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Do you have a difficult time generating quality traffic to your site? Try My Team Traffic In Spades

Filed Under (Best Traffic Tool) by claude on 15-11-2011

Do you have a difficult time generating quality traffic to your site? Try My Team Traffic  In Spades

Traffic In Spades was created to give you Hands Free Traffic .  You simply pay this TEAM  of Traffic  Experts and do all the work required to Drive an insane amount of traffic to your site… all you do is give them your domain and the keywords then they do the rest.

I have to tell you that this video makes a lot of sense that I never thought about.  Listen to what he says about all the current traffic generating software you see for sale everywhere online these days.

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One Product one million dollar

Filed Under (Best Traffic Tool) by claude on 11-05-2009

How I Started an Internet Business and Made $1,000

One of the things you’ll use as a FREEBIE to get people to join your list is a PDF.

But most PDF’s are boring. They’re text ONLY. Or they have that cheesey lookin’ clip art.

But you’ve SEEN those hot looking PDF’s that make their rounds on the Internet?  They have really cool looking graphics in them. Guess what?  In the Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard, you’ll learn  HOW to pimp out your OWN PDFs!  See, it’s WRONG!

“Gurus” do all these neato TRICKS to THEIR videos, THEIR PDF’s, THEIR affiliate tools, THEIR podcasts. They “shock and awe” you with powerful shows of razzle dazzle.

Then after you fork over hundreds or thousands to them, they NEVER TEACH what they DO to get the traffic, and make the sales!  It’s a pet peeve of mine.

See, to me it’s NOT about the guru being all hot $*#) and everything and being able to do “tricked out” things to THEIR videos, THEIR PDF’s.  It’s about YOU. And YOU being empowered in YOUR marketing.

I’m here to empower YOU to be cool, to look cool, to get people on your list, to get ’em to spend money with you.

I’m here NOT to make everything so complex that you keep paying me big sums each month. I’m here to make things simple so you can take ACTION and become a producer and a promoter. THAT is how you get the bux in the door.

Buying or consuming how to info a product is great. But you gotta make the transition to being a PRODUCER and a PROMOTER and you  gotta do it sooner rather than LATER.

Marlon’s products aren’t perfect. They have flaws.  He’s not perfect. But he is the one guy here trying like crazy to help YOU look hot. To pimp out YOUR squeeze page, your videos, your podcasts and  audio, YOUR PDF’s.

He’ll empower you the best he can, and won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it.

He won’t ask for your bladder or your liver and force you to get a blood donation to afford his product.  Not that anything is wrong with high end products.

YOU should have one yourself. And you can learn how to do it in Action Grid.

The point is, he’s here NOT to impress you with shock and awe and then NEVER reveal HOW he does all the razzle dazzle. He empowers YOU to have your OWN razzle dazzle.  He’s here to help you STOP spending money you don’t have and START producing and PROMOTING so you got all kinds of money coming in.

THEN, you CAN afford to buy a seminar or coaching or whatever. But  FIRST, I need to empower YOU as much as I can to be a producer and  a promoter, NOT just a consumer.

Take the first step and.

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Funny viral ads

Filed Under (Best Traffic Tool) by claude on 07-04-2009

Viral Ads Unleashed

You’ve been missing out on a bundle of sales. Just how do I know that?

Well, more than 85% of marketers are only generating traffic through one or two sources…

But if you’re really serious about your online business, then…

* You want to have customers coming to your website from every which-a-way.

* You want to have ads promoting your site 24/7 even while you sleep.

* You want to take advantage of traffic sources that your competitors never bother to use, or
even know exists.

* You want to instantly boost your sales and connect with a larger audience.

* You want to have many ways to attract eager buyers and flood your website with targeted

Well, I have good news for you today, because now there’s a way for you to do all of that and
And the best part about it is that it’s so top secret that others in your niche don’t even have a clue about it…

And until now, only a select few knew about it…

But right now, I’m going to reveal this traffic-generating and profit-producing secret to you…

Go here to get the details:

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Avoid Mistakes

Filed Under (Best Traffic Tool) by claude on 06-04-2009

robothands1We all know that Adwords costs are skyrocketing these days just like oil prices. And it is getting harder to make money using PPC. But we do not have to struggle with poor traffic and sales. An underground 5-figure marketer has just proven that anyone can pull in consistent traffic, sales and subscribers using his step-by-step proven system.

And the wonderful thing with his system is:

You do NOT need much money, in fact, his methods can be used without spending any money at all.

You can start even if you are a newbie. It works great for experienced marketers as well.

You can start right away and start seeing traffic and sales in a matter of hours to days!

What’s Inside “Article Cash Robots”

  • How To Find A Hungry Niche With Ready Buyers – You Will Learn The 2 Important Litmus Tests That Instantly Tell You If A Niche Has Real Buyers
  • How To Get Your Articles Approved At EzineArticles – You Will Learn To Avoid The Common Mistakes Made By Most Writers
  • The Exact Steps To Pick A Product That Sells Well – Without These, You Will Find Yourself Banging Your Head Against The Wall Promoting A Lemon!
  • How To Find The Right Keywords To Get Your Targeted Buyers – You Will Learn The Secrets To Instantly Find Killer Keywords To Target For Your Articles
  • How To Write A Traffic-Pulling LSI-Compliant Article – You Will Discover How To Write The Type Of Articles That Will Rank In Google & Convert Your Visitors Into Buyers
  • How To Write An Article Under 15 Minutes – Copy My System To Research & Create Articles The Lazy Man’s Method
  • Where To Send Your Traffic To – You Will Learn Which Are The Most Effective Links To Put In The Author Resource Boxes That Will Get You Sales!
  • How To Win The Crown Of EzineArticles, Platinum Author Status – You Will Discover How To Get It To Boost Your Article Cash Robots’s Power
  • Article Marketing Firepower Secrets – Perfect For Those Who Do Not Know How To Write Well But Still Want To Supercharge Their Article Marketing Efforts
  • Step By Step 7-Day Article Cash Robots “Create, Release & Profit” Plan – You Will Be Able To Copy A Proven Blueprint That Will Help You Stay Focused On Profiting!

The Article Cash Robots system is what you need to start making money online

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Juggler or Blogger and Money

Filed Under (Best Traffic Tool) by claude on 02-03-2009

When I say Traffic Strategy Juggler I mean do you rush around trying every traffic strategy which comes on the market from the latest PPC and Adsense ideas to SEO and joint venture suggestions?

In simple terms do you juggle your Traffic Strategies just like a juggler might juggle with china plates or rubber balls? Never juggling anything for very long and forever moving from one Traffic Strategy to the next Traffic Strategy?

You are not alone, internet marketers are forever dreaming up fanciful Traffic Strategies and selling them on their hype filled sales pages, so it’s difficult not to get lost in the false promises and so called guarantees of instant, free and easy traffic!

Most people wanting to run an internet business do just the same, buying into the latest fad software, idea and program. It’s definitely not the way to run your internet business.

And if you follow my suggestions you will even generate more traffic by taking on just one Traffic Strategy…

If you have your own product(s) or sell other peoples product(s) as an affiliate you only need ONE Traffic Strategy…

Just take on one Traffic Strategy, do it properly, focus on that one Traffic Strategy and you WILL reap the rewards.

It’s better to operate one tried, proven and tested Traffic Strategy than to jump from one Traffic Strategy to the next, never really getting anywhere, only to eventually give up!

If you have been trying every conceivable Traffic Strategy available its time to clear your desk… focus on the task in hand and get to grips with a Traffic Strategy which works.

If you want to learn from my mistakes and short cut your route to free website traffic you simply can’t go wrong by partnering with the World’s number one traffic creator… none other than the mighty Google!

I’ve had tremendous success creating my own Traffic Strategies using Google software.

Software applications make great Traffic Strategies as there are hundreds if not thousands of places who will list your software for free. They even make it free for the end user to download your software and start using it.

If you want to do the same simply follow these steps or skip to the end of this article where I have located a resource so that you can get all this done without all the headaches, months of work and having to pay out thousands in programming costs…

1) Find a suitable software application you think will help to bring traffic to your website(s). Try doing a search on Google for ‘software applications’ or search for something you think matches the market you are currently in

2) Research the market place for the number of users who are likely to be available to download your software

3) Make sure these users are easily accessible, there’s no point developing something if you can’t reach the end user

4) Research the number of locations who are likely to accept your software and list it for free download to their users

5) Locate a programmer who can undertake your bespoke programming requirements. In fact you should locate at least 3 so that you can compare abilities, skills and of course quotations. Remember that cheapest is not always the best.

6) Once you have your programmer in place and have given the go ahead you now need to create your website and register your domain. If you intend to sell your software you will need to recruit another programmer to develop and create your propriety systems to deliver your software. This may be a different programmer to the one who is developing your software as not all software programmers are good website programmers.

7) If you want fancy graphics you will also need an arty graphic designer

So there you have, this is what I have done to create my very own Traffic Strategy, it’s taken me 6 years to get to where I am now but it’s been well worth the wait.

If you don’t have 6 years to develop your own Traffic Strategy you can short cut the time and cost by going to MyTrafficsTrategy.

After all juggling is for clowns and most definitely NOT for internet marketers…

Don’t run your business like a clown.

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Want Sales? Need Traffic? – Little Secret…

Filed Under (Best Traffic Tool) by claude on 28-02-2009


Let me let you in on a little secret….
Product sales do not mysteriously appear out of nowhere!
LOL! I crack myself up because we all should know this to be obvious. It doesn’t take a wise guru to tell you that sales do not happen spontaneously.
In order to make some consistent income online, you have to massively promote your business so that you will always generate high quality sales and leads.
The reason why most businesses fail is because they trick themselves into believing that it is best to create a killer product, than to learn how to send a stampede of potential buyers to their product’s website.
Regardless of how well your product is, it cannot sell itself. You have to put that product in front of someone’s eyes if you expect to make any money from it. You see….in order to survive right now, the majority of your business’s productivity time should be spent on adding more traffic streams to your business.

Once you have your product created, or once you know what product you are going to promote as an affiliate, then you must focus your time and energy on putting that product in front of the masses.
An online business lives or dies based on how much traffic it gets.
This is why I decided to send you guys a new website that will reveal a bunch of ways for you to send some great targeted traffic to your online business without paying a cent. The website is an exhaustive resource on sending traffic to your website. Even though it reveals too many traffic tactics for any human to apply without outsourcing, it
is still worth taking a good look at. As a matter of fact, there are so many videos in this course that I got tired counting them all.
But what you will get is a one stop resource that will handle all of your traffic needs.
You can access this info right now at:

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H S Xmas traffic

Filed Under (Best Traffic Tool) by claude on 22-12-2008

Howie Schwarz has a Chrismas Traffic Sale. He is the crazy blackhat( it is a red hat now) social marketer who joined the Stompernet faculty to do web 2.0 marketing stuff.
Howie may be crazy but… he does have some great ideas. He always innivates ways to rip into Google traffic for hot and cometitive markets. Most people run from competition but Howie relished in the abundant opportunity competition represents. He goes in there and comes out with fists tons dollars.
He used creative ways to aggressively dominate the search results using a  multitude of approaches. I have watched all the videos from his conversation domination program and now he is letting you have access to some of his
rare”forgotten” videos.
What you get in this package?
Howies traffic holiday has:
-Three hours of video from his real workshop showing his leverage strategies
-15 Secrets of Income Diversification (pdf)
-59 Questions and Answers Audio(Including Help! Where do I start?)
-Quick and Easy Niche Research Blueprint for checking a new market
-Lost black hat tactics
-Howies’s Keyword research tool
-Info Product Generation Video
-Secret Tool (New update…)
Limited to 100 People. After is closed for ever.

How dare he? I think this is a great idea.  Who is this for. People who want to leverage time, traffic and conversions.
Howies traffic holiday is going to suit you if who want to develop a good understanding of how to dominate Google with  social traffic. Learn how sites interlink, how to research markets and uncover buyers. Howie will show you exactly how to optimize your site for traffic and conversions by going through examples on sceen. It is a great additional traffic strategy to complement article marketing and trational SEO/ PPC channels. For the $37 it is a small investement with a high value return.
Howie gives a real examples of his own markets. People don’t know how to make $2000 per day copy and paste that righ now.

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