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Rapid Profit Rormula Try $1

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing, BANS) by claude on 08-03-2011

Rapid Profit Rormula Try $1 – Rapid Profit Rormula is about to selling physical products as an affiliate is what you will learn from Matt Carter’s Rapid Profit Formula. It is one of the few courses available today that will effectively teach you on how to market products from networks like Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareASale, etc. You might want to check out this course if you want to take advantage of the huge potential available on physical products.

Matt Carter makes 7 figures a year online by only promoting physical products as an affiliate. The method that Matt uses to achieve this result is what you will discover inside the course. Some of you may not heard Matt Carter but many internet marketing experts and newbies already know that he is a no hype marketer and he is not into deceiving people. He only creates good stuff that will truly help his customers.

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Tons of Money in Hot Dogs and Ebay

Filed Under (BANS) by claude on 28-10-2008

Do you know how much money a hot dog vendor makes? Well not too much you can say that. This is the number a hot dog vendor in the street makes a few cents every time he sells a hot dog. But look at what he’s had to do to make that few cents…
-buy a cart
-secure a location
-stock the cart
-stand out there day after day, working 6 to 12 hours a day.
Now, somebody somewhere set up the deal that sold the hot dogs to the wholesaler who then sold them to the vendor. Even though the broker did very little actual work, he made as much money as the hot dog vendor. (Actually, he probably made a lot more money, since he has no overhead.) Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Yet in almost any business, there are those who do most of the work and make a little of the money, and those who do very little work, and make most of the money.

Ebay is no different. If you sell stuff on Ebay, you’ve got to get the stuff to sell, photograph it, list it, deal with customers, HOPE that you make a profit when the auction closes, pack the stuff, ship the stuff, and pay Ebay exorbitant fees for the privilege of doing all this work. But did you know there are people out there who are making money on YOUR auctions? You’ve never met these people. You don’t know who they are or even where in the world they are… but they’re there. And they’re not doing ANY of the work you’re doing.
They’re simply sending people to Ebay to buy your stuff. And they get paid very well for doing this. Now, do you want to be the one doing all the work and getting a little bit of money? Or the one doing a little bit of work and making far more money? Build a Niche Stores allows you to set up as many sites as you want, in as many Ebay categories as you want, that earn you money for simply referring people to Ebay. (If you’ve missed my last two emails on this, you’ve missed some juicy details on how this works, and works really well!) You choose an Ebay category and Build a Niche Stores (BANS) creates a site for you completely stocked with items currently listed on Ebay. The site is optimized for search engine traffic in several ways, and you can customize your site to suit you.
Go here to see examples…these sites are professional looking, to say the least. And they’re highly effective at making you, the owner, money. Still, just in case you’re not up to speed on this (and I know many of my readers are, judging by the response I’ve received) Iwant to give you this list of reasons to seriously consider making money with BANS

#1. It’s A Proven Money Making Concept

BANS has been selling for over a year now, and their sites are WORKING. You can check out the many testimonials by clicking here…and choosing the “Customer Reviews” tab.

#2. It’s Incredibly Under-Priced

For a one time fee of LESS than a hundred bucks, you get the BANS website builder software, an unlimited domain license, 9 professional and easily customizable template layouts, the BANS user manual, access to the BANS member area and free updates for LIFE.

#3. The eBay Affiliate Opportunity Is Huge

No other affiliate opportunity combines this vast of a product inventory with such an established brand name, coupled with Ebay’s outstanding affiliate commissions. The credibility is unparalleled and the potential is limitless…

#4. BANS Builds Real Search Engine Friendly Websites

With BANS you can build websites that are as professional looking, as content rich and as search engine friendly as any other website building platform on the Internet, only your sites will have a built in means of making money from Day 1.

#5. You Can Build As Large A Website Portfolio As You Like

You pay a small one time fee and then you can build as large a portfolio as you like. Want just one store? 10 stores? A hundred stores? It’s completely up to you, and you will never have to pay another software fee, no matter how many stores you end up building!

#6. The Support Structure Is Second To None

Not only do you receive a complete manual with step-by-step instructions, you also get access to the exclusive members forum. Many of BANS’ customers have stated that the forum access alone is worth the one time fee. It contains over 25,000 posts and covers everything from troubleshooting to choosing a niche, feedback on your store to traffic generation techniques.

Check out BANS for yourself here…

P.S. Want one more reason? Okay, here’s my favorite…

#7. It’s like getting paid to play! 🙂

BANS not only works exactly as advertised, but it is also addictive and fun to use. BANS is created to be as user friendly as possible. Plus the software features, combined with the nearly limitless Ebay inventory, literally gives you millions of options in terms of which niches to target and how to develop your stores. It’s almost like a game in which you’re making real money. And as you know, the more you enjoy your work, the more you’ll want to work, and the more you can make.


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