.

But Commission Autopilot  done more that  it put your sites, affiliate links and site on top of Search Engines and to get high PR authority backlinks to point back to your offers.

Also you don’t need site or a product to get profit  from this. All you have to do use your affiliate links with Commission Autopilot and make profits. And Paul provided a full training to help you to make much profit from Commission Autopilot

I think Commission Autopilot  is a killer software so enjoyet it…

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Extremely Powerful Software Driving Massive Backlinks Push Button Anchor Text Backlinks

Filed Under (Backlinks) by claude on 20-10-2011

This is Extremely Powerful Software and comes with a demo website that you can already use for driving massive backlinks to anything, with whatever you want for anchor text. It doesn’t just ‘backlink’ a website – it then ‘backlinks the backlinks’, and then ‘Backlinks Those backlinks to the first backlinks’, in a way Google LIKES.

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Increase Your Sales Without Working Harder with Backlinks Membership

Filed Under (Backlinks) by claude on 08-10-2011

Want To Know How To Expand Your Business, Boost Your Publicity, Get MORE Backlinks And More Traffic, Without Lifting A Finger?

With this New Backlinks Menbership Services for a penny!

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My Solution To Backlinks / Free Traffic for any keywords

Filed Under (Backlinks) by claude on 08-10-2011

So What Is My Solution To Backlinks / Free Traffic?
Software! Use software to create unique and relevant content for you to build backlinks. It goes 1-2-3 like this:

Discover This No-Spin, No-Spam Software That Automatically Creates Relevant Unique Articles, And Gets It Done In Under One Minute.
You give it your keyword topic and backlink. It generates backlinked articles. You post the articles out and enjoy the incoming rush traffic.

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Do you want a PR6 GOV Link or PR4 EDU Links and PR5 link now?

Filed Under (Backlinks) by claude on 22-07-2011

Do you want a PR6 GOV Link? No Joke..PR4 EDU Links Now! Where shall I send your PR5 link?
Warning! You are wasting your time building low Quality Links – Let me show you THe Secret to Building Backlins Online!
I have been trying to find some ultra powerful backlinks for my site lately and boy is it hard! And then I found this push button software that brings PR5 EDU links right to my desktop.. I couldn’t believe my eyes..
You have to see this Powerfulff Linxbot Software in action… thanks simoe:)

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